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I don’t think I slept between the ages of 18 and 35. Obviously I did [ you’d look and feel pretty knackered after that many years without sleep !]… but it is a running joke between my friends and I that I am abnormal – half human, half vampire – and could quite happily live on about 3 hours sleep a night.

Not these days …

I am still an absolute terror on our ladies holidays away – bed at say 4am , up at 8am. I blame my child-like excitement and the fact that we are only flying in for a few days.

I want to cram in as much as is physically possible. I want to suck up the culture , drink coffee in quaint coffee shops … you know the ones that smell of tobacco, cheap aftershave and sun-cream. People watch . I love people watching. Explore churches off  beaten tracks . Wonder at new sights and party with my friends late into the night … and the next morning .

I can sleep when I get home.

I’m not that inconsiderate that  I wake my friends up when I rise … I collect my thoughts, have numerous [ much needed ] coffees … a leisurely shower maybe. Sometimes I’m joined by another of my friends  and we giggle about our antics from the night before .

These days however I’m not so hardcore and I NEED my sleep – I can manage a few days and that’s it . The trouble is as soon as I get into bed my head starts going into overdrive – running through everything and nothing.

I’ve found the more relaxed I am the easier it is to drop off; the less likely it is that  I will start pondering the bloody meaning of life into the early hours.

I have recently found a couple of products that make me feel relaxed and in turn help aid my sleep.

Of course cutting down on the caffeine, jumping into crisp, clean bed-sheets after a luxurious warm bath and a mug of hot milk all assist.

DEW DATE FACIAL OIL £30 for 54ml from LimeLife *

This is a soothing aromatic blend of essential oils that helps to promote healthy, radiant and glowing skin. I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks now and I’m officially hooked.

It also doubles up as a great makeup primer. Makeup Artist Danessa Myricks is a big fan.

Ingredients include |

Palmarose Oil : Refreshes the skin. Reduces and calms any inflammation

Helichrysum Oil : Stimulates the production of new skin cells to plump and tone skin

Schisandra Fruit Extract : Reduces overactive cell turnover which can leave skin dry. This helps boost hydration.

You simply massage it into your face, along your jawline, cheekbones and temples. It should be the last item of skincare in your routine. I sometimes give myself a face massage incorporating my gua -sha. It is quite frankly sheer bliss

It smells delicious, and while it doesn’t make any claims to aid sleep the smell alone could send me off – it’s reminiscent of the scent in the ‘Chill Out Room’ at our local Spa. I close my eyes, imagine I’m somewhere hot with a sea breeze gently caressing me and find myself drifting off.

Natural Ingredients
Free from Harmful Chemicals
Cruelty Free

SKIN SLEEP CREAM£45 for 30ml from Leaves & Flowers  *PR

I was sent this as PR a few weeks ago. It is one of the first creams I have used that contains CBD – 200mg to be precise

It has a weird consistency.   It is fairly thickish with a jelly-like feel to it. You warm between your palms before applying . It practically melts into your skin. It has a very faint scent .

Skin Sleep Cream provides comfort, balance and nourishment to your skin whilst reviving and restoring both skin and mind. 

I find when I apply this directly before bed I manage to get 2 or 3 hours uninterrupted sleep. Unfortunately I still dont manage the full night without waking up atleast once.

I have been using Skin Sleep Cream on and off on an evening only for the last few weeks and my skin definately looks rested in a morning. You don’t need a lot of product. Less is more . I’ve found if I apply too much it can feel alittle tacky , especially on my neck.

Cruelty Free
Natural Ingredients
Contains CBD oil

CALM After Dark Sleep Balm £16 for 12ml from Kiss The Moon

I discovered this brand a couple of years ago and last year they set a small counter up in Boots, Meadowhall. I used to work for Josh Wood Colour and after my shift would often pop across and slather myself in their various creams… to test of course!

I simply massage ‘After Dark Sleep Balm‘ into my pulse points before bed . It has a weird, not unpleasant smell but it seems to help me drift off to sleep.

Key Ingredients – Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood.

Cruelty Free
Natural Ingredients

LOVE Night Cream For Hands £28 for 90g from Kiss the Moon

I also use the accompanying hand cream. It’s an overnight anti-ageing cream made from deeply nourishing Shea Butter with Rose, Frankincense and Rosehip Seed oils to rejuvenate and heal your hands while you are sleeping.

I have and for as long as I can remember have always had the hands of an 80 year old, I need all the help I can get …even while I’m sleeping.

So there you have it …

These are just some of the products that help me relax. As I said I can’t recall a night I slept the full night through but find I do get several hours sleep and only wake once after using some of these products, which I would call progress

Sweet dreams …

Tracey x

* If you purchase I will make a small commission *

One thought on “L I F E  – chilling out with Tracey

  1. Sue says:

    I can’t count the number of times I have tried to sleepwlk past you early morning on holiday and always been caught!!
    Hehehee , good times will return

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