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Magic I’ve discovered can happen anywhere and at any age

A few weeks ago I was invited to Grimm & Co. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I knew that it was a charity helping children between the ages of 7 to 18 unleash their imaginations and encourage them to write by way of story-making and writing workshops . That alone sold it to me.

So Sue [ my plus one ] and I made our short way across the border to Rotherham to discover the wonder that is Grimm & Co.

It sits on the corner of Doncaster Gate , a grand brick building, the window display itself is enough to lure you in.

So what is Grimm & Co ?

In it’s own words it is …

An apothecary to the Magical, selling wild schemes, evil plots, charms , curses and kitchenware, including ‘giant belly button cleaners’ for removing pesky stray chickens and ‘suspension of disbelief’ [a bestseller amongst fairies] However for the children and young people of Yorkshire there’s the added pinch of fantastical behind the secret door.

An imaginative space and community that supports and inspires young people to write. To champion the writer in every child.

They aim to build the capacity of children and young people to discover and unleash their individual talents, building self esteem and recognition of their individuality and potential.

Using storytelling they aim to give every child, from every background a voice.

It is an amazing space which as a 48 year old I found mesmerising… I can only imagine how fabulous a young child would find it. It would probably blow their minds… in the nicest possible way

We spent the first half an hour ‘oohing and aahhing’ while mooching around exploring the apothecary.

We discovered ‘Grandmas Scab‘ soap which Sue purchased to entertain her grand children. Pixie Dust , ‘Eternal Ugliness‘ Bath Salts and a whole host of wonders to make bath-time a lot more exciting.

I purchased a Pygmy Dragons Egg [ bath bomb] … being a massive fan of Game Of Thrones I have always fancied myself as ‘Mother of Dragons’ .

I’ve told the BF it is strictly for decorative purposes and is not to be used! Humour me … but I need to nurture my dragon.

I mentioned the secret door earlier … so what lies behind it?

I sound like a broken record but it is amazing.

It is a space decorated to unleash your imagination, a space to inspire, to get your mind and writing flowing .

I could never do it justice so here are some photographs.

We chatted, drank tea , ate cakes and took in our magical surroundings. It felt very Hogwarts, I loved it.

We each received our own personalised copy of ‘Bernie and Sprinkles Wonderland‘ a story written by Year 4 children from Canklow Woods Primary School . We were given the task of writing the ending. A great way to get your creative juices flowing.

We also had fun comprising our 6-word stories … try it , it’s harder than you think !

We ended the evening unleashing our inner child by sliding down the big green beanstalk ! Scarier than it looked but so much fun.

That’s the main thing I will take from visiting Grimm & Co … inspiration to write myself and fun… [oh and a Dragons Egg] It’s a great combination.

Grimm & Co are always looking for volunteers so if you are able to spare a few hours a week I am sure they would be keen to hear from you.

You can sign your child up for one of the free out of school workshops by emailing to register. Or you could just fly by to visit the magical apothecary and discover the wonders it beholds for yourself.

I’m informed that if you are traveling by broomstick there is a landing space on the roof !

Tracey x

  • I was invited along to Grimm & Co to experience what it has to offer for myself. As always all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. Thank you to Megan for the invite and to everyone for making us both feel so welcome.

One thought on “LIFE | Grimm & Co doing magical things for the children of Yorkshire

  1. Sue says:

    Fabulous place , I will be taking my grandchildren , they are requesting constant baths using Grandmas scabs and blood soap. I want to buy more goodies, Xmas presents will be wands and magic
    Thanks for inviting me

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