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* CONTAINS – gifted items only

I was kindly gifted the products listed below from Skin Chemists a few months ago [thank you] and was asked to use them for a few weeks then give my honest opinion on how they performed over that period of time

• Anti-aging Caviar Day Moisturiser – 50ml

• Anti-aging Caviar Facial Serum – 30ml

• Anti-aging Caviar Eye Serum – 10ml

I’m passionate about skincare and also about giving an honest opinion especially when people are parting with their hard earned cash.

I was only discussing integrity earlier this week over on Twitter… that due to some dubious accounts that would swear human poop on your face was fabulous … it is bringing into question the integrity of the rest of the blogger/ influencer community. We are losing trust.

Honesty all the way here!

It’s also worth noting that everyone’s skin is different and what suits me might not necessarily suit you … and vice versa.

I’m 48 years old, I have combination skin with some mild scarring from acne. I am not overly wrinkly but I am prone to break outs on my chin and jaw line especially around my period . Don’t I sound just delightful?

So what did I think?

The collection is ‘nice’ ; it didn’t underwhelm me but it didn’t wow me either.

It sits in the mid-to-higher price bracket with the day moisturiser coming in at £39.00 .

I found this cream which has a gel-like consistency was slightly heavier than I would normally wear in the day but it sank in easily and left my skin looking mat. That is a big plus in my books but unfortunately it doesn’t contain an SPF. I’m fanatical about using an SPF and have found myself looking for a moisturiser/ primer that contains both so as not to overload my skin.

Did I mention the smell of all 3 products? Absolutely delicious. Imagine candy and roses combined… delightful with no heaviness.

My favourite product from the set was definitely the Anti-aging Caviar Serum which at £49.99 is slightly more expensive than I would normally pay .

This serum aims to hydrate, balance and improve skins overall appearance.

I had teething problems with the bottle which is ‘air-pump’ action. I had to ask for a replacement as I couldn’t get any product out of the initial bottle. Very frustrating when you are keen to try something new out

Skin Chemists sent a replacement straight out ti me, without any fuss at all.

Fabulous customer service right there.

I always use a serum, sometimes I will skip my moisturiser in favour of a serum … I guess it all depends on how my skin is feeling. Like I said earlier less is more when it comes to my skin.

A little serum goes a long way; it has a fairly thick gel consistency that sank in beautifully. It left my skin feeling comfortable without any greasiness. Non of the products broke me out [thankfully]

I love , love, love and appreciate that brands trust me enough to send me products. I am extremely lucky to be in a position where I get the opportunity of trailing new brands the only negative is that occasionally I break out… usually when my skins looking really good

The packaging is beautiful and stylish. It looks high end , especially the mirrored serum bottle which looks great on my bathroom shelf. I guess these things matter too.

So to summarise –

I very much doubt I would buy the day moisturiser or eye cream again . I can get equivalent products that are equally as good for half the cost.

I really liked and enjoyed using the serum and would definitely be tempted to save and purchase it. Like I said previously serums ‘float my boat

You can read more about the full range // HERE

Have you tried Skin Chemists and if so what are your favourite products? What should I try next; they have a vast range and I would be up for trying some more products

I love reading your comments so please feel free to pop across [ make an old goat happy]

Until next time …

Tracey x

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