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It’s been an eventful few weeks ; Bonkers Bingo at Mecca Bingo, the Crucible Theatre to see Frost/Nikon. Then getting invited to eat out at one of the restaurants participating in Dine Sheffield – 8 Oz Burger Co.

It all accumulated last Thursday with an evening wine tasting with my friend Rach at Veeno Italian Wine Cafe, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

If your not familiar with Veeno it’s probably because it’s fairly new, having only opened its doors to the public a few months ago. Its a hop, skip and a jump away from Nonnas and it is situated in the building that used to house Carluccios Restaurant.

We grabbed a seat near the window …

Rach enjoying her wine [below]

While we waited for the Barista to set up our table up we each had an Aperol Spritz

There are several wine tasting experiences to choose from. Ours was the Classico menu which costs £19.90 each and consists of 6 wines and a platter of food called an Italian Sputini [which means little snacks and appetisers]

Included in this selection are 2 white, 3 reds and a dessert wine.

  • The House White -Tasari Catarrallo [ white]
  • The Fruitest- Guimara Inzolia [ white ]
  • The Smoothiest- Guimara Frappato & Nerello [ red ]
  • The Classic – Nero’s Avila [ red ]
  • The Elegant- Cabernet Savignon [ red]
  • Dessert – Marsala Superiore Riserva [ dessert ]

The bottles of wine on the table are only there for show; for you to admire but the food is all yours !

Fairly generous glasses of each of the the wines are brought out for you to sample – one at a time. Our Barista told us a little about the wine before advising which of the foods from the platter would compliment it.

We were then left to sip, nibble and chat for a good 20 minutes before the next glass is brought across.

It’s all rather lovely and civilized.

I’m not the biggest wine fan after a rather unforgettable episode that involved copious amounts of red wine and a newly laid rockery . I had consumed a few [rather large] glasses of red and as I stepped outside and the fresh air hit me I came over all peculiar! I staggered towards the taxi but on my way projectile vomited all over the immaculate rockery … while the proud owner looked on … with a face like thunder. Those poor pansy’s!

Despite the above incident I really enjoyed a couple of the wines especially the fruity white Inzolia and the dessert wine Marsala Superiore Riserva – [which tasted just like the sherry my grandad used to let us have at Christmas ] I favoured the second one mainly because the food to compliment this one was tiramisu.

A large portion to share with 2 spoons. Delicious.

As well as a selection of wines they also do a full range of cocktails, beers and ciders.

My dad , god love him, has a tendency to check the cost of a pint when he visits a new watering hole [he doesn’t like to pay more than £3.50] and it’s something I’ve taken to checking myself , so I can report back to him.

At around £5 a pint it appears dad wouldn’t be at all happy … they are seemingly charging Italian prices! Saying that I kinda guess if you already drink around this area and frequent The Pointing Dog, Nonna’s etc , your used to paying these prices.

The evening we attended there were a few groups of people in enjoying cocktails. It had a very relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. A little piece of Italy on our doorstep.

I’d definitely recommend popping in if your in the area. It’s worth noting that it closes at 10pm during the week but is open until midnight Friday and Saturday.

Until next time …


Tracey x


VEENO – 509, Ecclesall Road , Sheffield S11 8PR. Tel 0114 266 3216 to make a reservation

* I was invited to experience the wine tasting by Veeno in exchange for a review. As always all words ,opinions and photographs are strictly my own.

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