Instagram Finds…you’ll want to know about

Love it or hate it Instagram for the whole is a good place to be.

Little squares to inspire , or be inspired. A place to share your loves and your hates, your fashion finds, beauty essentials, interior goals… a place to be creative. To discover similar creatives…

Let’s just put to the back of our mind the people buying a following, the follow-unfollow game, the crazy algorithm [groan] and the swipe up facility that you can’t access or use until you reach 10k followers ? Why Instagram why?

As well as ‘meeting’ and getting to know some truly fabulous people , I’ve also discovered some really lovely small UK brands. Had it not been for Instagram I might not have done so.

I thought I’d share some of them with you today.

First up is a friend of mine that I didn’t actually discover on here [ little details eh ] we went to college together back in the day, but who you can find on Instagram here.JAM

Instagram @jamartworks or @__oh_jo

JAM is made up of Jo [my friend ] and Micheal [ I know him too !] they only recently started up and sell a range of original artwork and photography which are all amazing – they have a passion for experimenting with different mediums and styles , ranging from fine art acrylic paintings , creative photograph and bold digital prints. They have also just branched out into selling their own handmade candles.

The ‘Black Orchid’ candle [ nothing to do with Tom Ford ] which Jo gave me to try out smells bloody lovely …. without being over-powering.

I’ll definitely be buying more.

The candles come in 10 different fragrances and are:

  • 100% vegetable , made from soybean oil
  • Burns longer and more cleanly than paraffin wax without  build up.
  • Natural, biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides.
  • Not subject to animal testing.

Prices start at just £6.00 plus post & packaging.

Perfect gifting for : Mums, Grans, your neighbour or your little ones favourite School Teacher. Give me somebody who doesn’t love and appreciate a candle.



Instagram @witneyfabricbelts

I first stumbled upon this brand after I spotted the very beautiful Donna – [@sulkydollstyling] wearing one of their fabulous printed belts. I started following and interacting with Sonia … and she kindly gifted me this fabulous belt.

The belts really lift an outfit and with loads of prints to choose from they’ll be something to suit every wardrobe. I’ve worn mine with jeans and a jacket , with a plain black dress. It’s the perfect versatile accessory.

Perfect Gifting For : Your super stylish Best Mate or Your Auntie that has everything [ cause chances are she’ll not have one of these … yet ]


Instagram @tulchanwomanswear

This is where my fabulous dog print jumper is from – Tulchan kindly gifted it to me after I told them how much I loved it.

I adore that jumper which you probably realise as I wear it a hell of a lot. It’s a fabulous light weight, high quality knit. I do like different , to wear something a tad quirky, something that not everybody and their mothers will be wearing.

Tulchan sell stylish , casual wear that can be mixed and matched. Quirky print jumpers and cardigans, water-proof coats and a fabulous selection of colourful scarves.

Inspired by nature, their range is mainly made from natural fibres wherever possible.

Perfect gifting for : Your Mum, or favourite Auntie who is often spotted walking the dog in all weathers but still looking FABULOUS …


Instagram @black_and_sigi

I absolutely love Black & Sigi and the ladies behind the brand. They produce and sell the most amazing contemporary jewellery. They don’t follow trends [ there’s not a tassel earring in sight] they do their own thing AND I love that.

I have had several items from them in the past and I’m sure I’ll get more in the future.

Perfect gifting for : Your super cool ‘has her own vibe’ mate … [or for anyone that’s reading that’ knows me – hello Boyfriend ]… ME!

Above : maybe my most worn earrings EVER

Coconut Sunday

Instagram @shopmycoconutsunday

Such a fun account …. Sue is very chatty and sells a fab range of stylish clothing including THAT black dress that has been spotted on a few insta-lovelies including @StyleMum

They have recently branched out into cow hide cuffs and beautiful matching handbags.

With new stock arriving and selling out quickly it’s one to watch.

Perfect gifting for : Your daughter or that one friend that likes to make an entrance.

Laura Wood Photography

Instagram @laurawood_photography

Laura is a South Yorkshire based photographer who takes the most beautiful photographs; they have a definite vintage feel to them.

I’ve followed Laura’s journey on Instagram; from the girl who had an eye and love of photography right through to today and her owning her very successful photography business. In that time she’s also become a Mum to Arthur [ the most beautiful boy I ever did see] and has another one on the way.

Her photos always captivate me , there’s something very magical about them. The best bit for you is you can book Laura to record your wedding, christening or just to capture those special family moments. But be quick I hear she’s busy, busy, busy

Perfect gifting for : Anyone who loves to record and capture those special moments.

Salt & Co

Instagram @saltandco

Another jewellery designer that specialises in minimal and bohemian jewellery , inspired by Wanderlust , love and the ocean. You can see why I was drawn to it!

Martha creates some lovely pieces and is such a beautiful soul too. That’s another reason why I love Instagram you get to Know the people behind the brand, which in turn makes you love your pieces more go have a read of her blog she can write too !

Perfect gifting for : Your god-daughter or best friend.

Charles Caitlin Jones

Instagram @ccharlesjones

Are a Premier British knitwear Company who I am proud to be a Brand Ambassador for.

They are currently mid way through their Kickstarter Campaign to try and raise 10k. This will enable them to launch the next phase of Caitlin Charles-Jones. You can go and pledge an amount [ anything from £5 to £1,000] by following the link in their Instagram bio.

It will give them the opportunity to introduce new pieces and show a glimpse of what’s to come. Their vision is to create beautiful, wearable yet innovative knitwear with ethical and sustainable roots.

I particularly loved wearing the Shard lace dress below which was like nothing I had worn before. So very unusual and we know I love that!

She really has some beautiful pieces.

Perfect gifting for : Your Mum, Sister or favourite Auntie.

So there you have it just a few of the many brands I have had the pleasure to have discovered on the gram. I hope you find a new favourite or at least get some Christmas gift inspiration. I think I’ve covered all options.

I really hope the BF is reading 🙂

Are there any brands I need to go and check out that I’ve not mentioned above. Tell me, tell me…

Until next time,

Tracey x

2 thoughts on “Instagram Finds…you’ll want to know about

  1. Sue Phillips says:

    Hi Lovely
    What a truly fab post! Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this for me and everyone else, It’s people like you that give me the support and inspiration to carry on! As a small indipendant shop, it can be very hard to be recognised and speaking for myself here,… instagram is my only
    platform… It’s so lovely to know that you are not being prompted or commissioned, So I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your kind posts.
    Much love from Sue. Coconut Sunday

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hi Sue,
      It was honestly my pleasure, I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a while. Im Just sharing the love. If you get one new follower or an order, some interest then that’ll be fabulous. I’ve always been one to shout about the stuff/ people/ places I love. Why not help each other. It’s always nice to be nice. Tracey xx

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