Winter Sun Fun…

This year for all sorts of reasons , but mainly because non of us can face it without mum. We are going to leave on a jet plane and spend Christmas abroad somewhere hot.

Mum was our Christmas .

She was ‘Mrs Christmas’.

She adored it. She always had the best, most tastefully dressed tree [always red  and gold ], ensured the house was lit up like Blackpool, and her giddiness was infectious. Family was everything to mum and she ensured we always had the best time.

I tend to get my own way and have spent every single Christmas Day at Mum and Dads, bar one when I went to my ex-husbands house for Christmas lunch. I hated every single minute of it. Not because they did anything wrong, it just wasn’t the same without my mum around.

I’m positively dreading this year , the first year without her.

It’ll never be easy but I’m kinda guessing this year will be tough for us all. Firsts always are.

We [ dad, BF & brother] made a collective decision that this year we would take ourselves out of our usual surroundings and do something we’ve never done before. Hence a week abroad is on the cards. It’s new, there are no memories of mum there. [though I’m sure we will all be thinking about her.] It will still be absolutely gut wrenching her not being there with us …

I love Christmas but quite frankly this year I could take it or leave it.

So while I’d normally start looking for a warm, snug yet stylish outfit with an elasticated expanding waistband;  this year that will be substituted for a new bikini, sandals and a good false tan. 

I thought I’d share what I’d discovered so far and what has caught my eye. It is only 2 months away after all and a girl needs time to prepare!

First up …

BPerfect 10 Second Tan 200ml £24.99

If you’ve been following my insta stories from the past week you’ll probably still be laughing at my bright orange hands and wonder why the hell I am recommending this product?!

What can I say it’s flipping brilliant. It’s quick drying, doesn’t streak and doesn’t smell awful.

The reason I had orange hands was because I think [as I do with most things] the more I apply the better the result will be.

shakes finger at herself in mirror no, no, no*

It’s well documented on here about the first time I applied Retinol A . I slapped that baby on like it was going out of fashion and my face basically fell off over night.

I still use a Retinol … just properly.

Sometimes no matter how good a product is if you ‘abuse’ it, it  can potentially go pear-shaped.

Applied correctly and not over zealously , or cack-handily like I did ,then this spray tan could be fantastic and more importantly it’s long lasting,

An area I applied the tan too successfully was my arms and chest area. Although slightly darker than I’d usually have , it was good coverage and there are still traces of it today – 7 days later.

Even more impressive is that it’s survived a spa experience. It’s been steamed and scrubbed and the colour is still clinging on.

It’s very easy to apply.

It’s a tinted liquid that they recommend you spray directly onto the mit provided, then apply to your skin. They advise you don’t shower for 8 hours.

The mistake I made was I applied several layers straight after each other without waiting to see the result . I should have built the colour up gradually, rather than go full on umpa-chuffing-lumpa !!

This tan will be great to give me a base colour and despite my false tan faux pars last weekend I intend to use this throughout the cold months when I need a pop of colour.

Above – Tanned and ready to rock ‘ n roll last week-end.

Sandal wise I was sent some ‘Toast’ Teva sandals – £65.00 to trail back in the summer. Teva’s  tag line is ‘we go anywhere, do anything, we live for the unscripted moments that make the best memories

I was sold more or less straight away. I’ve always been a sucker for a great tag-line!

I got to play in them for a few days and can confirm they were extremely comfy , had an adjustable Velcro fastening and tan leather tends to go with most things.

As you may or may not know I have a dodgy right foot and can no longer wear high, high heels. I demand comfort and these sandals ticked all the right boxes.

Below as featured on my Instagram .

They are good staples for days trekking and exploring new territory, but if I’m honest I’d prefer something a little more dainty for the evening.

A company that has caught my eye over on Instagram is ‘Coconut Sunday ‘ and while I’ve not purchased from them as yet these sandals caught my eye.

They are cute, fun and a great price at £28.99.

I love them.

Unfortunately I’ve just checked on line and they only have size 7’s currently available. I’m a size 6!


I think at this time of year this will be a problem I come across a lot as sandals are not generally in high demand.

Now if I wanted wellies …

Another company I’ve discovered over on Instagram [ it’s got a lot to answer for !] is What Frankie did Next, who sell the most beautiful sandals.

I’ve been drooling over this pair all summer but they are unfortunately out of my price-range at £149.00

I’m also liking these from Pierre Darre but again only limited sizes are available , non of which are mine! I thought I’d show you them anyway.

Pierre Darre Sandals

The remaining sandals I’ve featured below all drew my eye … as did A LOT of others but unfortunately they were only available in tiny size 4’s [ boo ]  so I’ve not included them.

River Island £22.00


ASOS – £50.00

Simply B – £17.50


I need to look at bikinis next but I’m that disgruntled that I can’t find any sandals I like [ in my size] I’m going to leave it for another day.

I think I deserve, and need a glass of wine , so that’s what I’m going to have.

If you’ve seen any lovely flat sandals in a size 6 please share. Sharing is caring,

Right I’m off to plan stage 2 of my bikini / sandal mission so  I’ll catch you later!

Until then,


Tracey x

Anything with an * before it has been gifted in return for a review. As always all wording, thoughts and opinions are my own. Thankyou


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      Thanks for popping over and having a read , always get a little thrill when a new reader pops over xx

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