Atomic Blonde … 

Last night was ‘Date Night‘.

What with one thing and another ‘we‘ tend to get side-lined. We decided Date Night should become [where possible] a weekly affair. Sometimes life gets in the way of romance doesn’t it? We made a promise to make time for each other.

You may all say awwwww… 

or be sick. 

Your choice. 

The BF mentioned the cinema. I pulled a ‘urgh’ face. I was tired I told him , I’d fall asleep as soon as the lights went down . It would be a total waste of money and let’s face it going to the cinema these days isn’t a cheap affair.

Sometimes I’m mardy and not much fun! As you can see my can’t be arsed mood isn’t shifting very fast.

Then I remembered that Atomic Blonde with the beautiful Charlize Theron was showing at Vue, Meadowhall.

I’d been dying to see this film after seeing the trailers. There was only one problem the BF was keen to see bloody Spider-Man .

Some quick thinking on my part and the promise of some naked, lesbian sex scene action sealed the deal. The BFs eyes lit up and the decision was made… Spider-Man could wait!

So a brief synopsis – the film is set in Berlin in 1989 just before the wall came down. It’s a great thriller / find the  double-agent  storyline with Charlize playing M16 agent Lorraine. Not the most glam name for a spy, I agree.

It’s extremely violent in places with an amazing soundtrack that will have you bopping in your seats  [ Bowie, Duran Duran, Queen, Blondie , Public Enemy, The Clash ]

BUT for me style stole the show … by golly the fashion is to die for.

Too cool for school.

I read earlier that the films stylist based all the looks on the work of Helmut Newton. His images portray strength and sensuality.

I have a couple of his prints. Adore – they are such powerful images. Take a look …




Helmut Newton Prints. All images courtesy of Pinterest

I was seriously lusting after each outfit Ms Theron wore. Just when you thought she couldn’t look or be any fiercer … she pulled another killer look out of the bag.

Which led me to ponder on my own Autumn / Winter wardrobe. It’s my favourite season and I’ll definitely be trying to replicate some of the looks.

Trying … not necessarily pulling them off!


My favourite outfit from the film

My favouriute outfit was the one shown above… how fabulous is the white vinyl trench coat worn with all black. It looks stunning.

The hair, the sun glasses and boots. Her face.


When I like something I tend to research it to death in the vain hope I’ll discover it’s from Top Shop and within my price range.

Mmmmm hardly surprising that it wasn’t. It’s actually by John Galliano and no doubt totally out of my price range !

So not to be defeated I’ve been searching for similar. In my head I’m thinking come Autumn I’ll be sashaying around in my very own fitted black polo neck dress, thick tights, killer boots and a vinyl trench.

Here’s what I found on’t interweb:

Morgan Leather Look Trench Coat – £105.00 available at House of Frazer. Limited sizes. It’s not vinyl but it’s white and rather lovely.


Wanda Vinyl Trench Coat – Farfetch 

Ok, ok so it’s not in white but I love it in black. Unfortunately it’s still out of my price range at £616.00

PVC Trench Coat – RuslanaRoman on Etsy – £161.00 

A little more reasonably priced with free shipping. It comes in various colours including white. Its plastic fantastic. I like a lot.

ASOS red vinyl trench coat – £90.00


Charlize looking amazing.

As for the studded ankleboots … I’ve had a quick look and found some beauties.

New Look Stud Ankle Boot with Cone Heel  – £64.99


Boots by New Look

Kaleidoscope Fringe Trim Stud Embellished Ankle Boots – £35.00 [ reduced from £55.00]


Missguided Stud Wing Back Ankle boots black – £27.99 … 

Limited sizes only available and not for the faint-hearted. At one time I could have run for the bus in these. No longer the case I can assure you!


Valentino Rockstud patent leather ankle boots– £327.00 [ mega wonga]

In my dreams but OH so beautiful I had to share.


Valentino Babies … be still my beating heart

RAPHAELLA BOOZ Ankle boots – £75.00 

Again I wouldn’t be-able to walk in them but hey you might be-able too. #Fierce.


SILVIAN HEACH Ankle boots – £54.99 

Seriously adore these! Might be worth breaking my ankle for ?!


ASOS Tall Mini Rib Bodycon Dress With Polo Neck – £18.00


ASOS City Maxi Rib Bodycon Dress With Polo Neck And Frill Cuffs – £22.00 

I find these style of dresses so easy to wear; they are perfect for layering in the colder months and can be dressed up or down.


What I found really striking during the film; something that kept drawing my attention was Charlize’s amazing hair and her dark eye-make-up. I love a dark smoky eye as you are aware!

For a while now I have been hankering after going peroxide blonde again . I have been blonde once before [ a long time ago] and while I loved it , after a while it became brassy.

Despite that I’m getting them there urges again and when I get an urge I usually tend to do something about it.

After last night even more so … I get bored with myself easily.

I think its time for a change? It’s as good as a rest I hear !

Film Title: Atomic Blonde

Image courtesy of The Radio Times

Photo Courtesy of Comic Book


Basically I just want to be Charlize Theron! #girlcrush

Not much of an ask is it?!

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend, lets hope the sun shines. I’m not sure about you but it feels as though we have skipped summer this year and having not been away yet I’m seriously longing for some sun.

The beach.

The sea ….

Thank you for popping over [ it’s always appreciated ] if you’ve enjoyed it please feel free to share [ even more appreciated ] and I’ll catch you all on the other side … 

Hey you never know the next time you see I might be an Atomic Blonde myself!


Tracey x
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5 thoughts on “Atomic Blonde … 

  1. Shelagh says:

    I really enjoy your posts but have only replied once before. The reason for doing so then was because I wanted to say how much your blog was valued. And I want to say the same again now. You have a great writing style and it’s all so varied. I am so ,
    so sorry that you have lost your Mum and that you are grieving – but those posts are helping everyone too. You wouldn’t be grieving if she hadn’t been so special. So your Mum was right – you are a very special lady with a great writing talent. Keep going!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Shelagh , such a lovely comment. I’m glad you read & enjoy the blog . It’s always good to know. Thankyou for popping across and taking the time to leave a comment, Tracey xx

  2. Sue says:

    I need to see that film, I thought about going today but it was hot so I sat in the garden!
    Love Helmut Newton too!

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