Wagamama Summer tasting…

My favourite type of invite normally involves food and drink, so when Wagamama in Meadowhall got in touch to see whether I’d like to give their new summer menu a whirl … I was like the cat that got the cream.

It also happens to be one of the Mr’s favourite eateries, so when I told him it was a plus one invitation and would he like to join me … we are like a couple of cats that had got the cream!

So off we popped earlier this week …

The restaurant itself is simplistic, open and airy with a laid back vibe. You can choose to be sociable and sit on shared tables or for more privacy in a booth of your own. Fabulous for either date night or girls night.

Wagamama serves quick turn-around, fresh and healthy Asian food.

We were greeted and seated at the rear of the restaurant in a booth by our waiter for the evening – Pedro. He was instantly like-able; knew his stuff without being ‘too much’ and very helpful. He ran through the menu pointing out the new summer dishes and recommending his favourites. 

We went with the majority of his choices.

If you’ve never visited a Wagamama’s before what you may notice is that the dishes are brought out randomly as and when they are cooked and ready . You may find yourself with lots of dishes on the go at once. I love it. Food with no air and graces.

Starting with sides we had:

Beef tataki – £6.35 [ lightly seared, marinated steak, thinly sliced and served chilled. Dressed with citrus ponzu and japanese mayonnaise and served with a side of pickled beetroot and coriander ]

This is one of the new summer dishes and it was quite possibly my favourite of the evening. There was so much flavour in those slices which surprised me as they were so thin. The kick came courtesy of the citrus ponzu and Japenese mayonnaise.

The Mr and I were fighting for slices…

Chilli Squid – £6.50 [crispy fried squid dusted with shichimi. Served with a chilli coriander dipping sauce]

This is an oldie but a goodie and something I insist we have everytime we pay a visit.

What I love about all the food served at Wagamama are the strong flavours. Its what I refer to as ‘party in your mouth food’.

Edemame -£4.50 [steamed edamame beans served with salt or chilli garlic salt]

Another favourite of ours. The Mr thought the beans weren’t as big and plump as usual . I kinda figured it might not be their season [ I presume everything has a season right?] but tasty all the same.

We woofed them down.

I could quite honestly eat these until they were coming out of my ears.

Miso soup and japanese pickles – £1.95

Miso Soup is very watery. You add the pot of pickles to add flavour. The Mr loves it and assures me that this is an acquired taste and it will grow on me.

It was pleasant but I’m not sure I’d order it again if I’m totally honest.

Looks pretty though.

Chicken Samla Curry – £11.25 [ a fragrant, spicy lemongrass and coconut curry with chicken, peppers, shiitake mushrooms and baby plum tomatoes. It comes served with white rice and garnished with spring onion, chilli and coriander]

This is new for summer also and the dish I choose as my main. It didn’t disappoint. A good all round hot and spicy curry with a seperate bowl of rice.

Sticky Pork Belly £11.95 – [citrus and teriyaki glazed pork belly with grilled miso aubergine. Served with a bowl white rice and garnished with spring onions, ginger and chilli ]

The Mr’s usual and favourite dish is Teriyaki Soba, however on the recommendation of Pedro he choose the Pork Belly. He was slightly dubious as his idea of food hell would be fatty meat after his various experiences of salty, fatty pork at school  dinners. [its that long ago I’m surprised he can remember!] As it was a new summer dish he decided to give it a shot, we were after all there for this reason!

He was pleasantly surprised and said the taste was wonderful although he couldn’t quite get past the texture of the fat in his mouth and passed some across for me to try!

It was a weird sensation but nothing offensive. A very tasty dish. The aubergine was perfect.

Coconut and Fig Cheesecake – £5.95 [Layers of creamy coconut cheesecake and fig on a crunchy biscuit base. Topped with a fresh fig glaze, caramelised sesame seeds and fresh mint]

Both desserts were delicious. We are both big pud fans and there were no complaints from either of us.

Although I ordered the tart I preferred the cheesecake, so half way through we swapped.

Yuzu and Lemon Tart – £5.95served with raspberry compote and fresh mint]

All washed down with a cold bottle of Kansho  – £4.95  [lime + ginger pale ale

very nice and refreshing.

To sum up we had a great meal. The staff were friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was chilled despite the restaurant being fairly busy. 

We’ve learnt that it is sometimes a good thing to get away from your regular choices and try something new. You could well be pleasantly surprised and discover a new favourite.

If you like to experience flavoursome food then this is definitely the place for you . I love the colours, aromas, flavours and spices. 

There is nothing bland about this place.

Wagamamas can be found at –

54a the oasis, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield S9 1EP

We’ll definately be back soon, Tracey x

  • Thankyou to the guys  at Wagamama , Meadowhall for looking after us and for gifting us the meal in exchange for a review – as always all opinions and wording are strictly my own, with some input from the Mr!

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  1. Sue says:

    Cats that got the cream!
    A sign I am away, looks yummy, when are we having our girls get together there??

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