Friday Favourites … 

Hello …

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the last couple of days of sunshine, it’s been glorious hasn’t it? Saying that its currently raining here.

Summer lasted all of 3 days!

 I jest … hopefully it will visit us again soon.

I’m sure I’m due another favourites post though I can’t seem to get these out in any particular schedule. My current mind set is ‘all over’ something I’m hoping will work itself out when mums out of hospital and back at home with us.

So here are the things that I’ve been enjoying / have made me smile recently.

A few of these items are newbies and a few I’ve been using for years but thought they deserved a mention.

First up …

ALL IN ALL – Temple Spa £20.00 – 300 ml

As you may ,or may not be aware, I used to be a Temple Spa Consultant. Despite loving the majority of the products I was rubbish at hosting parties. 

Basically I used to have panic attacks and talk about 100 miles an hour. Public speaking terrifies me and people were mostly confused. 

I tried but for my own sanity I gave it up as a bad job but continued purchasing some of the goodies.

All in All is one of the products I fell in love with and still use religiously.

It’s a multipurpose balm that can be used on your hair, body and face.

I use it to souly moisturise my body but it can be used as a face balm and a hair conditioner.

It contains essential oils and botanicals – lemon, nutmeg, coriander and guaiacum. It has the most delicious smell which I love slathering all over and which more importantly lingers on your skin. If you catch me sniffing my arm … that’s why! 

Most definitely my favourite body moisturiser. EVER.

BE CALM – Temple Spa £27.00 – 65ml

I’ve recently been giving the Retinol A a second whirl [ hoping I’ll look 10 years younger] 

I have been EXTREMELY careful this time around [ so my face remains in tact, not all over the floor ] I’ve only been using it twice a week and even then quite sparingly. At times my skin still feels tight, uncomfortable and delicate in places.

I had totally forgotten about Be Calm but while having a tidy up recently I put my hands back on it.

It’s a gentle creme mask that has soothing properties. They refer to it as ‘a hug in a jar‘ I love that because it describes it beautifully.

It helps soothe sensitive skin and reduce redness. It  hydrates  and firms leaving skin dewy, calm, smooth, firm & plumped.

It’s fabulous on sun burnt skin too. I’m so glad we’ve been reunited!

SIESTA FOREVER CANDLE – Temple Spa – £26.00

Because quite seriously it is the best candle I have ever had the pleasure to light and smell.

If you have any recommendations you think can beat it [ it’ll take some beating] please let me know. I’m always up to try new ones. Love me a candle. 

METHOD / JOANNA BASFORD Limited Edition Hummingbird Garden Hand wash – Sainsburys £3.99 – 354 ml

Who thought a hand wash would ever make my favourites! Not me for one. 

While scouring the shelves a couple of weeks ago for antiseptic hand wash I was drawn to this bottle. I thought it was beautiful in its simplicity and would look fabulous on my kitchen worktop. Who cares what it smelt or performed like? 

It’s described as a true collaboration designed to celebrate the perfect pairing of Johannas delicate hand ink designs with methods unique blend of style and substance, so you can make your home a little more beautiful.

I totally agree and even better it has a nice aroma which leaves your hands feeling wonderful, sweet smelling and clean.

Win win!

DRAGONS BLOOD EYE LIFT BALM – Balance Active Formula – approx £3.00 – 15 ml available from B&M & Home Bargains.

Next up is a range of products I’ve been sent to trail. Balance Active Formula are dedicated to bringing the highest quality active ingredients at affordable prices.

I’m going to do a seperate post  on the full set as I’m still testing them out but I thought I’d briefly mention the Eye Lift Balm.

I’ve roped the BF into reviewing them too. The products aren’t expensive and I’m keen to get him into some kind of skincare routine.  The only problem is he tends to use a lot! He really hasn’t got a clue and has obviously never heard the saying ‘less is more!’

As I stated earlier this range is inexpensive , starting at  just £3.00 and therefore the ideal range to start him on as I don’t mind him going slightly overboard with it ! [Until I’ve trained him that is.]

The Eye Lift Balm is quite nice if slightly sticky rather than Moisturising. I’m presuming this is to do with the lifting effect?

It contains 3% Liftonin -Xpress and Dragons Blood Extract , innovative and active ingredients to help the skin look instantly lifted and tightened.

I’ve been using the Eye Balm during the day and swapping it for a more moisturising one in the evening when I like to feel more plumped and moisturised.

It feels cooling on application which is fabulous on tired eyes. The juries out as to whether the eye area feels lifted.

I will report back but definitely one to remember when your not so flush but still want to treat your eye area.

Clothes wise I’ve actually bought a few items this month.

Most have been returned… 

I swear I’m middle-age-spreading [ kids it’s a thing! ] as despite cutting down on the ‘bad stuff’ and being quite active nothing seemingly fits!

Here are a couple of tops I’ve ordered and kept. I am really loving them both and I’ve worn them a lot already !


This pretty floral print top actually ties up the front. It could act as a very light weight jacket that you could wear open if you fancied it.

I pop a black vest underneath, add my chokers [ also from Topshop £15.00 for 5] some trousers and we are good to go.

I danced the night away wearing this at the Bruno Mars gig last weekend. He was amazing by the way which if you follow me on Instagram you’ve no doubt heard a thousand and one times. Yes I’m slightly obsessed. 


You can show off your shoulders and tattoo in my case [ with the ugly feet ] without feeling the need to pull it up or down all the time thanks to the spaghetti straps that keep it firmly in place.

It’s Something abit different for me but I’m really liking it. That sun had better come back out soon so I can wear it again!

So that’s it…

I hope that something has wet your fancy?If not here’s our Mollie . If all else fails she will make you go awwww. 

She brightens up my days – just look at that little face and those eyes.

A favourite always.

And if not … I’m sure it won’t be too long until my next set of favourites where hopefully something will. 

But for the time being just look at that face … #youmeltmyheart

Until next time, Tracey x

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favourites … 

  1. Valerie says:

    I’d not heard of Temple Spa before, will check out the link you’ve provided (like what you’ve said about the candle). Love the cream lace top!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thank you Valerie, Temple Spa sells some great products. The body oils and lotions all smell amazing. I’m sure you’ll love them all . As I used to work for them I’ve had the pleasure of trying the majority of the products . Have a lovely day and thankyou for commenting , Tracey x

  2. Donna Watterson says:

    My friend gave me some Templa Spa for christmas I absolutely love it … is it only available via consultants as I would love to get some more. Loving your tops too they look great on you.x

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