You Dirty Rotten Scoundrel … 

I went to the theatre last night to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I just love the theatre, to me there’s just something so romantic  and special about it.

You get dressed up. You go and you lose yourself for a few hours. There maybe tears, lots of laughter or even a bit of both.

I arrived to meet the lovely Louise [ northerninteriorgirl blog] at our ‘meeting place’ very early. I hate being late [something I tend to do a lot when the BF is involved. I swear he would be late to his own funeral] I get so anxious about where I’m going to park , how I’m going to get to where I’m going, etc etc that I always set off in plenty of good time. You know just incase

Anybody else get like this or is it just me?

Sheffield is currently like one big building site; you can guarantee that whatever route you intended on taking it has either been closed or diverted.

My journey last night however was surprisingly straight forward and pain free. I arrived with half an hour to kill which I didn’t mind at all.

There was something rather magical about Sheffield as it hit 6.00pm still encased in glorious sunshine.

I perched myself down on one of the blocks [ for want of a better word] outside John Lewis in Bakers Pool. Feet dangling, sun hot on my face I just sat there [ like my brain had been removed] and took it all in .

People watching is one of my favourite pass-times. People watching in the sunshine. Bliss. A busker and his guitar my backing track.

Louise arrived and after a quick catch up we leisurely made our way to the Montgomery Theatre on Surrey Street . A place I must have walked past a million times and never really acknowledged.

I really must pay more attention to my surroundings . I only heard about the Curzon Cinema for the first time last week complete with its open air bar! Who knew? Not me !

Just to go off track even more … I was telling my mum all about the musical this morning during my daily visit to the hospital. Enthausing about how much she would have enjoyed it.

Mum got rather excited as she informed me that she herself had performed at the Montgomery in 1958 [ or thereabouts] in a ballet.

Her dance teacher at the time was Jeanette Dunston who was married to Albert Quixall the legendary footballer who played for both Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester United. My mum described him as a player before his time.

Apparently he bought a tyre company after retiring from football but I’m not sure how true that is … mum just like me tends to get her facts wrong plus she’s on strong medication at the moment!

What was obvious was that mum has fond memories of that evening even now. Her face lit up as she recalled how proud her mum was of her, that there was a large audience, that she did good.

I can imagine that is the draw of performing the buzz it must give you, even after all these years.

I’m a secret performer , with a hair brush, some dodgy lyrics and moves … all in the privacy of my own bedroom. The thought of anybody actually watching me bloody terrifies me!

I applaud anybody who gets up there and gives it their all. Blood, sweat and tears. It must be a great feeling.

So back to last night .

The musical was brought to us by Southey Musical Theatre Company and was officially classed as an amateur production. Not that you would have known. It was seriously slick , the music-score, the set and the actors really were first class.

They must have been buzzing after their performances.

It was an amazing production which had me and rest of the audience belly laughing in places! It was the kind of laughter that when you think about what has just happened makes you laugh again…

If your unfamiliar with the plot Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a slap-stick comedy centered around two con-artists. You may have seen the 1988 film which starred Micheal Caine and Steve Martin?

In a nut-shell con-artist Lawrence Jameson is a longtime resident of a luxurious French resort. He enjoys the fruits of his deceptions. That is, until a competitor, Freddy Benson shows up.

When the new guy’s under-hand tactics impinge on his own work, Jameson resolves to get rid of him. Confident of his own talents, Jameson challenges Benson to a winner-takes-all competition; whoever swindles their latest ‘victim’ first can stay. The other must leave town.

It makes for a great story complete with some catchy songs and excellent acting; one that keeps you enthralled from start to finish.

While all the acting was good the stand out performances for me came from the lead actors.

Martin Scatterfood who plays Lawrence Jameson. He is a natural, a master of accents and just wonderful to watch. Totally irrelevant but he reminded me of the guy who plays the blond haired German Officer in ‘Allo Allo’

Ben Bason – Freddy Benson is also excellent. It was actually his first performance with Southey and I’m sure it won’t be his last.

I adored Mark Holmes character Andre Thibalt; he is the corrupt [yet totally lovable] police chief and Jamesons partner in crime. One of my favourite scenes involves him and Joanne Ringrose who plays Muriel Eubanks. It’s hilarious, but thats all I’m telling you as I don’t want to spoil it. You’ll just have to go and see for yourself.

As a production it would be hard to fault anything. The theatre is small and intimate. [ It holds 420 people apparently ]

If I’m honest the seats are slightly uncomfortable but that’s something I find with a lot of venues – #tallgirlproblems. Plus the lady behind me made such a loud fuss about getting a ‘big un‘ in front of her [ I know charming ] I felt the need to sit hunched half way down my chair all night as not to upset her anymore!

That a side I would fully urge you all to go and support some local talent and pop down to the Montgomery Theatre on Surrey Street, Sheffield to view the musical for yourself.

Why not make a night of it … There’s a small ‘make-shift’ bar serving all sorts of beverages [beer, spirits and coffee] where you can purchase pre-theatre / interval drinks.

It’s situated in a light and airy room, courtesy of its high ceilings and large, open windows. These look out and over the Town Hall. If your obsessed  with beautiful buildings [like me ] you can sit and admire the Town hall in all its glory from a totally different perspective .

Just look at that sky …

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is running at The Montgomery Theatre until Saturday 13th May with tickets starting at £10.00.

Go , go , go … you may thank me later.

If you do happen to pay a visit I’d really love to know what you thought so please pop back and do let me know.

Until next time, Tracey x

* I was kindly gifted 2 tickets in exchange for a review – as always all views are completely my own . Thankyou * 

* To book your tickets or for more information please call 0114 3272983 

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