Chunky Legs and Beautiful Burgers #ladieswholunch

The boyfriend told me earlier I had chunky legs.

Chunky flipping legs.

We are now not speaking. #worldwar3

I knew I had put a little weight on but the words chunky …. chunky and legs together were the wake-up call I needed.

Starting as of tomorrow I am dieting and working on getting fitter. This time I mean it.

Chunky legs – I’ll give him chunky bloody legs!

I don’t get it … I currently walk around Dam Flask once or twice a week with Mollie dog which is just under 4 miles the whole way around.

I figure my legs should therefore be looking skinnier not chunkier ! I’m gonna keep telling myself it’s muscle. I might even convince myself one day.

Chocolate and cake are my major weakness. I currently have the will power of a natt. A natt that’s due on her period and craving massive chocolate bars and carrot cake. With Mount Vesuvius about to erupt on my chin!

It’s a problem.

The BF has a sweet tooth, our fridge is always brimming over with his goodies.

Goodies that look at me and whisper ‘eat me … eat me … eat me’

I don’t take much persuading.

It’s a good job then that Sue & I decided to pay a visit to Gourmet Burger Kitchen last week [before the diet started]

We were invited down by the guys at GBK to sample the burgers;  words that make Tracey happy.

I love a burger …

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen is situated within the new Light Cinema complex along with Pizza  Express and Zizi’s at the top of the Moor [just down from Debenhams]

I’ve not been into the city centre for a while and couldn’t believe the difference a few weeks make.

It’s looking good.

The interior of the restaurant is very slick with good lighting thanks to the large open windows that run the full length of the restaurant.

There’s a good mixture of textures which sit together beautifully.

Heavy, solid wooden tables, wooden floors, leather padded fixed seating ,  detailed mirrored feature wall and delicate lighting.

We both liked the fact that despite not being the largest space, you didn’t feel as though you were sat on top of each other. There was actually a really lovely atmosphere.

In a nutshell it’s what I’d refer to as Burger Kings posh, prettier and younger sister…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow for the fun part … the food.

You might want to get a tissue to wipe your dribbles.

I plumped for a Bacon and Avocado burger [£9.85] I’m of the mindset if it’s got avocado in it I’m having it !

Sue had a ‘Taxi Driver’ [£9.95 -American cheese, house onion ring, Cajun relish, smoked chilli mayo, dill pickle, salad.] I know I too had to resist the urge to crack a few “she’s  had a few of them  in her time ” jokes.

We both had Sweet Potato Fries with baconnaise [£4.15] and a selection of sides/ sauces. I had a large Budvar [500ml – £5.95] and Sue had a glass of Red Wine [Glass -£5.55] to help wash it all down.

It’s worth noting that all beef burgers are %100 British prime beef taken from grass-fed and traditionally reared cows.  These things matter.

Mine was seriously delicious…very tasty and cooked to perfection. [ Medium rare as my little flag above indicated ].

The mixture of beef, bacon and avocado was like a party in my mouth. I whooped it down in no time. Just what the doctor ordered.

Sue tells me hers was the same .

The prices are fairly reasonable, if at the high-end of the spectrum but you do get a hell of a lot of Burger for your money.. I was so stuffed I didn’t even finish my fries off. That’s a first.

Speaking of fries I swear I’m still living in the 1980’s – I expected them to be about £2.00 a portion …£4.15 actually made me look twice!

I would definitely recommend paying a visit to the new complex and having a wander around. It’s a beautiful building … of course finishing off with a burger !

Sheffield is a great city but also a very frustrating one. It has so much potential but I find it is a little behind its sister cities Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester.

It’s a question I often ask but why is that?

This is a step in the right direction and something us Sheffielder’s have been crying out for.

Like a friend on Instagram said earlier “Sheffield is getting cool … at last!”

Until next time, Tracey x

  • The Gourmet Burger Kitchen can be found at Unit 8, 24, The Moor,Sheffield S1 4PA
  • Thank you to Kevin and his staff at Sheffield GBK for looking after us. The meal was gifted to us in exchange for a review.

2 thoughts on “Chunky Legs and Beautiful Burgers #ladieswholunch

  1. Sue says:

    Hear hear, I would definitely return and recommend
    Another speciality of the restaurant is milk shakes, will test out on my return!
    With our without you Tracey xx

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