LADIES THAT LUNCH | Lost & Found for Lunch and Cocktails

It rained yesterday and it never stopped. Just like my hair the weather was dark, damp and seriously lack-lustre.

Luckily we [ Sue and I ] were booked in to review the lunch time menu at the Lost & Found , which was formerly the The Pointing Dog on Ecclesall Road. Something rather lovely to brighten up an awful day.

As always nothing is ever straight forward with me. I had no car. It failed its bloody MOT and is currently in the garage having some serious TLC ! Continue reading

LIFE | Alcohol and I … the early years

Before we start can I just say it’s not big and it’s not clever to drink and get drunk … but let’s be fair it is bloody good fun!

I can remember my first experience with alcohol like it was yesterday …[ not including the Baby Cham mum used to let us have on special occasions and the glass of Sherry I had with my Grandad on Christmas Eve ] … it was actually 30-odd years ago!

Let me take you back. It was my first and only Jamboree [Brownie/ Guide/ Scout Camp] over in Luxemburg. I was only 13 ; I guess Mum and Dad thought I was in safe hands.

On our first night of freedom my friend Jackie [ lived next door but one, year older than me, pretty, big boobs, all the boys loved her] and I bought a bottle of Advocaat each . Luckily Jackie looked older than her years and like I said –  boobs. She got served.

Advocaat was thick and creamy like custard and I remember I didn’t really enjoy the taste. We hid in a bush just off camp and necked it all. Let’s just say half an hour later I had literally turned green and began throwing up. I was sent to bed … the Camp Leaders believing I had picked a bug up while travelling. [Face of an angel me …far too sweet and innocent to even consider I had been drinking ] Continue reading

What’s new Sheffield?

If you’re in the city at any point during the next few months I thought I’d share some places with you that are new [ish] on the Sheffield scene .

There’s something for everyone … the beauty obsessive , fashionista and the lush!


I first heard about this place after I was tipped off about it by a friend on Instagram. I popped across and started following them immediately . Their feed was all very cryptic and hush-hush.

I was intrigued.

Happens Public is situated in the old Gents public convenience [under the Town Hall] which was closed down around 4 years ago to save the council money. It has now been transformed into a sleepeasy style bar. Aptly named ‘Public’ in a nod to its past . Continue reading

Going cuckoo for Kuckoo …

Cuckoo … a clock

Cuckoo … a bird

Cuckoo …  I’m going [cuckoo]

Kuckoo … Fabulous new bar. Amazing Soundtrack with equally as amazing cocktails.

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited along to the press evening for the newest bar to hit Sheffield City Centre – Kuckoo.

Based in Leopold Square it sits proudly on the corner above Zizis Restaurant with access from West Street. Continue reading

The Botanist,Sheffield

Picture the scene if you will from the film ‘The Secret  Garden’ the one where the little girl makes her way through the bramble,  through the rusty old gate and finally steps into the secret garden for the first time…

You got it yes…

Last night as Liz and I made our way up the stairs to the third floor of The Botanist (situated in Leopold Square) and entered into the restaurant our faces where more or less the same.

One’s of pure awe and admiration (or as we say around these parts ‘gob-smacked’) as we beheld the sight in front of us.

If you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden” Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden





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A Blog about a Dog – The Pointing Dog, Sheffield


Liz and I aim to meet up every few weeks now that we no longer work together.It was mine, or rather Sheffields turn to host on this occasion.

I’d been keen to try the Pointing Dog ever since it had opened. I can recall a few weeks ago standing in Nonna’s Bar ‘half of lager’ in hand (Yep I AM your typical ten-bob millionaire), gazing out across the road getting awfully excited at the prospect of a new watering hole opening. In my humble opinion it’s much needed; it will liven up this end of Eccelsall Road.

We met straight from work, in the bar for pre-dinner cocktails. It would have been rude not to!

Liz and I plumped for an Amaretto Sour each and Sue for a Classic Martini. The bar was fairly empty so we made the most of the knowledgeable bartender by asking him all sorts of questions, which he was more than happy to answer. He knew his stuff. Did you know you can bruise Vodka? Nope neither did I.



Before I go any further…

I unexpectantly bumped into one of my ‘social media ‘ friends that I chat to on twitter and IG while waiting for our drinks. My first real ‘meet’. I can be a little shy so I did momentarily worry as I waved at him that  A.) what the heck would we talk about B.) that I wasn’t filtered C.) I hadn’t washed my hair (he’s a hairdresser) and D.)that I was wearing a rather strange ensemble – retro Topshop bolero jacket and what looked like my dads jeans! Definately a look inspired by a saggy arsed Bull Fighter !

I needn’t have worried, he was bloody lovely. Sean if you reading this (You had better be) – ‘Hey-up Fella’

Right back to business.

The Cocktails...


Mr Amaretto Sour was made up of the following deliciousness – Wild Turkey 81, Amaretto, bitters, lemon and Gomme.

We’ve all experienced it. You take your time studying the cocktail menu, carefully deciding ‘what you fancy’. You excitedly wait as the bar-tender does his stuff and then it arrives. You’re suddenly transported to a beach. You take a mouthful and it’s …  all blinking watery, tastes like a sickly, sugary chidrens drink and you ask yourself ‘where is the alcohol?’ It’s disappointing to say the least.

Well I can happily tell you that non of the above applies with this baby. It was, as cocktails go, amongst the best I’ve tried… and that’s saying something because I’ve tried a lot! If I hadn’t have been driving I would have had another. Go me!

Sue advises that the Clubhouse Martini – Tanqueray 10, Dry Martini and Orange bitters was equally as good and had a definite kick. Its worth noting that they have a happy hour. Between 12- 7pm (Yep it’s a long happy hour) all cocktails are £6.

I can’t leave without praising the bar-tender (again). Nothing was too much trouble for him. It’s great when you are served by somebody who clearly loves their job, is passionate about it and who doesn’t just chuck your drink at you !

Like a smile his attitude was infectious and we skipped into the restaurant …





We were all quite hungry so decided to have a starter and main meal and if we could manage it, a pudding. There’s an impressive menu to chose from with something to cater for everybody’s taste.

I chose Smoked Trout and Horseradish Pate with warm baby Yorkshire Puddings, while Sue and Liz both plumped for Chicken Liver Pate which again was served with warm baby Yorkshire puddings and caramelised Balsamic Red Onion.

Impressive, yummy and rather filling starters.






For main we all plumped for something from the Salad Bar menu.

I had Crisp Fried Soft Shell Crab, Liz chose Shredded and Charred Steak both served on a Clubhouse Ceaser Salad. Sue decided to give the Thai Noodle Salad a whirl.

We had to wait quite a while for the mains to arrive. When they eventually did they had unfortunately got Liz’s order wrong. We grabbed a waitress who was very apologetic, whisking her plate away to sort without any fuss.

The only issue we had was that by the time Liz had got her meal back, both Sue and I had almost finished ours. Well truth be told – little piglet here had actually finished hers! For the inconvenience they deducted the meal from our bill. You can’t say fairer than that and we are putting this error down to teething issues.

Suitably stuffed to bursting we decided to have coffee back in the bar area, rather than a pudding…




The bar is beautifully designed, it’s airy and has a definite industrial feel to it. Very Sheffield.

Take a look for yourself…


photo 3





photo 4 (1)




photo 5 (1)




To sum up – we think its fabulous. It was a Tuesday evening and the place was buzzing. The restaurant was full and the bar was starting to fill up. There’s a large external drinking area which will be perfect for mooching about in, during (hopefully) hot summer days. It’s a pity we were all driving and working the next day!

I’m already picturing it. Sat alfresco, cocktail in hand, putting the world to rights while watching Eccesall Road go by…Its happening again one of those ‘Ahhhh Bisto moments’


Until next time ,

Tracey, Liz and our Special Guest Sue x