Ladies that Lunch tapas style and some lovelies …

If you follow me on Instagram. [ if your not … why ever not?] you’ll be aware that I’ve not been too good. I’ve ‘tweaked’ my chuffing back.

It’s getting easier but I’m still moaning shuffling around [ like I’ve pooped my pants for want of a better description]

It’s been pure agony at times.

After a week in sensible shoes, sporting a pained face, cursing under my breath, cursing not so under my breath and feeling very drab I’ve just met my friend for lunch in a frilly little dress complete with heeled boots.

Big heels. Make that big feck off heels. Not the brightest idea but like mum says “when has that ever stopped you!?”

We had tapas for lunch at the aptly named Tapas Revolution a Spanish Bar and Cafe in Meadowhall. It was a pleasant surprise; a lot better than I’d anticipated.

*whispers* It’s in a food court for  gods sake.

I envisaged screaming kids, football shirts and too cool for school teenagers . I couldn’t imagine it being very personal and expected our food to be thrown at us. [ ok …hands up I’m an over dramatic snob!]

It was actually … all rather lovely .

It’s situated on the upper level food court area with Carluccios, Wagamamas and the like for good company.

The food was beautiful and the waiters were maybe the happiest and most helpful I’ve ever met. Nothing was too much trouble, they were attentive but not in your face.

I was having bets with Sue as to whether she thought they were all really Spanish mind.

After meeting ‘Barnsley Dave’ a few years ago who was the most convincing Italian I’ve ever met I’m always a tad dubious.


We had 4 dishes to share [ paella, pattasa bravas, pork belly and deep fried squid with aililo sauce] which were round about £5 per potion , a coffee each and a jug of water to share.

My coffee cup, or rather glass, had no handle?

Cute but the most odd thing I’ve seen my coffee served in. I’m so uneducated at times.

So anyway back to the food.

The portions appear small but they are surprisingly filling. Each dish arrived smothered or accompanied by a rich sauce which if any larger could have potentially been a tad sickly.

Tasty, tangy and very garlic laden. I bet we smell terrific.

I would definitely return.

It’s worth  noting they offer 25% discount if you can produce a student card.

The don’t take reservations , you just turn up and they’ll see if they can fit you in!

All very laid-back and Spanish


So anyway the real reason l’m here today is to share some things with you that I’ve been enjoying recently.

I need cheering up myself … by talking all things lovely I’m hoping it might take effect and make me feel all lovely.

Spring my back back into shape through sheer appreciation of the good things .

Yes I’m talking absolute jibberish / gob shite / rubbish  – I think my medication is taking effect but it might help.

The thing with a bad back is it’s so painful you’ll try anything!

So here goes along with the things that ALWAYS make me happy … chocolate, music [ nothing beats climbing in the car and blasting out your favourite tunes]  , cake, new shoes … these are the things I’ve been enjoying:


Flowers [especially Tulips] like candles make me happy by just being there. Whenever possible I make sure I have a few vases on the go around the house.

A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is different. And there’s room in the garden for every flower. You didn’t have to struggle to make your face different than anyone else’s on earth. It just is. You are unique because you were created that way. Look at little children in kindergarten. They’re all different without trying to be. As long as they’re unselfconsciously being themselves, they can’t help but shine. It’s only later, when children are taught to compete, to strive to be better than others, that their natural light becomes distorted.”  


sat post 3.jpg


Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Let’s be honest here ladies a slick of decent lippy and some serious eye-makeup can lift the dullest of face days.

I am currently using 2 lipsticks on rotation dependent on my mood.

Tom Ford lippies aren’t cheap [they are positively obscene ] at £39.00 each but they are amongst the best [in my humble opinion] I’ve used. They offer a fabulous colour range with some seriously good nudes that don’t make you look dug up and they have staying power.

I have Spanish Pink  a subtle, pretty pink and Indian Rose, a slightly darker pinky beige.

I recently treated myself to the Urban Decay Smokey palette £39.50. I am a massive fan of their eyeshadows having already got the Naked 2 and 3.

This doesn’t disappoint.

It is a beautiful collection of 12 highly pigmented browns, beiges, blues and greys which allow you to create a subtle day-time look right through to a full-on dark smokey evening eye.

I’m all about the eyes and love creating different looks.

I’ve tried a lot of eyeshadow in my 46 years, and along with the Charlotte Tilburys collections I think these are my favourite.

Sat post.jpg

sat post 2.jpg


You are all very aware of my love of all things Merumaya. If your not … where the devil have you been?

The mark of a good product is one you  go  out and repurchase after the bottle you were sent to review has run out.

That’s exactly what I did earlier this week when I purchased a bottle of my very own Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF 20 – £31.50 from Sanderson’s Department Store at Fox Valley.

I tend to chop around with my skin care, [mainly for the blog and research] However this is the one brand that always features in my daily routine in some way, shape or  form.

This is a definite keeper and the only daily moisturiser I am currently using.

It’s such a lovely all round light-weight moisturiser that suits my temperamental skin.

It provides just the right amount of moisturiser , without being greasy and of course the SPF 20 is a major selling point.


And lastly … theres always room for a new friend isn’t they?

After receiving a full size Magic Eye Cream a couple of weeks ago I’ve been using this religiously every morning and evening.

I love it … which initially surprised me as the Magic Night Cream didn’t suit my skin at all.

I wanted to love the night Cream I really did but after a few nights use I was breaking out on my chin , my jawline and around my nose.

It’s a very thick cream, which is quite sticky / tacky  on application… it’s just too much for my skin where the rule less is more  generally applies.

The eye cream on the other hand feels beautiful. My skin is fairly dry around my eyes and obviously benefits from the extra moisturisation this cream delivers.

The official line goes like this …

The new formula will tone, tighten, brighten, smooth, and nourish the delicate under eye area where the first signs of aging often occur. 

It’s a revitalizing and reinvigorating, anti-aging rescue remedy that instantly gets to work to slow down the ticking time bomb of aging. 

It’s priced at £40.00 for 15ml and I would seriously consider repurchasing this when my pot runs out.


CT9.jpgSo there you have it… lots of loveliness.

Unfortunately although I smiled a lot while writing this my back feels no better.


I find the very best way to deal with a situation like this is surround yourself with lots of wonderful people who ‘understand’ …my dad and brother for example who also have duff backs.

I’m not sure the BF understands tbh but he’s getting great pleasure watching and laughing as I shuffle around. As I try to get dressed, try to put my shoes on. As I try to feed the pets … you get the picture?!

He’s been good with the teas and coffees though so not all bad…

Right it’s been great talking … but I’m off now. It looks like it’s more pain killers, a hot bath and an early night for me.

Rock n bloody roll lifestyle eh !

Until next time, Tracey x

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4 thoughts on “Ladies that Lunch tapas style and some lovelies …

  1. Sue says:

    Loved the tapas and our catch up, get that back better before Friday or we are going to laugh with you on the floof permanently!
    Will give you a tip for keeping your tulips pert when I see you x

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