Fishnet Fever!

It’s been done before and it will no doubt be done again … but excuse me while I have a fishnet with stilettos and jeans moment.

It’s such (in my humble opinion) a great look.


Above is some inspiration  taken from Pinterest and below here I am giving the large hole fishnets with leather and leopard / banana yellow shoes a twirl.

Can I just tell you these were an absolute beggar to get on. 


I was laid on the bed having a proper old fight. Oh to have been a fly on the wall. In fact I’ve actually pulled something in my chest region. I’m finding it hard to sleep and my breathing is all over! I think I’ve just put my finger on the bloody culprit.

Worth it though eh?

I searched high and low on the weeks running up-to Christmas for some fishnets socks, or as mum calls them – pop socks!

Ever trusty M&S let me down, as did H&M. Although I have heard since via the Instagram Bongo drums  that they are both currently stocking them?

A couple of days ago however I decided to head over to the ever trusty eBay where as expected there were loads to choose from , starting from as little as 99p.

Every colour, every hole size … I was quite frankly in Fishnet heaven.

I ordered the lot – tights, socks…big, medium and small holed.

Below – small hole fishnet socks with a rather lovely frill on them (which you can’t see) worn with flat Top Shop specials which I purchased in the sale last year for £12.00

It’s a trend , its fun, it’s been done before (haven’t most things) and I’m up for it. The best bit is it’s inexpensive.

A little tip , which my friend Natasha used to pull off superbly ‘back in the day‘ and one which I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing.  

Wear a pair of plain nude tights underneath the fishnets . You can’t see them but it keeps your legs warm.

Even better (and if your feeling brave) add a pair of purple or ‘whatever colour takes your fancy’ tights underneath your fish nets and its takes the look to a totally different level. 

Just don’t add the leg-warmers and ra-ra skirt … or do if it takes your fancy!

Boy did Natasha look cool when we ‘hung around’ at the bus-stop,the library wall or on the 98 bus doing the 2p round trip from Grenoside to Ecclesfield and back. 

Yes people back then… bus journeys cost less than 10p, we didn’t have mobiles, or fancy computers we just hung around on the back-seat of the bus discussing boys and make-up … and we were perfectly content.

I wasn’t quite so cool as Natasha style-wise and used to wear my trousers tucked into my knee-length socks. It gets worse. ( can it?) The socks were stripy and different colours!!

Seriously. *I’m half laughing / cringing here*

Mum said she never  tried to stop me was my way of  expressing myself, it also gave her and dad a good giggle! 


I’m not sure what I was expressing exactly (bad taste maybe?) but I kinda wish she had stopped me. No wonder the boys never bloody fancied me.

Anyway I digress … it doesn’t have to be fishnet … I give you leopard skin tights worn under torn jeans. We’ve had the bags, the coats , why not the tights?

If your brave enough .Wow.

(pic courtesy of pinterest)


Here are some of the best on the high street, though I do recommend searching Ebay too.

ASOS fishnet socks – £5.00


ASOS Curve Fishnet Tights – £5.00


ASOS Oversized Fishnet Tights – Red – £6.00


I’ve even found some leopard print tights which I’m tempted to purchase myself!

Jonathan Aston Wild Leopard Print Tights – £12.00

and a-little jean inspiration, though I’m sure you don’t need any as we all have a pair of ripped jeans in the back of our wardrobes somewhere don’t we?

Kocca Denim Trousers – £68.00


Boohoo Brea Distressed Boyfriend Jeans – £25.00 (limited sizes)


So is this a trend you will be re-visiting or maybe visiting for the first time and if so how will you be wearing  yours?

As always I’d love to hear, just no jokes about the socks tucked in trousers please!

Until next time, Tracey x

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