Turkeys are just for Christmas …

My late nan used to sit me down and tell me that one of the reasons why older ladies wore neck scarves was because the neck was one of the first areas to give your age away. Scarves hid the ‘evidence’ so to speak.

To always remember to look after my neck.

(She also told me if I didn’t clean my ears out properly I’d start to grow potatoes in them! Please tell me it wasn’t just my nan.)

She always used to refer to Joan Collins as an example of an aged neck.

Joan looks bloody marvellous for her age and if I look anything like that when I’m her age I’d be chuffing happy. In the name of research I’ve actually just flicked through Google searching Joan Collins in Scarves ; (like you do) and only one photo cropped up? I’m not sure where my nan got her facts from  but as she’s no longer with us and had a tendency to get people muddled up…I’ll let her off!

It’s not easy being a woman is it? It  does feel at times like it’s just another area to worry about … bingo wings, mince -pie induced baby belly, wobbly thighs and a bum that enters the room a good few minutes after the rest of you!

I do get the neck thing though….

I realise that as you age your skin thins and loses elasticity. Just lately I have been very conscious that I don’t succumb to a saggy crepey turkey neck (aka Joan or however my nan was talking about?)

Although I do adore scarves it’s not the reason why I wear them. Well not just yet anyway. If all else fails it’s a bloody good back-up plan!

I was dead chuffed therefore when I got sent this serum to review…because turkeys are just for Christmas!


Skinn Chin-Up Pro 50ml – £29.00 from Ideal World TV

Chin-Up Pro Redensifying Neck Serum is a super strength neck treatment that has been developed with Skinn’s exclusive Pro-Lift intense complex to lift, firm and tighten the look of a sagging jawline. This proprietary formula is further boosted with Essenskin, Cohelliss and Renovage to help reserve the effects of thinning, dry and fragile skin on the neck and décolleté

That may sound very technical but the good news ( and all your probably bothered about ) is it actually works // HERE



Chin-Up Pro is a thick yellow serum with a lovely  fragrance. The packaging is nice and light with the product dispensed via a pump dispenser.

You apply it to the front and back of your neck, décolleté and jawline with upward patting strokes and follow with your usual moisturizer.

After posting a picture of the above on instagram a  discussion about  neck creams got under-way with various people joining in. We came to the conclusion that its rather nice to pay your neck some attention. That a quick massage / some attention to that area is maybe why we felt it was showing results and quickly . I think that little old neck often gets neglected. All it needs is some TLC… and some great skin-care of course!

I’m really pleased with the results I have seen since I started using Chin-Up Pro. Any fine lines I had have practically disappeared and it just looks less ‘turkey like’  Its definitely a product I shall be repurchasing when this bottle runs out.

Are you a neck cream/serum fan or do you just take your current moisturiser ‘to the tits’ (to coin a phrase from a friend over on IG) as always I would love to know.

Until next time, Tracey x

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2 thoughts on “Turkeys are just for Christmas …

  1. sequinist says:

    I have nasty eczema on my neck, so I probably look after my neck better than my skin at the moment 🙂 I can definitely see the turkification of my neck as I get older though, especially in candid photos where I’m not focusing on good posture. Sigh. I’ll check out this product though, thank you for the recommendation. xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      My pleasure, it’s working great guns on my neck. Sorry to hear you have eczema … I hope it clears quickly for you. Thankyou for popping across and have a read xx

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