Party, Party into the New Year …

I’m not sure what the Mr and I are doing New Years Eve just. It’s been the same for the past few years. The majority of our friends have young children so they tend to stay in and welcome the new year in with them.

We’ll do something but it’ll be very last minute. We like to fly by the seat of our pants.

My friend Lisa has also mentioned meeting for casual afternoon drinks tomorrow to celebrate her birthday .Like me she’s a December baby. All our fun happens in one month!

Yesterday I had an hour to kill and thought I’d have a mess …(like you do) just in-case any of the afore-mentioned plans came into fruition. There was cleaning to be done but why clean when you can procrastinate hey?!



I’ve recently been sent this skirt from Blue Vanilla // HERE which is a brand that is new to me. I thought I would  base the outfits around it.

Its a beautiful full midi skirt, that’s made from a textured mesh material. Its also currently in the sale. Go, go, go.

I’m forever in pleather trousers or my jeans . This is something a little different for me and would be ideal for afternoon drinks. Its also quite versatile…


Despite my boyfriend referring to me as a sugar plum fairy while I’m wearing it, I’m liking it. I’m thinking more along the lines of ‘rock-chick fairy’ myself.

This would be the ideal outfit for casual afternoon drinks … that may lead onto drunken evening drinks. This happens a lot.

I think the key to wearing these type of skirts is to keep your top half fitted. Anything too big and bulky and you could end up looking like a house side.

But what do I know?


Out came my beloved Debbie Harry t-shirt, fitted blazer, my new Marks & Spencers leopard skin ankle boots //HERE I added a thin black belt and  choker of choice today – my shoe -string one, with one of my beloved crosses.



For an evening out I’d swap and change for something along these lines…(and maybe brush my hair)

I’d exchange the jacket for something a little more ‘special’ in the way of a faux fur shawl and the leopards for a little pop of red in the way of some retro red ribbon-tie sandals, hand-bag and lippy. These sandals are Top Shop Specials which I refuse to throw away – circa 2003!

I’m hoping my bare legs would be-able to take the cold and of course I would need to apply some false tan. I currently look like I have dolls pot legs.

Some blingy earrings would complete the look, these are by Black & Sigi //HERE

The lipstick is a newbie and was a stocking filler from mum who is desperate to get me off the nudes. The words ” you look dug-up” are often uttered when she sees me wearing my pale beiges.

This in contrast is a vibrant red Gossamer Emotion 116 by Kiko which I’ve searched for desperately on their website but cant seem to locate. My mum ( god bless her) tends to buy things off waifs and strays who come into her work know cheap out of date Cadburys chocolate for example.

This could be from anywhere! Good luck.




So what are your plans to welcome in 2017?

I have a friend who every year at the stroke of midnight cries her heart out. She absolutely hates it and fuelled by alcohol her ‘pain’ increases two-fold. It’s strange isn’t it …the effect the dawning of a new year has on us?.

Some love it and some hate it…

I’m somewhere in the middle.

I find it sad that another year has passed. All the people that we have lost. People we knew and those that we didn’t but we felt like we did – David Bowie, Terry Wogan, Prince and most recently George Michael and Carrie Fisher to name just a few . 2016 will go down for many things but celebrity deaths / losing some of the greats will be amongst the most memorable.

For all the things I didn’t do…

I also look forward to welcoming in a new year, a fresh start and all the exciting things it may bring. For another girlie weekend away somewhere with my favourite ladies. To holidays with the Mr, exploring new places and making new memories.

I had highs hopes for 2016 and although it wasn’t all gloom and doom I have had better years.

On a positive I’ve met some fabulous new friends and connected with some fabulous brands via this blog.  My confidence is improving though I fear we have a way to go yet.

On a negative my Mums health and other family members have at times been a major worry. I’ve encountered a few trolls online and although upsetting I do think it makes me want to be and do better. Shove it in their face so to speak.

 I swear we also live in the house that Jack built. As soon as we sort one thing out another goes pear-shaped. Today we’ve woken up to a leaking bath and my lap-top has blown up. It is at times relentless.

So here’s hoping next year is bigger and better. (With all the chocolate I’ve eaten I will definitely be bigger!)

To those of you who have stuck by us and read our often very random musings I salute you . You are bloody fabulous. Your comments , likes and shares mean the world and I raise my glass to every single one of you. Here’s to more of that next year.

Cheers and Happy New year…

Oh and please do share what your getting up to and what you’ll be donning in the comments below. It keeps an old lady happy.

“We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride”  – About Time. If you’ve not seen this film I urge you to watch it. It puts most things into perspective… but you will cry. A lot.

Tracey xx

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8 thoughts on “Party, Party into the New Year …

  1. Debra says:

    Love your blogs and instagram pictures.
    This will be the first NYE myself and my fella have had without my children since we got together in 2011 and he wants to go out in the afternoon so suspect he’ll be asleep by 10pm!
    Ignore the trolls they aren’t worth any brain space. Happy New Year xx

  2. Gail Hanlon says:

    The skirt is fabulous, I have a similar one and I swear it goes with everything. Such a useful skirt. We rarely go out on New Year’s Eve but will definitely welcome 2017 with champagne after such an awful 2016!

  3. carterfamily4 says:

    A great read as always Tracey and I love the skirt and red lip stick I’m a big fan of a red lipstick myself and think it really suits you. You should do like your mum’s says and wear it mod often πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’„ Have a wonderful new year what ever you do xx 🍾🍾 Happy new year xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thank you Caroline. It’s been a funny old year and I’ll honestly be glad when it’s over. Haha I’m still not feeling the red Lippy but I may get used to it. Lovely to have met you and hopefully I will again next year. Have a good one & happy new year xxx

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