2017 …

Good Morning!

I wasn’t going to post today. Firstly I have a raging hangover and I’m finding it hard to string a sentence together never mind write to my adoring masses ( hello all 3 of you) *chuckles to herself *

Secondly I was going to have a lazy day. I suppose I am having a lazy one of sorts … I’m in bed making my way through a mountain of Christmas cake, drinking copious amounts of coffee and catching up on Corrie.

Mum called to wish me and the Mr a Happy New Year…and “oh did I know Graham from the village had died suddenly yesterday afternoon – heart-attack ?” Not a celebrity but one of my brothers best friends, a well-known and much-loved  character. Continue reading

Autumn Mornings …

Autumn morning ; sunshine and crisp air, birds and calmness, years end and day’s beginnings – Terri Guillemets

I Love Autumn … its my absolute favourite time of year.

Dark cold nights loom in early  followed by fresh, nippy mornings.

The leaves on the trees turn from green to burnt orange, golden brown  and vibrant reds. Everything looks beautifully colourful. Continue reading

Spot light on Mandy’s Heaven…

So what would you consider the absolute best way to start a Monday would be?

Chocolate I hear you cry.

Well yes always… but apart from that.

Ok a lie-in would be rather nice also…

With Bradley Cooper… Now where being just plain silly (and a tad unrealistic) Nope non of the above, I’m talking parcels.

Parcels that have my name on.

Parcels full of goodies.

Goodies  from Mandy’s Heaven that are all for little old me.

Continue reading

A life before instagram?

Nope I can’t remember it either…



A time where you could eat your food straight away. Sip your coffee as it arrives. Hot …just a fond memory.

My long suffering Mr knows better than to tuck in straight away. I need the obligatory food / drink shot first, complete with a re-arranged pretty looking table. You know just so the object of desire (cake / sausage / coffee) looks picture perfect ?

It goes something along these lines …

Oh no, no, no… that spoon doesn’t look at all right there (moves slightly to one side) Throws menu on floor ( much to annoyance of waiter) it was getting in the way. Moves the candle, muttering that it would look so much better over there… where it would highlight the corner of the pie crust and set off the green in the peas to a t.

I’ve become ridiculous! Continue reading