Daernerys Targaryen made me buy it …

It’s my favourite part of the week. 9.00pm Monday evening ; otherwise known as Game of Thrones hour.

I’m still in bits that we lost Hodor last week. I sobbed like a big baby. Anybody else with me?

Mum watches GOT too but couldn’t understand why I got so upset?

I pulled my ‘really‘ face.

I think she has momentarily forgotten  that I am the  daughter who gets upset when she sees little old people all by themselves. (I fear they are lonely )

Who cried at Karate Kid! ( who cries at Karate Kid?!)

Who an hour after the film ET had finished was still a blubbering mess !

I went onto explain …

“Mum he was the gentle giant. He sacrificed himself to save his friends. He let the white evil people bloody eat him! He’s big , he’s harmless and ever so slightly simple. He only seemingly ever uttered Hordor ( which I deducted was ‘hold the door’ ) 

Have you no heart mum… ?

She just looked at me blankly ( and slightly confused at my hold the door statement ) and said “its not real you know? “

She obviously hasn’t.

I also finally persuaded the BF to watch an episode of GOT last night.  He’s never seen it ! Can you believe it?

I wish I hadn’t.

To be fair it was a very, very slow episode. I’d promised him naked bodies, sex, drugs and violence.

Mmmmm typically there wasn’t much of any of that last night.

He got the confusing at best of times ‘faceless man’ story-line and lots of talk which is hopefully building up to a fantastic episode next week!

I have enough on my plate trying to remember who is who. Who is good, bad or indifferent  and who belongs to which bloody family without him consistently asking . Proceeded by him then mumping on about what a load of crap it was !

The only time he appeared to brighten up was when Daenerys Targaryen – queen of dragons made an appearance right at the end of the show.

She’s the equivalent of my Jon Snow. Delicious.

Yes he is mine (if only in my head)  & booooo he didn’t even show his face in the last episode!

Anyway your probably wondering where the heck I am going with this? Or then again maybe you’re not because I often ramble on about everything and nothing.

Holiday outfits of course! 

I was sat there last night admiring Daenerys outfit as she swept through the desert on her white horse.

Yes really …  that’s how my mind works.

She was looking alsorts of beautiful ( as always)  delightfully summery and sun-kissed.

Which got me to thinking about what I’m going to take away with me for my long weekend in Marbella. Most importantly the gaps in my wardrobe.

I urgently need a bikini and/ or a swimming costume. I have neither. I can’t decide if I’m going to buy both or just stick to a few bikini’s.

I have learnt as I get older that I need a decent bikini.

I usually head to Primark who sell a variety of good bikinis  that are cheap and cheerful. They are however in my experience not true to size. They are positively tiny.

I’m a standard size 12 with boobs that fluctuate depending on the time of the month!

Last year I bought a couple of bikinis from Primark . It was all very last-minute. I sized up-to a 14  and still looked like I had squeezed myself in to it with bottoms that felt like they were cutting me in half!

Not a great look, I looked like I was trying to break free. * Queen song races into my head but I resist the urge to grab the Hoover and dance*

I had luckily also purchased another bikini from Swimwear365.

In terms of bikinis at just under £50 and compared to the Primark it was pretty expensive.

It had a padded balcony bra top which you ordered in your cup size ( 36B in my case) and fairly large ‘Bridget Jones’ pant like bottoms.

So much more flattering.

My boobs looked full and pert. My bum nestled snuggly into the bottoms. No cutting me in half. My legs didn’t resemble 2 sausages being strangled!

Unfortunately I left it in my hotel room (RIP perfect bikini) and I threw the other 2 as they were plain nasty on me.

Now I’m not claiming that all cheaper bikinis are un-flattering. I am stating that I personally need a bit of quality, structure, and lift and that may come at a slightly higher cost?

I struggle with wearing bikinis at the best of times. I can feel quite self-conscious  ; a good fit is essential.

As is always the case (in whatever I wear) the better I look the more confident I feel. 

Here are just a few pieces that caught my eye; as you’ll no doubt see I like to keep things simple.

First up is this bikini from Victoria’s Secret.

A beautiful bikini in vibrant orange that they’ve named  ‘hot and spicy‘ it also comes in a variation of colours including black.

The High Tie Halter

It ticks all the boxes :

  • Ruched cups have removable padding
  • Underwire
  • Ties at neck
  • Adjustable back closure
  • Fully lined
  • Imported nylon/spand

Also from Victoria’s Secret is this gorgeous swimming costume.

The Forever One-Piece 

Currently on sale at £43.02 

I think this would be super flattering and is currently my favourite piece. I’m very tempted to order?

My moto … if in doubt keep it simple, stick with black. You can always add interest with a stack of bangles (I always wear bangles) and /or a colouful khaftan.

  • Front ruching, side ruching and goldtone hardware
  • Contoured push-up padding
  • Fully lined
  • Ties at neck
  • Imported polyamide/Lycra® spandex

Pour Moi Glamo Camo Halterneck from Simply Beach (above) is rather cute.

Again it has a good bikini top that will lift and shape. I’m liking the colour mix of pink, khaki and black.

  • Underwire
  • Non-Padded
  • Tie Halter Neck
  • Clip Back

And what’s not to love about the frill on the bikini bottoms, which are also a good size and not too skimpy.

Lascana balconette  bikini from Swimwear365

The best part about this bikini is that its strapless = no tan marks!!

It’s priced at £49 .00 which I agree sounds expensive for a bikini. Especially  when you can pick one up at Primark for under a tenner.

Then again how much would you pay for decent underwear … because when it comes down to it that’s more or less what it is. However unlike your underwear everybody on the beach gets to see you in it !

It’s a simple yet stylish balconette bikini . It has padded cups, boning at the sides which provide extra support and removable straps.

Fully lined, it closes at the back and ties at the neck.

That’s more like it. Scaffolding !!


I’m holding off ordering anything just yet as I’ve got a shopping trip planned on Friday. I’m hoping that I might pick something up then.

Debenhams always have a great selection of swimwear as does House of Frazer and John Lewis so they may be my first ports of call.

If all else fails I’ll pop back on line, the thing with swimwear is there is always so much to choose from.

Has any swimwear caught your eye? I’d love to hear about it if it has  as I’m always up for looking at other options.

I have 3 weeks yet … Plenty of time!!

Until next time Tracey x

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4 thoughts on “Daernerys Targaryen made me buy it …

  1. Zoe Borrowdale says:

    I m a size 18 but much prefer bikinis to full swimsuits. I ve recently started buying Fantasie bikinis which fit beautifully as they sold in bra sizes so know I won t be spilling out. The Fantasie factory shop is near Kettering and is well worth a visit because the prices are so good.

  2. Ms.Lake says:

    This is hilarious and timely as I just ordered a swimsuit myself. I also blog quite a lot about game of thrones over at mslake.me if you’re interested. Have a great time in Marbella!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou that’s always great to hear. I’ll pop over later and have a read. I’m slightly obsessed with Game of Thrones . It is the best thing on TV … Oh and hello x

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