Summer time feeling … at the Botanist

We all know that food generally makes me extremely happy. To coin a phrase it makes me as happy as a pig in muck …

To coin another I ate like one [a happy pig in muck, that is]

So last night I was invited by the lovely guys at The Botanist in Leopold Square, Sheffield to try out their new summer menu.

My usual eating companion is the lovely Sue. [the naughty 60] However last night as he’s never been before I decided to treat my boyfriend. He is really particular about his food and quite vocal. The perfect critic. He’s also been working ridiculous hours so I thought it would be nice to get him away from it all for a few hours… and actually speak to me! Hello I’m here… [ method in my madness]

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Kelham island delights…Urban 1/4

I’ve often quite fancied myself as a Carrie Bradshaw type figure … Only I’d be floating around Sheffield, double her size with not such an exciting wardrobe and nanny hair, rather than her beautiful mane. Yep I’m still growing and falling out with my hair on a daily basis.

I’ve grown particularly fond of Kelham Island, the place where my Mr resides. I could imagine Miss Bradshaw here. I like the ‘feel’ – urban, industrial, busy but with non of the hustle and bustle, if that makes any sense? You can’t get parked for love nor money, but I suppose that adds to the fun… Or ruins your day dependent on your mood. That woman driving up and down, hot, bothered and cursing… Yep that will be me.

We’ve been frequenting a lovely newish bar / diner – The Urban 1/4 which is a stones throw away from his apartment, on Alma Street.

Keeping with the overall feel of the area, it’s got an industrial feel to it. Open and airy, with exposed ceiling joists, brickwork and concrete floors. Big chunky Chesterfield settees added for comfort.


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