Blood Brothers and pre-theatre ‘tea’ at Crucible Corner….

Sometimes, just sometimes, I realise just how bloody lucky I am. That maybe, just maybe, I’m actually quite good company and people want to spend time with me. My lovely friend Mike asked me to join him for a bite to eat and to attend a show for the second time in as many weeks. I think he appreciates my passion, the way I lose myself for a couple of hours with a supercilious look on my face. He realises that deep down I am a frustrated performer – one who can’t sing or dance, unless it’s like your dad and to attract the attention of stray dogs.I really wish life was one big musical. Can you imagine singing and dancing your way through every day. As mum would say. MARVELLOUS.

On this occasion  it was to see ‘Blood Brothers at The Lyceum. I didn’t have to be asked twice, I snapped his hands off.I did have to ask him twice were it was showing. We rocked up to the Lyceum last week to see ‘Anything Goes‘ only to be advised it was on at the Crucible and we were late! Oh how we laughed …much later on!

We had a table booked for 6.00pm at Crucible Corner. It was another wet, miserable and very windy Sheffield evening and Mike was late as per usual. He’s Lovely yes …but he’s a bloody rubbish  time-keeper.I met him straight from work and rocked up looking very ‘officey’ with ‘stig of the dump’ hair. The wind is not kind on my growing like a mushroom hair!


There was a varied menu but we both fancied scampi.So that’s what we ordered. It didn’t take long to arrive which was a good thing because we were both rather hungry. Presentation had to be 10 out of 10. A generous portion of scampi with salad, chips, tartar sauce and a wedge of bread and butter.

Mike wasn’t keen on his chips, but I had no complaints and devoured mine (and a few of his) dipped in mayo.





I wasn’t planning to have  a dessert mindful that I go away in 2 weeks. Yep, in 2 weeks I will be gracing the beach’s of Lanzarote.Getting the old body out. It’s bad enough I’m lily white! I don’t want to be ‘beached whale’ and lily white! However Mike ordered ‘Bailey’s Cream something or other’ and because I have the will-power of a nat I ordered a children’s portion of vanilla ice-cream, because a children’s portion wouldn’t hurt would it? (Humour me please …)

Again presentation was spot on and it tasted good too. We washed it all down with a coffee before making our way to the Lyceum.I double checked the tickets just to make sure we were headed in the right direction!


The Lyceum Theatre is a Grade ll listed building which originally opened in 1897. Built to a traditional proscenium arch design, the Lyceum is the only surviving theatre outside of London designed by the famous theatre architect W.G.R Sprague.

Don’t say I’m not a mind of information! It’s a bloody stunning building .. and that’s swearing.




I was a bit excited … sorry make that a lot excited.

My mums an avid theatre goer and has seen Blood Brothers a few times. She enthused and assured me that I’d love it. Each time I saw her for the few days before-hand she sang at me.’Tell me its not true, say its just a story‘ Gotta Love her, she’s obviously a frustrated performer too. Atleast when they started singing that particular number I was able to join in.

There was a great cast … Marti Pellow (former lead singer with Wet, Wet, Wet and handsome as ever) as Narrator, Maureen Nolan as Mrs Johnstone, along with a couple of other familiar faces. Daniel Taylor anybody? He played Sammy and has starred in Brookside and The Bill. Did I mention he was also rather dishy?

I don’t want to spoil the story-line but I can safely say it was an amazing show with stand out performances from all of the above and especially Sean Jones who plays Mickey. To be far the whole cast were fabulous.I laughed, I sang and I cried.I didn’t want it to end!

I can thoroughly recommend it and with a standing ovation it seems the rest of the audience would agree. If you get the chance to go – I urge you to go, go, go !! It’s showing at the Lyceum until Saturday 24th January so there is time and hopefully some seats left!.

I left slightly teary, embracing my mushroom and with a swing in my step…just like Marilyn Monroe.


Tracey x



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