What we wore @ work….

We had an idea … (it happens)

a post which features what we wore each day during a full working week. I’m not sure about you but both Liz and I share a love of fashion and are fascinated by what people wear. Most posts tend to feature ‘going out’ outfits but when the majority of us spend most of our time at work we thought hey why not bite the bullet and do a ‘what we wore @ work’ post .

So here it is. First up Liz…


Rocking the ‘teapot’ pose in a black and white H & M tunic dress which I bought for £14.99 last season and then ‘lost’.  I was convinced I had given ot to my daughter but then found it in a crumpled heap at the back of my wardrobe. I have rediscovered how comfy it is so sorry Naomi but I’m keeping it a while longer. I teamed it with black River Island leggings and long black suede wedge boots bought from Next at the end of last year.



Rest-assured the pictures do get better. Both Liz and I felt a-bit daft prancing around having our photos taken in our lunch hours. Secondly I have fat knees which is highlighted in the photo above. I’m Currently squatting and lunging at every given opportunity. I have ‘middle-age spread of the knee’ and I don’t like it.

My black and white dress is also from H & M a great find at £14.99, worn with a black jacket and black super cosy tights from Primark. I tend to wear jackets with everything, along with a silly grin (and of course my fat knees!)


Speaking of ‘fat knees’ (which Tracey really doesn’t have!), here I am showing mine. Luckily I sit behind a reception desk all day so they’re hidden but Tracey and I do compare the knee fatness every night on our way out of work…yes we’re a bit obsessed.

Anyway today just for a change, the outfit is all black. A black polo neck jumper which I bagged in an outlet in Dallas a few (maybe 7) years ago (I have a tendency to hoard). The skirt is a little ruched number which I got at a bargain knock down price of £29.99 from £120.00 at the end of last Winter from a local outlet mill. The jacket is a recent buy from Zara and has gorgeous cuff and hem detailing.


Please ignore the ‘put up in a hurry’ hair…

work 6

jacket cuff

jacket cuff 1



Its all in the details…Im wearing a black fitted dress from Next, a hand me down Zara jacket from mum circa 2009 and a lot of jewellery. Blingtastic! The chunky gold necklace is a recent purchase from H & M and the bangles have been collected over the years.


There it is again that super-sillious grin!


Another Zara purchase probably a couple of years old now – a black and white photo print tunic which I wore with a black structured shoulder jacket by a label called Summums and black 900… denier ‘pull me in’ tights.


The only bit of my outfit which can be seen during working hours…from my waist up. And of course the secretary glasses – which are very much needed and not worn for effect.



Today I wore my blue print jacket. I love the colour. Yet again its a steal at only £12 from Primark. I purchased it a few months ago, so you may still be-able to get your hands on it? When I’m wearing it I like to imagine I’m a little oriental person riding my bike through the streets of China. I get bored and this is perfect escapism. When my hairs long enough I will wear it in a little bun on the top of my head, stick a chop stick through it and the look with be complete.

Here I wore it with a fitted black Next dress, but it looks equally at home with scruffy jeans and t-shirt on a weekend.






Today I wore a beautiful lace and pearl top from Zara (last season) and grey trousers from Next. Next do great trousers in extra long, which is a god-send.  I often try trousers on and fall out with my body in the changing room – I look like I should be trasnsported directly to Star Trek Enterprise! Beam me up Scottie with my  ‘has the cat just died’ trouser leg.

Its optional whether you have your tags hanging out …its really not a great look but one I have perfected in the last few photos!  grrrr.



Yes – this is the same jacket as yesterday (I have two). I bought one and so did my friend – she never wore hers so gave it to me….bonus! Worn here with a red polo neck from Next and leopard print skirt from River Island. I don’t wear colour very often but do like red and anyone who knows me, knows my love of anything leopard.


And back on with the cats-eyes and my’ can’t live without’ mug of black coffee.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The working week was a short one (due to a lovely long weekend in Spain) so that’s what we wore @ work…week one. ‘Scuse us till next week (which will also be a short one), while we go dig some more outfits for week two.

L & T xxx

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