Let your inner Magpie free and head over to Biggleys …


I don’t go on twitter a great deal, however a few weeks ago I happened to be having a quick ‘flick through’  when I stumbled across a tweet by Biggley asking whether anybody would be interested in reviewing some jewellery for them?

It took roughly 2 seconds for me to reply with a big YES. Not expecting to get a reply I was most surprised when I did asking me to forward our details across and they would consider us.

Consider us considered as fast forward a few weeks and here I am the proud owner of a beautiful new ring and I can honestly say I love it. It’s definitely something I would buy and it fits perfectly. You know how Cinderella felt when that infamous slipper fit, well that was me on Tuesday when I received the ring. Only I was in reception, no Prince Charming in sight , just Liz looking on bemused.

The ring itself is chunky with a hammered effect which reminds me of snake skin. This  snakes skin however is silver and shiny as it is indeed sterling silver and it will be retailing at £45.00.


Excuse my over-wrinkly hands they’ve been like this since I was a teenager! The ring looks great though don’t you think?




So let me introduce and tell you a little more about  Biggleys. ..

Based  in Glasgow  they are a small team of  qualified jewelers and designers. Their aim is to make bespoke designs more accessible and affordable , with each piece being individually handcrafted to an extremely high standard . With this in mind they aim to get your jewellery out  to you within seven working days.

They are also big on customer care and believe that customer service is paramount. Cutting out any middle men you deal with Biggleys direct, right from the word go.

If like me you are part human , part  magpie and want to get some new sparkles for your nest click here.  They do a full range for men , woman and even children.

Biggleys are also on Facebook and I’m advised that they will shortly be running  a competition! So get yourself over there and have a look.

* Stops typing, stands back and admires her ring for the 100th time! *

who doesn’t love a little bit of bling.

Tracey x

2 thoughts on “Let your inner Magpie free and head over to Biggleys …

    • lizandtracey says:

      Haha I’ve had the hands of an 80 year old since I was about 14… One day they will fit in with my body! Thanks Rob. Glad you enjoyed. They do a mans range you should check their website out :)) x

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