When Tracey met Silversmiths and all for a great cause…

If you’ve never met Sue;  for one your missing out and secondly she has more friends than anybody else I’ve ever met. Seriously… She’s like the United Nations with a little bit of Judith Charmers thrown in for good measure ; because like Ms Charmers Sue also gets about abit !

So Monday night by invitation of the above, myself ,Karen and a little gang of Sues Friends some whom I’d met before & some who I hadn’t, made our way to Silversmiths in Sheffield to attend their annual Action Duchenne Charity Event. It didn’t take much persuading on my part; a six-course meal with all the proceeds going to the charity. They say a way to a man’s heart is via his stomach… well the same applies to me. You want me to love you hard – then feed me! I love my food.

This is the second ‘Annual Action Duchenne Charity Event’ that Silver Smiths have held. All proceeds raised on the evening will be going direct to Action Duchenne a national charity, which provides support and much needed research into finding a cure. Last year they raised over £2,500.00 and are hoping to top that this year.

Duchenne-Muscular-Dystrophy is a neuromuscular condition caused by lack of a protein called dystrophin. It is a serious condition that causes progressive muscle weakness. The condition effects mainly boys and without treatment most of these young men are completely paralysed by their early teens; many not even making it into their twenties. As yet there is no known cure. The owner’s nephew was diagnosed with this condition a few years ago and therefore it is very close to their hearts. The family are undertaking allsorts to raise funds – marathons, triathlons , the list was endless. It was very heart-warming to hear about and to be a part of…

I had purposely not eaten a great deal throughout the day, because six courses, well that’s a lot in anyone’s books.

Here’s what we were treated too and because it was all for a great cause it tasted even better…

photo (38)


Barncliffe Brie & Hendersons relish rarebit…or as my Mr calls it Posh cheese on toast. Hendersons Relish is made in Sheffield. If you’ve never had the pleasure then you really must try it. We have cupboards full of the stuff.

Followed by Butternut Squash Tart, Smoked Ribblesdale cheese, caramelised onions and chutney.

Slathering yet?


Lemon and Tarragon Slush Puppy. One word. Delicious.




Malcom, Sue and Karen catching up.



Above: 16 hour braised lamb breast, dauphinoise potatoes, wilted greens, milk poached sweetbreads, carrot textures.

At this point I need to apologise to my mum whose life I made a misery as I was growing up. I refused  point-blankly to eat lamb. Lambs are cute and run around fields. Sooooo not only did I eat Lamb and throughly enjoy and devore it, but it also appears I may have eaten its testicles!! There was much debate on the evening regards sweetbread but this seemed to be the overall verdict.



Spiced Yorkshire ‘Bonfire Night’ Parkin, toffee apple, vanilla panna cotta, chocolate popping candy – Just like little fire-works going off in your mouth. Cool.




Karen and Leigh no doubt discussing sweetbreads!


All finished off with Hand cut truffles, Honeycomb, Marshmallow and Chocolate Brownies.

Yes we really did just eat all that, washed down of course with a lovely glass or two of wine.


Karen checks out her winnings from the raffle…




Thats a satisfied face/man if ever I’ve seen one…

photo (24)

Suitably stuffed to busting and with happy hearts we left. A great night was had by all and most importantly hopefully lots of money was raised in the process.

Like Arnold said ‘I will be back’ I already have my eye on pie-night!

To make a reservation, find out more about the charity , or just to have a nosey please click here

You’ll be glad you did and you may thank me later… (in the way of pie maybe!?)

Tracey x

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