Date Night Feast Box #justusbox

I really didn’t know what to expect when I was asked if I’d like to review  a Date Night box but it sounded interesting so I said I’d, or rather we would love too.

We received the ‘Feast’ Date Night Box which was described as follows …

This month we’re going to tantalise your tastebuds and take you on a voyage of gourmet discovery . The question is do you have a taste for each other too?!

Oh er …

I had images of the boyfriend  laid horizontal, smothered in food which I ate off him and vice versa! I chuckled/shuddered/felt a little bit sick remembering a disastrous date I once had which involved some chocolate spread.

Our box arrived a week or so later in all its glory; a large sturdy cardboard box. Inside was an instruction booklet and several smaller boxes each labelled up- starter, main course, dessert and bedtime treat.

Quite cleverly they look like little ‘take-away’ boxes. Continue reading

When Tracey met Silversmiths and all for a great cause…

If you’ve never met Sue;  for one your missing out and secondly she has more friends than anybody else I’ve ever met. Seriously… She’s like the United Nations with a little bit of Judith Charmers thrown in for good measure ; because like Ms Charmers Sue also gets about abit !

So Monday night by invitation of the above, myself ,Karen and a little gang of Sues Friends some whom I’d met before & some who I hadn’t, made our way to Silversmiths in Sheffield to attend their annual Action Duchenne Charity Event. It didn’t take much persuading on my part; a six-course meal with all the proceeds going to the charity. They say a way to a man’s heart is via his stomach… well the same applies to me. You want me to love you hard – then feed me! I love my food.

This is the second ‘Annual Action Duchenne Charity Event’ that Silver Smiths have held. All proceeds raised on the evening will be going direct to Action Duchenne a national charity, which provides support and much needed research into finding a cure. Last year they raised over £2,500.00 and are hoping to top that this year. Continue reading