Umpa Lumpa Tan… no more!

I’m the lady who you see around the pool . You know the one … big sunglasses that cover most of her face, even bigger hat,wearing factor 50 (my choice being La Roche -Posay Anthelios 50+ ) with her head burrowed in a magazine. If you didn’t know rightly you would perhaps think she had just had surgery, a face lift maybe as she keeps her face firmly under wraps. She appears elusive and sometimes rude.

You would be wrong, it is of course just plain old me being paranoid about getting old and making every effort to keep the wrinkles at bay! Mr Sun is rather lovely but he’s also very aging and the tan never stays around long enough for it to be worth your while. I think I’m winning on the wrinkle front,  the only negative is that I’m often left with what I fondly call ‘brown body white face syndrome’!

My answer to this is a good old facial self tanner and when I say I’ve tried them all, believe my I’ve tried them all. Often bringing me out in spots, leaving me ‘umpa lumpa’ orange or just sitting in my pores I gave up and made do with a white face in the day, made whiter by the sun screen and a bronzer at night. Oh how the boyfriend laughs when it all comes off and there I am with my beautifully tanned body leading to my … well my big white face.


Above my trusty 50+ sun-protection.


After a desperate, if rather random tweet asking for peoples recommendations on a good facial self- tanner imagine my delight when Kat from ‘Does my bum look 40 in this’ sent a tweet saying I must try Chanel Perfect Colour Face self Tanner SPF8. She always looks immaculate, and not at all orange… I was on it like a fat lady eating cake and ran skipping off to Boots like an excited child!



What can I say this stuff is the dogs  b******,  the colour is very subtle, it smells like false tan but not perhaps as strong as others I’ve used previously . A little goes a long way and you can build the colour gradually. The best bit ? it makes your skin look better. I’m not sure why or even how but it does?! It leaves a lovely veil over the skin – leaving your skin looking more evenly toned? I’m sure there will be some technical reason why, but honestly who cares?

I apply at night after cleansing and awake the next day with lovely sun-kissed skin. All that is usually left for me to do then is apply my usual Dr Jart BB cream, and I’m good to go…Perfect.

Until next time, Tracey x

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