Ladies Day At The Races

No sooner had I landed back home from a long tiring day and drive from Naomi’s graduation day in Luton, was I setting off again, heading North this time to one of my favourite cities, to visit friends.

We arrived in Newcastle to more blazing hot sunshine. One very quick change (we were running rather late) and a grateful lift and mad dash later and we found ourselves surrounded by 6″ heels, posh frocks, feathers (lots of feathers) and men in suits.


We could only be at the races. Newcastle Races. Ladies Day.

I had decided on wearing a dress which I already had hanging in my wardrobe. I’d had it made in Thailand a couple of years ago especially for a friends wedding. I did wear it for her wedding but I kinda thought it deserved a second airing (if only to reduce its ‘price per wear’). Its a cashmere black and white pin striped (men’s suit material as I called it), strapless with a full length zip up the back.





I went shopping for a little fascinator to accompany my dress but came home with a rather large hatinator. In my defence, my choice of head dress was in the sale, matched my colour scheme perfectly and was soooo much cheaper than the smaller fascinators I’d seen. Not only that but I must have a big head as those little airy fairy feather pieces looked like a pea on a drum on my head. I was lucky enough to grab this one from Debenhams for the knock down price of £21.00 (from £70.00).






I also invested in new shoes but being a creature of habit and comfort, I bought some exactly the same as a pair I already owned but which I thought were a bit too tatty to wear for the races. Sounds stupid, I know but my trusty Kurt Geiger wedges were relatively comfy as far as sky scraper heels go so I presumed that my new ones would be too. Originally £75.00, these babies were on the Kurt Geiger website for £39.00. Don’t ya just love the sales!!!


I wasn’t going to bother with a new bag. I could already open a bag shop. But then I spotted a little black clutch on Ebay that would match my dress perfectly. There’s always going to be a small space in my wardrobe which I can fit another clutch bag in…even if it is in the Mr’s side. This nifty little bag by Irregular Choice was a bargain from the Schuh outlet on Ebay at only £19.99 plus P + P



OK, outfit sorted, I only needed to do something with my mop of hair. A style that would suit the hat but also look ok if I decided to take the hat off (or it blew off). Time to get my daughter out of her pit and put her skills to good use. She may have a degree in Specialist Make up Design but also needs to turn her hands to hairdressing too. Bonus!! Naomi…time to start paying back (in kind) some of the handouts from the last few years!!

hair 3 hair4 hair 2 hair 1

Et Voila….. moi a la races!!! All poshed up and ladylike for one day only.





As much as I love a good reason to get ‘dolled’ up, I have to say I wasn’t comfortable in the slightest. I don’t think there was one minute during the day when I wasn’t either holding my hat on or nudging it back into place, pulling my dress up (at the top)  so’s not to create ‘nipplegate’, pulling my dress up (at the bottom) so’s I could actually walk at a pace just slightly faster than a snail and finally…the feet. I am still suffering a week later…why do we do it??? The KG wedges may have been comfy for a while, however I had misjudged the amount of walking and standing I would be doing, hence the seasoned race goers carrying tote’s filled with flip flops!!!

So a few pounds lighter (in the pocket…no where else unfortunately, although the amount of walking I did, I ought to have shifted a few from my butt!!) and a few blisters later…those feckin shoes, our day at the races was over.

Next time it’s a maxi dress and flats!!

Liz xx

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