Happiness …

I saw this quote …

Which got me thinking…( oh oh)

When I was younger I wanted to take over the world… I think most of us do.

I was happy (mostly) but always thought I was meant for better things. You know the grass is greener etc.

Sometimes I didn’t appreciate the moment because I was already looking / moving onto the next.

I had ambitions -to have a fabulous job, earn loads of money, travel, write a book and find the perfect man. Preferably a very handsome one with a good job and a big house.

In reality I worked at the same company for 14 years. Which was probably 10 years too long!

I did o.k . I worked my way up from Receptionist to Office Manager earning an average wage. Continue reading

Memories of Lanzarote. Part One

I made it. Hungover and tired but I’m here in the not so sunny Lanzarote. 

I’ve so far had to buy a jumper! Yes a woolly blinking poncho style jumper. It’s never been off my back , the wind is soooo chilly. Mr Sun is being awfully shy and has only popped out for a few hours; teased us and then disappeared again. 

I’m currently sporting shorts, the jumper and goosebumps on my lily white legs . Do you think it might catch on?? 

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Ladies that Lunch (at teatime)…The Woodlands Hotel, Leeds




After work, apart from have a bath, slip into something comfy and drink copious amounts of wine (to de-stress of course)  I don’t really want to do anything else.

That is unless you want to take me somewhere rather lovely and feed me, which is what myself and Liz did last night after we finished work.

Our choice of ‘eatery’ was The Woodlands House Hotel, Leeds, which one of our lovely followers on Twitter had recommended.

The weather was wet and wild. I was driving and was dry and wild ! It took us just over half an hour  with some good navigation from Liz to reach our destination.

A charming driveway leads to a regal looking house. Think manor house, not semi detached, it is after-all also a hotel.

We made our way through the reception to the small dimly lit bar, ordered our drinks and sunk into a couple of big arm chairs, near the piano. Which reminds me of a time I laid across the top of one (a piano, not Liz)  and sang Happy Birthday Mr President in a raspy Marilyn Monroe voice. No such behaviour tonight thankfully and a story for another time maybe? Continue reading

Ladies that Lunch – Afternoon Tea with Lady Sybil and Lady Mary …

“Under certain circumstances there are few hours more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”   Henry James – Portrait of a Lady

I’ve always fancied myself as a Lady… lady of the manor, not lady of the night!

Those of you who have followed us for a while may recall that during the peak of mums cancer treatment I took her out for Afternoon Tea to cheer her up . She was fed up and deserved a treat.

Having been given the all clear and looking and feeling better than she has for a long time, I decided that yesterday the suitably re-named for the day Lady Sybil and Lady Mary would go the manor and partake in some tea.


Not exactly a manor but very fitting , our choice of venue, was the 4-star, grade 2 listed building The Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield city centre.

We  donned our gladdest glad rags  and arriving early made our way to the Grand Lounge for drinks… No exactly lady drinks by hey some would say where not exactly ladies! Continue reading

Albir seeing ya

Yet another holiday over already…why do they always go so fast?

This particular holiday was combined with a visit to my parents who just happen to live in a beautiful part of Spain on the Costa Blanca. As they live off the beaten track and mum is quite ill, we decided to stay in a hotel in the pretty little resort of Albir.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Benidorm and all seen the uncannily realistic programme Benidorm, well although only 5 minutes drive away, Albir is so far removed from it’s next door neighbour it might as well be on the other side of the world.

Welcome to Albir….



photo 4

photo 3

And the beautiful Hotel Albir Playa & Spa…Let me give you a tour


photo 2




No spa is complete without one of these little buddas…


My stairway (OK its a lift) to heaven…









When in Spain…drink the local stuff…



Oh…go on then!!



And nothing tickles the taste buds more than a very traditional erm…Indian



The holiday outfits….


A colourful (for me) bodycon dress from New Look and nude wedges from TK Maxx

photo 5


Grey and black leopard print playsuit from Dorothy Perkins (sorry but its a couple of years old). Sparkly black flatties from Zara



Grecian style olive (rather shitty green) dress from ASOS..although I got it on good ol’ Ebay



Black midi bodycon dress with scalloped neckline from ASOS and black and cream clutch from Bershka.



Black strapless bodycon dress from New Look (in the sale too!!)

photo 1

hair – GHD!!!



Catseyes Sunnies – Prada

Red lippie – Lime Crime Velvetines

Hair – Au naturel and not straightened to hell


Long black  maxi bodycon strapless tube dress – ASOS


And at the end of a long hot sunny day, what better way to spend it than watching the Super Moon…



Albir, I’ll be seeing ya again soon.

Liz xx