Daernerys Targaryen made me buy it …

It’s my favourite part of the week. 9.00pm Monday evening ; otherwise known as Game of Thrones hour.

I’m still in bits that we lost Hodor last week. I sobbed like a big baby. Anybody else with me?

Mum watches GOT too but couldn’t understand why I got so upset?

I pulled my ‘really‘ face.

I think she has momentarily forgotten  that I am the  daughter who gets upset when she sees little old people all by themselves. (I fear they are lonely )

Who cried at Karate Kid! ( who cries at Karate Kid?!)

Who an hour after the film ET had finished was still a blubbering mess !

I went onto explain …

“Mum he was the gentle giant. He sacrificed himself to save his friends. He let the white evil people bloody eat him! He’s big , he’s harmless and ever so slightly simple. He only seemingly ever uttered Hordor ( which I deducted was ‘hold the door’ ) 

Have you no heart mum… ?

She just looked at me blankly ( and slightly confused at my hold the door statement ) and said “its not real you know? “

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RAMBLING…its been a while – talking skincare, lippy, mothers and a dog called Mollie.

We’ve not had a catch up for ages. So shall we talk and rectify the situation ?

Grab yourself a coffee and get comfy…

Firstly a little update. It’s skin related. No surprise there then I hear you cry – I am bordering on obsessed. Most people chase the dream. I chase perfect skin.

So as you may, or may not be aware, for the last few weeks I have been using a couple of Pixi products. I can officially confirm that I am now a Pixi Glow Cleanser & Glow Tonic convert .

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Day 3 – Valencia

So despite getting in at daft o clock, spending far too long giggling and not sleeping regarding the lift sagar, I was up too early again the next morning.

I think I was running on fresh air and excitement! I actually blame the bloody church bells. They started at 7am and rang every half an hour until about 10. At 9 I think the bell ringers decided to have a laugh at our expense; I swear they rang the dam things non-stop for a full half an hour.

Not for the first time this weekend we thought the King had died. He hadn’t. How the rest of the ‘house’ slept through them I’ll never know.

I decided I’d make breakfast. Hey don’t get giddy; by make I mean fetch.

I like pastry first thing in the morning. Basically I just like cakes and pastry at any time of the day. When people started to emerge I ran down the full 5 flights of stairs [I wasn’t getting in that lift] and raided the coffee house which was ideally situated bang opposite our apartments.

After buying all the Croissants, Pan au Chocolate’s and other fancies available, we were sorted. I ran back up to the apartment ,almost collapsing at the top [note to self – get fit] lit some candles – what can I say I was feeling romantic!


Washed down with a strong coffee.

Jobs a good un… Or rather ‘oh la la !’

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Valencia – Day 2 at the Beach

So after a few hours sleep I awoke, far too early, bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Well I say that .. I woke up excited at the prospect of yet more sunshine and a day chilling at the beach. My head may have been throbbing slightly, but nothing a coffee couldn’t fix. I grabbed myself a strong black , a cheeky piece of chocolate and made myself comfy on a sun-lounger admiring the skyline of Valencia.
Bloody Glorious…
photo 3-14 - Copy
I had an hour or so  by myself before the others gradually started emerging  in various states of array (and bed-head)
We sat and giggled about the previous nights antics and sent desperate tweets to anybody and everybody regarding Jo’s missing mobile #help #valencia #reward #return_the_catmobile. A long shot … but we all know the power of the tweet. Unfortunately we heard nothing.

After brunch we set about finding Playa La Malvarrosa.

Having been before we were at an advantage as we had some idea of where to head. The easiest way to get there is to jump into a taxi and leave it to the driver to find . From the apartment it only takes about 5 – 10 minutes and will cost about 8 euros. There are buses, and I suppose you could walk but it would take you quite a while. Ask the driver to drop you at the taxi rank next to the America’s Cup Building. The beach should be in front of you.

It’s a beauty. Chilled out, colourful and stretching for miles.



beach 5





Just as we were settling into our sun-loungers we were acousted by a tiny Thai lady in a dodgey hat, offering 10 euro massages.

Much to our amusement, Rach was laid face down on the sand, with her top whipped off, being pummelled within minutes…I think it was easier than trying to refuse.

Out of nowhere came a second lady and the same thing happened to Lisa. It’s as though they were taking us down one at a time.

They could smell our hangovers. We were easy meat!



I didn’t escape either…

After she had finished with Rach she moved onto me, tempting me with a sneaky taster of what she could do …on my feet. If theres one thing I cannot resist, it’s a foot massage. If you want to win my heart, start with my feet.

It was absolute bliss and at times complete torture. Despite telling her to watch my suspected broken toe, she got great pleasure in tugging away at it. If it wasn’t broken before hand I can assure you it was after – Ouch!


Yes, thats me under the hat!

I spent the majority of the afternoon doing my favourite thing ;people watching and dozing…



photo 5-17

It wasn’t long before we started to get hungry.Well it had been atleast 3 hours since we had last eaten!

We made our way towards  the row of beach bars and restaurants. There were loads to choose from. We plonked ourselves down in the loudest , fullest one as we figured this must mean it was good, right?


It was o.k but nothing to write home about. The waitresses albeit very beautiful had faces like wet weekends. The service was poor and our food was brought out at different intervals. Some of us had finished our meals before the others had even started there’s. Don’t you just hate that?

A firm word of complaint by Miss Leigh to ‘Chief Wet Weekend’ and we each got a free glass of paint stripper , sorry wine for the inconvenience. Silver lining of sorts …

beach 4

beach 3

beach 2

photo 3-16 - CopyFed and watered we made our way back to the apartment to commence the ritual ‘chilling , snacking , drinking , preparing for a night out’ session. This is the thing I love about us all sharing an apartment, there’s always somebody to talk too… or in my case pester.

photo 2-20

Four of the nine … the dirty stop outs … found ourselves drinking at the bars situated in the Americas Cup Building or the ‘Veles e Vent’ as it is known locally.

It’s a fairly new complex which has won various design awards. It’s very modern and a total contrast  to where we had been drinking the night before around the cathedral.

Leigh fell down  and got picked up by a rather handsome Spanish guy.  I nearly fell down laughing at Leigh falling down. [I’m awful]

We had a sing song ,downed free shots and put the world to rights .

photo 1-16

photo 5-11

photo 4-13

Normal ladies night out stuff.

It was on the way back upto the apartment that the funniest yet scariest thing happened.


I still giggle thinking about it now…

The 4 of us crammed in a tiny lift, discussing :

Lack of air.

A recent horror I had watched were a group of people got stuck in a lift; everytime the lights came back on one of them had been brutally murdered. I am like Job’s comforter!

Lastly (and one which will aways raise a smile) …whose handbag was most suitable to empty and have a wee in. All while Leigh hammered the alarm with one hand and virtually pulled the lift door off with the other!

I bloody love my friends.

More ‘shaninghans’ tomorrow,
Tracey xx










Viva La Valencia Photo Diary Day 1 – A Sheffield Girls Guide

Last week I spent a greatly anticipated long weekend in Valencia. 

I joined 8 of my best friends –  who all travelled from Sheffield to met up with Leigh and Nicola, who are also from England but now reside in Spain.

I’ve been to Valencia once before, its a bloody fabulous place. It’s the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and it’s situated on the banks of the Turia. It’s also the place were the traditonal dish paella was concocted. You may thank me when that comes up in the local pub quiz!

Old meets new with beautiful architecture on every corner. It has a romantic feel to it. Little alleyways leading to hidden squares and more churches than you could throw your stick at.

It’s where I would choose to live if fate hadn’t plonked me in my beloved Sheffield. Valencia or St Tropez, I’m not fussy.

It’s the only holiday I was getting this year, so I intended to make the most of it. After-all 3 days is better than nothing.

photo 1-23

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Lanzarote Ladies & a blow up doll called Dereck

“I’m just going through my old posts – this was first posted back in 2013 !!

Great memories of a great weekend away. My photos have improved over time (I think so anyway) I don’t mention the Hotel name which is probably because I was trying to block out all memories of it (but is very bad blogging) … and Sue’s still not found her Dereck but we live in hope …

I thought I would share again …you know for old times sake ”  -Tracey March 2016

I’ve just returned from 3 glorious days with my lady friends in Lanzarote. I will always be the first to say it but there is something special about spending time with your best friends. I’ve known some of these ladies for over 30 years and we never fail to have a grand time. We fit together like a pair of old shoes.

You really can’t beat it.

So thankfully and for the first time in ages our flight was on time and ran smoothly. We arrived at the airport some 4 hours early due to a misunderstanding (somebody hadn’t read the tickets in-correctly)but that meant more time for duty free shopping and alcohol!

Well done Monarch and a very special thank you to Mick on Desk 55 , Terminal 1, Manchester Airport. He basically let us check in early with little fuss. This guy has to go down in airport history as the most helpful member of staff ever. It makes a pleasant change!

We boarded, we drank champagne, slept, chatted, played ‘ who wants to be a millionaire ( with what seemed the majority of the plane joining in ) and landed .

After a quick ‘Jumbo Bus’ transfer to Playa del Carmen we arrived at our hotel (Englands equivalent to Faulty Towers) some 15 minutes later.

We were ushered via the laundrette into a dingy reception that smelt of a mixture of dirty mops and bleach. We quickly checked in (our noses could only take so much) then hurried through the bar which resembled something from Phoenix Nights only to be greeted by slop (and that’s being polite) in the restaurant .

At this point it would have been quite easy to have broken down and cried … we were staying all exclusive!

Instead we ate what looked edible (not much), had a quick freshen up (change of knickers and applied some lippy) and proceeded to get very drunk on crappy cocktails in plastic pint glasses. #Classybirds.

Here’s a little photo dairy of the holiday …


Champagne on the flight out .. why the hell not. I’d drink it 24/7 given half a chance ?!

(Below) I couldn’t decide which 3 dresses to take for the weekend… so I took them all!

photo (39)


The hotel looked a lot better in the sunshine the next morning and the views were amazing.

Did I mention however we were on the 5th floor and there were no lifts! It’s just gets better.



The locals doing what local’s do… sitting and observing the ‘weird’ foreigners.




photo (38)

One of the better breakfasts …

I still insist however that If  threw one of these ‘pastries’ at somebodies head it could potentially knock them out!

photo (31)

So…the main reason we went away was to celebrate my friend Sue’s Birthday, she will be the grand old age of 60 on 3rd October.

Sue is amazing and has the energy and attitude of somebody half her age. I swear she meets Peter Pan on an evening, they hold hands and fly off for drinks at the ‘Fountain of youth…’

or maybe it’s just the Champagne…

photo (40)

Everythings coming up Sue!

These ‘Sue’ masks made for lots of fun and pranks…small minds are easily entertained!

Well worth looking into if you fancy a laugh. My friend at work actually printed these for us but I’m sure there are specialised companies out there that could do it for if necessary.

photo (37)

photo (37)b

lanz 1

I’m a total sucker for a sunrise / sunset.

I witnessed some of the most beautiful I had ever seen.

photo (32)

photo (35)


photo (35)A

Me, Jo, Karen and Sue…

and below Dereck – Sues man for the weekend!

Many years ago Sue was advised by a clairvoyant that she would meet the man of her dreams on holiday, most likely around a marina. It’s perhaps 5 years or so ago now that she was told this and as yet its not happened. This way we figured she wouldn’t be disappointed !?

He’s perfect…

He doesn’t answer back, he doesn’t flirt with other ladies and he’s a cheap date as he doesn’t drink that much.

He just need ‘blowing’ up on a regular basis… and guess who plumped for that job!?

Yours truly.

photo (36)

All in all a great weekend was had by all.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever recommend the hotel where we stayed due to the dismal food. I hardly ate anything for the whole 3 days and the terrible ‘working mens club’ décor was dire.

They have however started to refurb some of the studios ,so hopefully this will eventually include the Reception, Bar and Restaurant?

The resort was nice (the little that I saw of it), and the weather was amazing. As for those sunset’s …Amazing.

It went far too quickly and we were setting off home before we knew it – with many stories to tell and memories to treasure.

I recon that girlie weekends should be handed out on the NHS as they are officially good for the soul…

we are already planning the next one!

Until next time, Tracey x