Lanzarote Ladies & a blow up doll called Dereck

“I’m just going through my old posts – this was first posted back in 2013 !!

Great memories of a great weekend away. My photos have improved over time (I think so anyway) I don’t mention the Hotel name which is probably because I was trying to block out all memories of it (but is very bad blogging) … and Sue’s still not found her Dereck but we live in hope …

I thought I would share again …you know for old times sake ”  -Tracey March 2016

I’ve just returned from 3 glorious days with my lady friends in Lanzarote. I will always be the first to say it but there is something special about spending time with your best friends. I’ve known some of these ladies for over 30 years and we never fail to have a grand time. We fit together like a pair of old shoes.

You really can’t beat it.

So thankfully and for the first time in ages our flight was on time and ran smoothly. We arrived at the airport some 4 hours early due to a misunderstanding (somebody hadn’t read the tickets in-correctly)but that meant more time for duty free shopping and alcohol!

Well done Monarch and a very special thank you to Mick on Desk 55 , Terminal 1, Manchester Airport. He basically let us check in early with little fuss. This guy has to go down in airport history as the most helpful member of staff ever. It makes a pleasant change!

We boarded, we drank champagne, slept, chatted, played ‘ who wants to be a millionaire ( with what seemed the majority of the plane joining in ) and landed .

After a quick ‘Jumbo Bus’ transfer to Playa del Carmen we arrived at our hotel (Englands equivalent to Faulty Towers) some 15 minutes later.

We were ushered via the laundrette into a dingy reception that smelt of a mixture of dirty mops and bleach. We quickly checked in (our noses could only take so much) then hurried through the bar which resembled something from Phoenix Nights only to be greeted by slop (and that’s being polite) in the restaurant .

At this point it would have been quite easy to have broken down and cried … we were staying all exclusive!

Instead we ate what looked edible (not much), had a quick freshen up (change of knickers and applied some lippy) and proceeded to get very drunk on crappy cocktails in plastic pint glasses. #Classybirds.

Here’s a little photo dairy of the holiday …


Champagne on the flight out .. why the hell not. I’d drink it 24/7 given half a chance ?!

(Below) I couldn’t decide which 3 dresses to take for the weekend… so I took them all!

photo (39)


The hotel looked a lot better in the sunshine the next morning and the views were amazing.

Did I mention however we were on the 5th floor and there were no lifts! It’s just gets better.



The locals doing what local’s do… sitting and observing the ‘weird’ foreigners.




photo (38)

One of the better breakfasts …

I still insist however that If  threw one of these ‘pastries’ at somebodies head it could potentially knock them out!

photo (31)

So…the main reason we went away was to celebrate my friend Sue’s Birthday, she will be the grand old age of 60 on 3rd October.

Sue is amazing and has the energy and attitude of somebody half her age. I swear she meets Peter Pan on an evening, they hold hands and fly off for drinks at the ‘Fountain of youth…’

or maybe it’s just the Champagne…

photo (40)

Everythings coming up Sue!

These ‘Sue’ masks made for lots of fun and pranks…small minds are easily entertained!

Well worth looking into if you fancy a laugh. My friend at work actually printed these for us but I’m sure there are specialised companies out there that could do it for if necessary.

photo (37)

photo (37)b

lanz 1

I’m a total sucker for a sunrise / sunset.

I witnessed some of the most beautiful I had ever seen.

photo (32)

photo (35)


photo (35)A

Me, Jo, Karen and Sue…

and below Dereck – Sues man for the weekend!

Many years ago Sue was advised by a clairvoyant that she would meet the man of her dreams on holiday, most likely around a marina. It’s perhaps 5 years or so ago now that she was told this and as yet its not happened. This way we figured she wouldn’t be disappointed !?

He’s perfect…

He doesn’t answer back, he doesn’t flirt with other ladies and he’s a cheap date as he doesn’t drink that much.

He just need ‘blowing’ up on a regular basis… and guess who plumped for that job!?

Yours truly.

photo (36)

All in all a great weekend was had by all.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever recommend the hotel where we stayed due to the dismal food. I hardly ate anything for the whole 3 days and the terrible ‘working mens club’ décor was dire.

They have however started to refurb some of the studios ,so hopefully this will eventually include the Reception, Bar and Restaurant?

The resort was nice (the little that I saw of it), and the weather was amazing. As for those sunset’s …Amazing.

It went far too quickly and we were setting off home before we knew it – with many stories to tell and memories to treasure.

I recon that girlie weekends should be handed out on the NHS as they are officially good for the soul…

we are already planning the next one!

Until next time, Tracey x

5 thoughts on “Lanzarote Ladies & a blow up doll called Dereck

  1. Rob Goodfellow says:

    Looked a great weekend, lots of fun and laughs, great commentary and pics Tracey, liked it a lot, take care Rob xx

  2. trehansaction says:

    Tracey if you want to start following my blog feel free! I’ve started a little bio of posts one called ‘the end of the beginning’ and. ‘Just me’ lots more to share raw and real…

  3. trehansaction says:

    You gals! It brings a smile to my face that you know how to have a giggle in faulty towers, plastic glass clinks and still have time to blog! Tracey were you wearing beige sandals and ankle bracelets? Stunning photo of you and your buddies by the way (I’m direct)
    Steve 🙂

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