May Birch Box -For the Dreamers…

I don’t usually post about BirchBox.

To be honest I’ve been trying to cancel the bloody thing for the past 6 months. Either I’m thick or its verging on the impossible to do so?!

My monthly subscription is very hit and miss…a lot of samey stuff (nail file anyone?)

When it comes to cosmetics (despite filling in a questionnaire about my preferences ) I still tend to end up with bright red lipsticks and pale sparkly nail polish. Both go straight onto eBay or passed onto friends ( who’ll keep hoping I don’t cancel)

Anyway this month I was pleasantly surprised.

May’s box is named ‘For the Dreamers’ ( very apt for me)

Firstly this box is different to the norm.

It has a scratch coating on the lid . Two very lucky subscribers have an extra special message  on the top of their box ‘YOU’VE WON A DREAM HOLIDAY’ courtesy of

How fabulous, either 5 nights in the Maldives or 5 nights in Crete.

Unfortunately I sat and scratched like a woman possessed … nothing !

It’s a great little idea but awfully messy! I was covered in silver coating bits.

So back to the box.

It contains brands I don’t think we’ve received before ( Olehenriksen / Sarah Chapman) Quality skincare brands. Continue reading

Food, Goss, Beauty Boxes and Cows…@ The Kaye Arms

A good ol’ girly get together always involves food.  We were long overdue another ‘catch up’, photo shoot and blog post and this time The Kaye Arms, Grange Moor, Wakefield was our host. It has recently been refurbished and we wanted to check out both the new decor and the food.

Armed with what seemed like a dozen cameras and Liz’s daughter Naomi in tow to add a bit of colour to the evening, we set up our impromptu ‘camera club’ and ordered much needed food.

But not before a quick snap!!

P9090223 Continue reading

Christmas Treats for Big Girls…

This may just have to go down in history as they best advent calendar … ever!

I’m not sure who gets most excited in the mornings. The cats Lola Lip and Frankie Pants who have a Dreamies calendar between them. The Mr’s kids with their One Direction and Mushy Monsters Advent calendar or moi ici with my YOU Magazine ‘Make a wish’ Advent Calender.  Ok hands up its most definitely me!

I purchased the advent calendar for £49.50 a few weeks ago  – it may seem a lot but the contents are worth over £200.00. I’m honestly not sure how I managed to keep my hands of it before December 1st.

I did and I thought I would do a round up of the goodies I have been treated to so far… and when I say they are goodies… they are most definitely goodies!


The whole shebang Days 1 to 9… Yep its only the 8th but one got over-excitable yesterday. Continue reading