Turkeys are just for Christmas …

My late nan used to sit me down and tell me that one of the reasons why older ladies wore neck scarves was because the neck was one of the first areas to give your age away. Scarves hid the ‘evidence’ so to speak.

To always remember to look after my neck.

(She also told me if I didn’t clean my ears out properly I’d start to grow potatoes in them! Please tell me it wasn’t just my nan.) Continue reading

Samaya Ayurvedic Skincare …

It’s getting closer …can you feel it , can you , can you? Christmas is only a few weeks away . I am getting rather excited. Today’s post is all about a skincare range that would make a great pressie for yourself or one of your extra special friends.

Have you heard of Samaya Skincare? I hadn’t until a couple of months ago but after trailing 2 of their products for the last couple of weeks I can report back .

Walk this way… (or skip if like me your a giddy kipper!)

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Sond …the little life saver for sensitive skin!

A few weeks ago I was asked whether I would like to trail some skincare from the brand Sond who specialise in skincare for people with sensitive skin.

If I’m honest I had never heard of this brand before but was very keen to find out more. I had a quick look on their website  and discovered the following:

  • Sond has a mission to improve the lives of people with sensitive skin. They create products to make sensitive skin look and feel amazing.
  • Their approach to skincare is holistic.
  • Silica  is used in all their products. Silica is a powerful mineral that is naturally present within our bodies. It is essential for collagen production and strong healthy skin.
  • They took the word Sond ( which actually has 2 little dots above the o) from the middle of the German word ‘besonders’ it means special.

I love discovering and trying out new brands. My skin has the ability to be very temperamental and has periods where it can be overly sensitive and spotty.

It sounded like just the ticket.

I plumped for the Firm and Smooth Revitalising Face Serum (£42.00 – 30ml ) which I received along  with a 5ml sample size of the Nourish and Plump Replenishing Face Oil (£34.00 – 30ml)



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‘Meet the Maker’ … Maleka of Merumaya Skincare

Last night I attended an event at the beautiful Sandersons Boutique store on the outskirts of Sheffield at Fox Valley.

Handily its only a 10 minute drive from mine… or un-handily depending on how you look at it ? Everything is so beautiful I want to shop , shop , shop …that or move in.

If you’ve not visited you are really missing a trick. Get yourself down and experience it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

The event was the first ‘Meet the Maker’ to be held at Sandersons with Maleka Dattu founder of Merumaya skincare. It was hosted by Armand Beasley; Sandersons Ambassador of Beauty.

I’ve met Maleka once before so was looking forward to seeing her again. Maleka is one of those woman who make other woman feel bloody fantastic about themselves. Enpowered. She is very hands on, passionate about her brand and just a lovely, very interesting lady. As my nan would have said ‘ no airs and graces – she’s the salt of the earth’

She also has dreamy pink hair… As my friends will vouch its the one colour I’ve never been but is the one colour I truly hanker after. Continue reading

September Favourites…

I know, I know it’s not the end of September yet …but I didn’t do an August favourites. There was quite a lot going off and I never got around to it.

This you may say is an August / mid September favourites! (hey I like to be different)

First up is a lipstick I’ve been wearing morning, noon and night.

NYX matte lipstick in ‘MLS19 – Euro Trash’ – a perfect highly pigmented pink / deep beige.

I’m loving matte lipsticks at the moment, which doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my gloss. The matte is just having it’s moment.

I put it on and it stays there – no running up my face in the little lines I have above my lip.   Many a time I’ve gone to the ladies and despaired as I looked in the mirror. Lip-gloss every where seemingly apart from my lips!

It’s creates a bold lip without being too much in your face. My only negative would be that it doesn’t have great staying power but nothing a quick re-apply wouldn’t  fix.

I’ve tried a few products from NYX , I’m also a big fan of the lip butters.

Purse friendly this Matte lipstick set me back just £6.50 and I purchased it from Boots. There’s a great range of shades with something to suit everybody.