B E A U T Y | M&S Beauty Advent Calendar Reveal

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Christmas comes but once a year and seemingly earlier every year.

I used to absolutely love Christmas, then we lost Mum and for the past 2 years it’s never felt the same.

Christmas without mum felt like bread without butter. Nice … but something delicious was missing. Although bread is nice its a lot better with lashings of butter.

This year however I’m actually looking forward to it , in a “well I’m not dreading it kinda way.”

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Christmas Treats for Big Girls…

This may just have to go down in history as they best advent calendar … ever!

I’m not sure who gets most excited in the mornings. The cats Lola Lip and Frankie Pants who have a Dreamies calendar between them. The Mr’s kids with their One Direction and Mushy Monsters Advent calendar or moi ici with my YOU Magazine ‘Make a wish’ Advent Calender.  Ok hands up its most definitely me!

I purchased the advent calendar for £49.50 a few weeks ago  – it may seem a lot but the contents are worth over £200.00. I’m honestly not sure how I managed to keep my hands of it before December 1st.

I did and I thought I would do a round up of the goodies I have been treated to so far… and when I say they are goodies… they are most definitely goodies!


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