V A C C I N E • day

My gosh what a year eh … topped off yesterday with my first dose of the Covid vaccine. If you saw my Instagram stories it wasn’t all plain sailing but we got there eventually and last night at 8pm I had the jab. Quick, painless and a relief. According to some I now have a chip in me so ‘ whoever’ can monitor my every more. Good luck to them …. after numerous walks and a trip to the Co-op for cauliflower they’ll soon get bored !

Joking apart I was thinking about life since last March. It was quite a novelty at first, the sun seemed to shine alot and I found myself drinking Gin most days by 2pm – alone.

Dad unfortunately caught Covid but luckily he came out the other side relatively unscathed. We were the lucky ones.

I found myself getting quite creative with my photography. My next door neighbour thinks I’m absolutely bonkers – shoes hung out on the washing line finished him off  !! 

The novelty of endless days and the fact I was slowly becoming a Gin  lush soon wore off … this social butterflies wings were well and truly clipped . It may seem truly selfish saying you miss nights out when people are dying but truth be known I crave social intervention and I do miss my nights out. I miss being squeezed in rooms with sweaty strangers , air guitaring to 90’s classics. I miss people. I miss being silly. I miss people I don’t even know !

We painted our boring white wall in a big rainbow in support of the brilliant NHS . It still beams at me every morning …

We started wearing face masks. We got spotty chins and came back from the supermarket with random stuff. Was it only me that found wearing a mask sent their brain du- laly , I’d run round like a headless chicken sticking anything in my  trolley just to get it over with and be able to rip the bloody thing off.

I’ve burnt Sheffield’s supply of oranges trying to make a bloody Christmas wreath for my fireplace and I made a friendly pumpkin head for Halloween who I grew rather found if.  It had flowers for hair and was  smoking a cigarette.

We sat outside in November/  December dressed like NaNook’s of the North because the rule of 6 meant we could meet up outside and it was better than nothing. Cold doesn’t even cut it. 

The much anticipated ladies Lisbon weekend away got cancelled and I celebrated my 50th in full lockdown with a beautiful cake and these same four walls. Friends popped by with gifts and to wish me the best which was amazing  but I wanted to give them all a big hug, invite them in and have a drink. I could do non of these things.. 50 should have been a ‘ big ‘ deal but it slipped by quite discreetly. 

We worked from home, some of us were furloughed. Some of us lost our jobs.

I’ve always walked but I’ve walked more than ever this past year . Mollie dog loves it . We have discovered some fabulous new places to explore…BUT right now I’d just  love to be able to walk to a coffee shop. Sit INSIDE [ oh the novelty ] and meet a friend for a chat . It’s the little, simple things I miss.

At times I thought I was going bananas !!

But it’s not been all bad really …

I guess the endless time to reflect has made me realise more than ever what is important and what’s not . I’ve missed my Mum more than ever, lots of thinking time isnt always a good thing . I’ve got itchy feet and want to see a beautiful sunset from somewhere other than Sheffield. We have an amazing NHS which we should never ever take for granted. If anything the last year has given me a new zest for life and an appreciation of good Gin and my hairdresser.

I for one can’t wait to get back out and start living. I’ve got my positive pants on …I’ve been polishing my air guitar and I’ve bought the dress of my dreams for my first night out !!

How about you ? 

Tracey x 

2 thoughts on “V A C C I N E • day

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Tracey it all is true, think you are speaking for all of us females. My so left Sheffield last week as due to COVID he wanted a garden and to be nearer to family. He’s 10 minutes from my other son and his kids and an hour nearer to us.
    Certainly has made us all reassess our lives an what makes us happy.
    24/7 in the same house with the same person. Don’t let’s go there 😟 Anyway lovely here’s to the end of it all one day and new beginnings xxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thanks for popping across and commenting. It’s been a funny old year, good and bad bits but I’m ready for some ‘ normality’ now [ whatever that is ] Have a lovely weekend , Tracey xx

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