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Firstly can I start this post and take the opportunity to say I know I am in a privileged position; I receive some fabulous PR and I never want it to come across that I take any of it for granted.

“Always appreciated and often gob smacked” is a saying used a lot around ours…

So anyway around a month ago I received some products from @meder_beauty a Swiss beauty brand that specialises in microbiome friendly skincare. Worth noting it is also cruelty free.

A R M A – B U S T • firming cream for bust & decolletage

To be honest I ordered this thinking it was a neck and bust cream [ I need to read more carefully ] happens it’s mainly for firming and lifting your boobs!!

I’ve been taking it up too and including my neck and I have definitely noticed a difference in the creepiness of my skin on my neck. Any deeper lines are still there … but appear softer.

The only thing that is NOT ironically drooping on my body are my boobs but they have thanked me for the extra attention !

What it does:
• Smoothes and moisturises the skin.
• Provides the effect of an invisible bra, firming up the skin and preventing it from stretching.
• Reduces stretch marks and evens out the skin tone.

B L E P H A R O – R I C H – E Y E • eye cream

I absolutely LOVE my eye creams and I have currently got 3 on the go. This one visibly fills wrinkles, nourishes, moisturises and smooths out the skin fighting the first signs of ageing and the negative effects of stress, pollution and UV-exposure.

Jojoba oil nourishes, protects and heals micro-injuries in the skin. Squalane restores the healthy amount of lipids in the skin keeping it firm and nourished. Niacinamide stimulates all vital processes in the cells, from collagen synthesis to toxin removal.

Blepharo-Rich is a lovely eye cream. It’s non greasy and hydrates leaving a matt finish . It is ideal to prep your skin before makeup application. I can’t explain how wonderful my skin feels after application. It feels like silk.

I apply a little cream and tap it in gently both morning and evening. At night I like a little extra moisturisation so may add a pop of a another brand over the top, or use a slightly more hydrating eye cream.

This is my first dabble into this brand and as first impressions go I’m very impressed .

Have you tried this brand before and if so what would you recommend I try next …

Until Next Time,

Tracey x

Visit Meder Beauty // HERE

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