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menopause /ˈmɛnəpɔːz/

– the ceasing of menstruation.

– the period in a woman’s life [typically between the ages of 45 and 50] when menstruation ceases.

Menopause … the subject we don’t speak about apparently? I disagree slightly as my friends and I have never had any problems broaching the subject. Let’s face it best friends talk about EVERYTHING … especially after a few Sherbets.

A couple of my friends have already been through the menopause [and survived ] one is mid-hot flushes. The rest of us are seemingly peri-menopausal, joking that this year on holiday we will be up all night … not due to partying … just because non of us can bloody sleep anymore!

I think the problem lies in lack of factual information and with doctors who are about as much use as a chocolate tea pot . Obviously NOT ALL doctors just the ones I speak too ! I happened to mention the words 48, peri-menopausal and exhaustion during a recent visit and the young, male doctor looked a combination of both horrified and petrified, quickly steering the conversation down a different path ! Very frustrating.

If you believe everything you hear you may well start to grow a beard, spout a third leg or even a chuffing willy ! I’d like to blame my love of Cliff Richards ‘Wired for Sound’ on my peri-symptoms but I can’t ; I’ve loved that song like forever ! I have noticed hair spouting from odd places mind … mainly my chin and bloody nipples! Old age, or menopause … your guess is as good as mine ?!

Thank heavens that things appear to be changing . ITV’s Lorraine has recently been tackling menopause with a series of guests talking about their journey [god love her … when anybody else can get a word in edgeways that is! ]

Meg Mathews has recently launched her range of menopause products . The Loose Woman talk about it now and again … and thank-you to the joys of Instagram I have recently been introduced to a new website created especially for menopausal woman Health and Her

The website is very easy to navigate . I often ask myself would my mum [ who like like me was techno useless] have been capable of working her away around the site easily and the answer would be yes.

There’s the usual Home, About Us, Contact & Products pages . But the pages I found most interesting were the Symptoms Tool and Expert Advice.

The Symptoms Tool is great for assessing the tools and products Health and Her feel will help you manage your menopause. It makes the process a hell of a lot easier than trying to fathom it all out for yourself. I honestly wouldn’t know where to start otherwise. So much choice!

So first off you are asked to select your menopause symptoms [ in my case Peri-menopause] these included choices like – hot flushes, weight gain, vaginal dryness , itching skin , nights sweats, stress and anxiety

Once you have picked your symptoms you are then asked to mark the severity of each one. The options run from very low to very severe.

Based on your answers a personalised report is then generated . This gives details of products, literature and clothing Health and Her recommend for your specific concerns . It is prioritized on what is effecting you the most. It’s all rather fabulous and very straight forward.

My main concerns are bloating , lack of energy , itchy skin and trouble with sleeping. [ hairy chin and nipples didn’t feature un- surprisingly]

I was kindly issued with a voucher to spend in exchange for reviewing the website / service.

I choose a few bits and bobs based on their recommendations including these 2 books which I’m sure will make interesting reading. The Gin is purely medicinal and my answer to most things these days …

I’m convinced my diet will play a big part in how the menopause effects me . As for meditation it’s something I’ve been interesting in pursuing for a while now . [I really am one step away from running bare foot through the woods, hugging trees ] I will of course be reviewing these and the other items I’ve chosen in due course and reporting back shortly.

For the time being if like me you are at a loss with where to go for trusted information , or who to reach out too regards your menopause… I would thoroughly recommend Health and Her.

They are easily accessible and you can find them here:

Instagram – @healthandherltd

Facebook – @healthandher

Let me know in the comments below if you popped across and what your first impressions were?

Right … I’m off to pluck my chin, so I’ll catch you all next time !


Tracey x

To Be Continued …

4 thoughts on “LIFE | Menopause made easy with Health & Her

  1. Karen Robinson says:

    Thank you for this ! Sweats , thinning hair , menopause muffin tum , boobs .. I ve never had ..can’t cope (•) (•)lethargy ✔️

    • lizandtracey says:

      It’s good to talk about these things and this website is very useful … I’ve not started with the hot sweats as yet … just mostly knackered , itching skin and gaining weight without eating anymore than usual ! Thanks for popping across and commenting x

  2. Caroline says:

    Girl after my own heart I think I am a little hippy at heart and the bare foot tree hugging sounds fab to me. The book on meditation looks great I’m going to look out for that xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      I’ve started practising medication and I’m sure it’s making me feel calmer already . I’m all for hippy chicks xx

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