SHEFFIELD SCENE | Phlegm – Mausoleum of the Giants

I thought I would start April with a picture perfect, picture heavy post and a spot of culture.

Last week along with my friends Sue and Jo I attended the Mausoleum of the Giants an exhibition by Sheffield’s adopted son – street artist Phlegm. His murals of fantasy creatures are scattered throughout the city often found amongst industrail landscapes and derelict buildings … if you are from Sheffield you will no doubt have spotted a few of them.

The exhibition which is hailed as the final resting place for his characters is on for a few more days until Saturday 6th April; I urge you to go and have a ganzy if you can.

Set in Eye Witness Works an abandoned factory complex it only adds to the atmosphere. The floors are uneven, there is no heating and it’s quite dark in places.

Entrance is free and all staff are volunteers. The only down fall is you may have to queue for an hour or two.

We fell lucky and only had to wait an hour, it was glorious sunshine so we made the most of it and had ourselves a big dose of good old vitamin D and a natter. It’s always good to talk!

This is the first guy we were introduced too . I’m not sure I’d like to bump into him in a dark alley…

We then continued down the dark corridor which led to a large room which contained the main body of the exhibition – giant scale sculptures of Phlegms most iconic characters.

It’s bonkers and it’s equally amazing. I actually felt quite emotional making my way around . Art always gets me like that, like theatre I find myself totally immersed in it.

I guess it also doesn’t really matter if you are familiar with Phlegms work or not. Go familiarise yourself because it’s something I can guarantee you will never forget.

We were informed that the 3D sculptures are made from chicken wire , and paper-mach made using old copies of Sheffield newspapers which was then painted .

The giants are just that – giant, majestic and slightly haunting especially the one that fills the main body of the central room. ‘She’ looks quite sad but I was mesmerized by her.

I loved it all …

* Spoiler – if you are planning on attending and want to be surprised by what you’ll see please don’t read / scroll any further . There are lots of photos .

Good-bye and thanks for reading  *

When Adidas met Phlegm …

Eye Witness Works , Milton Street, Sheffield S3 7WJ

Have you been? What did you think? As always I would love to know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Tracey x

4 thoughts on “SHEFFIELD SCENE | Phlegm – Mausoleum of the Giants

    • lizandtracey says:

      It really was amazing Ashley.
      I’d like to go again but I won’t have time. I was hoping due to its popularity to might get extended … x

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