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Imagine for a moment if your will that David Attenborough and his film crew decided to follow me around to study and document my behavior in my natural habitat for a BBC special. Firstly it would be very weird and secondly they would be most likely to find me languishing in a hot, bubble bath …

I love nothing better than getting home from work, whipping my clothes off [ especially my bra ]  and climbing in for a long soak . I’ve been known to wallow for hours , especially in the Winter months, like a pig in mud.

So today I thought I’d share a few of my bathing essentials with you …  but firstly i like to set the scene. If I have the time I like to light a few tea-lights to create ambience and spritz the bathroom with something along the lines of Quietude Calming Mist from Temple Spa. I occasionally take a cup of coffee with me … a glass of fizz has been known along with a good book or magazine.

To be honest I don’t always have the time, I cant find the matches, or we’ve run out of milk ! But hey when it does happen it’s bloody lovely.

TEMPLE SPA – Drift Away Relaxing Bath & Massage Oil 50ml – £25.00

Main ingredients: patchouli, lavender, geranium, frankincense and chamomile

I’ve mentioned ‘Drift Away’ before and I’ll no doubt mention it again. It is a luxurious bath oil that can also be used as a massage oil. For a relaxing bath you pour one cap full under running warm water, get in and relax.

It smells absolutely delicious – like you’ve just stepped into a spa . It’s indulgent bathing at its finest and I love it.

However you won’t get bubbles so if you are after a ‘bubble bath’ this is not the one for you.

EMBRYOLISSE – Foaming Cream-Milk 200ml – around £14.00

Main ingredients: Prickly pear extract, bio-lipid complex and glycerin. Paraben free

This is a relatively new addition to my bath time routine but it is already up there amongst my favourites.

It can be used as both a face and body cleanser though to be honest I’ve not used it on my face yet as I fear it may be too heavy [ contains shea butter and sweet almond oil ] and break me out. My skin is super, super sensitive at the moment and erupting at the slightest little thing. Despite this cleanser being suitable for all skin types including sensitive I daren’t risk it. When it is feeling ‘stronger’  I will give it a whirl.

It has a lovely light milky consistency that foams up slightly [ don’t expect lots of froth ] when it comes into contact with water / your skin. It smells beautiful , and leaves a light scent on the skin. As you may notice I do like things that smell beautiful. Some people prefer their products scent free… not me, no sirry!

TEMPLE SPA – Giving it the Brush off Dry Body Brush – £16.00

Lets just forget the word dry because I have been known in the past to use this in the actual bath to give myself a good scrub. I probably shouldn’t but rules are meant to be broken and it does the trick.

I have had this for years and its probably way past its best days but I find buffing my skin therapeutic. How about you ?

YARDLEY – Moisturizing Fragrance Body Mist English Dahlia – £6.00

Main ingredients: neroli, apple , rose , peony , patcouli, cedar amd musk. Paraben free

I was recently sent this body mist along with a few other bits from Yardley including the Eau de Toilette. My first thoughts were of my late Gran Betty who used to wear one of their perfumes back in the day.  It brought back lots of warm, fuzzy memories. It was never overly priced [and still isn’t] so Gran usually got a bottle for Christmas. See I like that … a product that evokes memories.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the scent . Bearing in mind my Gran used to wear something similar I was slightly concerned it might be an ‘old lady scent‘ .

It is not a unique scent in that I have smelt similar but it is a light, pretty floral that would be ideal for every day use. I personally prefer something stronger and more musky, slightly boudoir for a night out.

I step out of my bath, dry myself off and then moisturise my body using All In All, again by Temple Spa. I’ve used this for years.

I have then been spritzing myself with the body mist, I am usually just going to bed but I still want to smell fragrant. It would also be ideal to carry around in your bag for freshen ups throughout the day and for £6.00 you  really can’t go wrong.

So there you have it just a few of the products that make my bathing time a pleasure … and never a chore.

I’d like to point out that I don’t work for Temple Spa I’m just a big fan of their stuff, especially their bath and body products.

What are your essentials … is their something I should be using and I’m not ? Please let me know in the comments below. I love trying new bits and pieces and I’m always up for suggestions.

Until next time, Tracey x


  • The products from Yardley & Embryolisse where kindly gifted me but as usual all thoughts, wording and photographs are strictly my own

7 thoughts on “BEAUTY | Bath time pampering

  1. Caroline Taylor says:

    Hi Tracey. Lovely to see that you are enjoying the gorgeous Temple Spa products! I’m a Temple Spa consultant and I wondered if you have seen the Restitude bath luxe – this is a really creamy bubble bath – so all the benefits of Driftaway, but with bubbles! Bliss. Check it out here:
    Have a lovely weekend – it’s snowing a bit in Penistone!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Ohhh I’ll have a look. I love Driftaway but I also like my bubbles so it might be ideal.
      Have a lovely day and thankyou for popping across
      AND snow ⛄️ OMG 😮 xx

  2. missbeautysaver says:

    Hi Tracey!

    This is such a lovely selection of pampering bath time goodies!

    I really like Yardley products in general because they always have the best traditional feminine fragrances! I also love a good dry body brush and now you’ve made me want to try it wet too! Haha

    Never tried anything from Temple Spa before but this bath oil sounds great.

    I love taking a cheeky coffee up with me to enjoy in the bath whenever I can be bothered to make one and yes! I’ve even been know to occasionally have a little tipple while bathing too!

    Loved reading this, I found it so relaxing just hearing about your bathing essentials.

    Hanna x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Oh I do love a good pamper and chill!
      In fact I’m sat at work dreaming of my bath later.
      Temple Spa has some great products and I especially love their body range.
      Thanks for popping over and for your lovely comment x

  3. Elaine Fitzpatrick says:

    I love a good soak in the bath with candles and wine! I’ve even been known to rest my tablet on towels on the closed toilet lid and watch vloggers on YouTube! I love bubbles and recently have been using Avon skin so soft bubble bath in various fragrances after I was given one as a gift. I also love rich body lotion. Anything with a coconut scent.

    • lizandtracey says:

      It’s so therapeutic isn’t it! I love it especially when there’s nobody around and I get to have a proper chill.
      I’ve used Avon before and you are right it’s a great bubble bath… intact I might have to order some
      Thanks for popping over & commenting x

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