HEATH |Eyeye Sheffield… I see you !

There are various situations that send me into a mild panic ; make me anxious .

  • Flying
  • Being near sharks [ not that I rarely ever am. I don’t get to Sea World that often ]
  • Attending my eye test earlier this week.

I had been worried about my eyes [especially my right one] which over the last few weeks have felt heavy and hard to open in the morning – on awakening it felt like my eye was stuck to the inside of my eye-lid. Eekkk I know .

It was freaking me out to the extent I daren’t sleep for fear I’d not be able to open my eyes ever again! [ I’ve always been a bit dramatic ]

Rather than ignore it and hope it would go away [ something I promised mum I’d never do ] I booked in with favourite opticians Eyeye in Sheffield to get it checked out.

Unfortunately not everything in life can be resolved by sticking on some Barry White , turning up the volume and dancing around your living room like a woman possessed .

Theres no point sticking your head in the sand . I had also by this point diagnosed myself with every single ‘nasty’ Google could throw at me. Does anybody else do this ? I needed answers and reassurance.

Eyeye on Division Street, Sheffield is an independent ethical opticians run by Karl & Alison . It’s a spacious yet minimalist space with a range of fabulous glasses to choose from. There’s even a photo of me up on the wall behind reception #iamfamous

They have recently started stocking Ethical & Eco friendly brands which gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Their Eco range is made from plant based and recycled plastic. One tree is planted for every frame sold. I love that

Sea2see frames are made from ocean plastics from abandoned fishing nets and plastic ropes fished out of the sea outside Barcelona.

There was also a selection of rather beautiful wooden Bohten frames [below] which are made from wood reclaimed from a lake in Ghana …

Just think you can walk around Sheffield with a little piece of Africa on your face.

After confirming a few details , Alison took me into the assessment area where she tested eye pressure, periphery vision and took a photo of the back of my eye.

Technology eh.

Once completed the results are whizzed through to Karl to have a quick ganzy at before you go in for further tests and a more thorough examination with him.

What I love about Eyeye is they allocate an hour for each eye test . This is great for somebody as inquisitive as me who asked lots of questions. [ I was a nightmare child apparently – questions after question ] Who finds the back of her eye fascinating and spends far too long studying it. Someone who likes to know everything. It gives you a chance to discuss any concerns you may have without the feeling you are being rushed.

I also love the simple pricing structure which is on the wall as you enter.

Very transparent, no hidden costs .

You’ll be happy to know my eyes are ok. It appears I may have a problem with my tear ducts but nothing that can’t be dealt with AND I have a rather fabulous pair of new glasses on order as my prescription has worsened slightly. [I was -2, I’m now -2.5] These should be ready to collect in a few weeks.

I can thoroughly recommend Eyeye for great service. They are professional but friendly and they make you feel at ease. There is no hard sell. I’ll never go to another opticians  … Eyeye have set the bench mark and they are stuck with me.

Right now I’ve sorted my peepers out and I’ll finally get a good nights sleep I just need somebody to sort my dog Mollie out . She’s refusing to eat any form of dog food and will only eat buttered scones!

I know … buttered bloody scones. I am hampered. She’ll be asking for a cup of tea next!

Talking about dogs Eyeye is dog friendly, so if necessary you can take your furry friend along with you. They also welcome bikes.

To book an eye test with Eyeye or for further information // HERE

Until next time,

Tracey x

  • Eyeye –  112 Devonshire Street, Sheffield S3 7SF. Tel 0114 249 8288
  • Blog post was written in colloboration with Eyeye, but as usual all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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