I am Tracey and by my own admission I am a member of the fully fledged coffee addicts club. I love the [preferably] ‘milky and frothy with a sprinkle of chocolate’ on top variety.

I’ve tried to ween myself off it in the past. You know just the 3 cups a day … rather than my current 6 but figured why if you love something? Life is too short

So you can therefore imagine my delight when TASSIMO got in touch to see whether I’d like to try out their ”My Way’ TAS60xx Machine. Of course I said yes and waited patiently for it to arrive.

Can I just reiterate I don’t just like coffee. I LOVE coffee. I want it first thing in the morning, last thing at night and lots in between . Most importantly I want it to coffee shop standard in my own home. I want to invite my friends around and play ‘hostess with the most-est’ serve them great coffee [and cake]  so they’ll come back and see me again. 


Getting Started

Firstly [and most importantly] the TASSIMO is really easy to set up. I have no patience; in the past I have been known to throw things at walls in a tantrum when what should be simple isn’t.

This really is.

It comes as a compact smart looking unit with a modern digital interface. There are a few detachable parts ; the water container to the back of the machine, the orange cleaning T disc and the drinks shelf which can be placed higher or lower depending on your cup size. It looks great and is a welcome addition in my minimalist black, white and grey kitchen.

After you have ensembled the TASSIMO , you simply fill it up with water and plug it in . You then put it through the cleaning cycle four times and hey presto that’s it. You are ready to rock n roll. Even I can do it.

To make a perfect coffee what do I do next?

Select a T disc with the coffee or hot chocolate drink of your choice and pop it into the top of the machine.

TASSIMO have partnered with some fabulous brands and offer a wide range of barista style coffee’s [ and hot chocolate ] from the likes of Costa, Kenco and Milka.

I was sent a selection of drinks with the machine including Costa Cappuccino, Milka Hot Chocolate, Kenco American Smooth and L’OR latte Macchiato Caramel.

Each disc has a tiny barcode on the top, and the TASSIMO machine has a barcode reader inside of it. The barcode tells the machine how to deliver your beverage. Genius.

One of the most impressive features … you can then adjust this. You can alter the strength, the heat and the cup size of your coffee to suit your requirements .

It really is coffee ‘Your Way’…

Coffee – the perfect way to bring people together

Coffee is many things to many people …

Great at work or at play.

Comforting, a treat, an essential to function, sociable, stimulating. It is universal ; the ideal way to bring people together.

TASSIMO makes it easy for you to become the perfect hostess in your own home. Bake a cake [ or in my case  buy one ] or arrange a fancy dinner party … then invite some of your friends around and show off your coffee making skills ! [ or rather the TASSIMO’s]

There is a coffee for everyone …

The ‘No fuss as it comes

Strong, black , a little aloof maybe with no airs and graces – Costa Americano would be ideal.


The ‘ I like my drinks colourful and a-little on the fancy side’

L’OR latte Macchiato Caramel would be perfect. Latte with a kick of creamy caramel, just add a pretty wafer biscuit or a fancy straw and you’ll have one satisfied customer …


The ‘ I can’t get enough chocolate ‘

The obvious choice would be Milka Hot Chocolate enough creamy-ness and chocolate-ness to satisfy the biggest chocoholic amongst us.



The TASSIMO delivers all these drinks [ and more ] quickly, easily and to a great standard at the touch of a button. I’ve tasted them all … believe me!

To experience the TASSIMO My Way brewer for yourself head to your nearest major retailer and / or electronics shop.

I think me and my TASSIMO are going to become very well acquainted over the next few months !

How do you like your coffee ?

Tracey x

  • This is a paid partnership with TASSIMO. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.

6 thoughts on “TASSIMO My Way …

  1. Karen says:

    Im looking for a new machine so loved this review. Especially the easy to work bit. My last one was a bit of a faff. Thankyou

    • lizandtracey says:

      So easy to use, Im sure you would love it.
      Thank you for popping over and commenting. I love getting comments 🙂

    • lizandtracey says:

      Its a Great little machine, particularly like how you can customize it to your requirements.
      Thank you for popping across and commenting

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