On trail …Elizabeth Grant Supreme Face Collection

It’s Sunday afternoon.

It’s already dark outside thanks to the clocks going back an hour. I didn’t get an extra hour in bed by the way, somebody forgot to tell our dog ! When Mollie wants to wee , she wants to wee !

I’m currently sat watching NCIS … I’m 3 episodes in … my fascination with Tony is still going strong. 

My BF thinks I have a problem as all I seem to watch is programmes about serial killers and the like, with good-looking leading men. He’s disappeared upstairs to watch the footy.

I’m drinking Baileys.


I tell myself its ok to do that at any given time for the next couple of months , as its officially Baileys season. I realise at this point I sound like a lush!

The world is pretty ok.

I thought I’d talk to you today about Elizabeth Grant skincare and a set I was kindly sent by Ideal World TV to trail, which I  have been using for the past 4 weeks.

If you are unfamiliar with Elizabeth Grant they are a Canadian Skincare company who specialise in premium quality skincare. Their products are not tested on animals which is always music to my ears.

I was gifted the ‘Supreme Face Collection’ which retails at £184.96 and consists of the following 4 products :

  • Supreme Cell Vitality Revitalising Day Serum – 60ml
  • Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Serum – 60ml
  • Active 35 Cream – 100ml
  • Supreme Essence of Torricelumn – 50ml
  • 1 spatula

It is described as following:

From the first moment skin will feel indulged and strengthened. It is designed to transform the appearance of the skin so it looks younger, more radiant, more luminous, and more beautiful. Developed with a rare and extraordinary blue-green algae, this precious ingredient has the ability to help improve the look of lined, rough, and spotted skin and temporarily reduce the visible signs of ageing. Ultra-light and fast absorbing, it will leave you with skin that feels silky smooth and more resilient.

I was also sent the Supreme Victory Eye Serum30ml (£9.99) which is not part of the set but I do love to try a new eye product, so thank you.


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