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When I was younger I was fascinated by Vampires. I would sit and watch ‘tame’ black and white Dracula movies , get the ‘willies’ but also secretly wish I could be a (lady) creature of the night.

They were always portrayed so beautifully. They were alluring, flawless , had killer cleavage and they didn’t bloody age!


While most youngsters had their sights on becoming a nurse or something along those lines. Not me I had my sights on  becoming a vampire bride.

Hey don’t panic … I’m not a nutter, I  knew they didn’t really exist, I’ve always had my head in the clouds . I was, I still am,  a day dreamer.

Things all  changed after a particularly scary encounter with the film  ‘Salem’s Lot’. It scared  mum and I to bloody death (and then some) We daren’t even go upstairs afterwards.

Dad came in from the pub to find us both hiding behind cushions. Slightly bemused he told us both to grow up and to not watch things along these lines again if we couldn’t handle it.

I was convinced for weeks I was being watched while I slept. I daren’t open curtains incase a pair of eyes came staring back at me. These weren’t pretty vampires, they were evil, ugly rip you to pieces vampires.

That’s the power of a good film and an over active imagination.

I bought myself a cross as a safety prevention not long afterwards ( well I bugged mum to buy me one and basically did her head in until she did )… you know to keep the evil spirits away.

Daft as all the above may sound ( and I know it really does) I’ve worn one ever since.

Just a plain cross.

Simple but pretty.

It makes me feel safe and old habits die-hard.

I go big on arm candy and earrings but it’s always just a cross around my neck. I sometimes add a plain black choker when the occasion takes me.

You can therefore imagine my delight when Victoria from Desert Diamonds got in touch to ask whether I would like to review one of their crucifix pendants or crosses as I refer to them. She had noted that I wore one after seeing some of my pics over on Instagram. (@the_naughtyfortydiaries)

I said a big fat yes without hesitation.

It arrived over the weekend and here I am wearing it Saturday night.

The first thing I noticed was how sparkly it was (never mind keeping those evil spirits at bay, by golly  this one would dazzle them to death)

It’s slightly larger than my other crosses measuring 27.5 mm. I prefer this size to be honest It stands out more.

It’s made up of 11 brilliant cut diamond simulant in a prong setting. It’s made in Sterling Silver, hallmarked and has been rodium plated for durability and sparkle.

Basically its a beauty, especially when it catches the light.

cross 25.jpg

So what is a diamond simulant ?

Basically it is a material that looks like diamonds but does not have the physical properties of a diamond. Diamond simulants can be made by nature (white sapphire, quartz) or man (cubic zirconia, moissanite, glass, yttrium aluminium garnet)

Desert Diamonds jewellery feature diamond stimulants that are laboratory produced using a chemical composition, The stones are individually cut with the same precision used to cut a high quality diamond.

This makes it more affordable, which is always music to my ears – High quality without the price tag.

To the naked eye it is impossible to tell that it is not a mined diamond.

Even better it comes with a lifetime guarantee ; it will not discolour, become brittle or crack with age.


Take a look for yourself…

flower 22.jpg



So very beautiful …the code for this particular item is DDP033-AG with a snake chain. It will set you back around £75.00

Victoria of Desert Diamonds  is one of only a handful of UK distributors ; she can be contacted to discuss prices / availability . She can be found over on Instagram // HERE and Facebook // HERE

Grab a coffee and go take a look; it showcases what other products are available. I’ve had a ganzy and can report there are some fabulous pieces.

To summarise I love my new crucifix pendant; so much so I’ve not taken it off since I received it…

One because I love it and two because … well you never now when you might bump into a vampire!

Until next time, Tracey x

  • Crucifix pendant was kindly gifted to me for review purposes but all opinions are strictly my own.

2 thoughts on “Crucifix Love …#desertdiamonds

  1. Suzy Turner says:

    I love this post! I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the dark and mysterious creatures of the night lol. So much so that I actually wrote a number of fiction books based on supernatural beings (books for teens, although most of my readers are adult women!). I’ve also always loved crosses, but never wear them because I’m not religious and I don’t really want people to think I’m religious – however, I should just bloody well wear them because I love them! I could ‘pinch’ your reason and tell people it’s to keep away the vampires! I do love that. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while and never really knew you were into the dark side lol 😉

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou so much Suzy … Yes I’m a little obsessed with all things dark/vampires. When I first started on IG I spent a lot of time in church graveyards taking picture of grabestoned ; I think people thought I was weird! Hee hee yes you totally must use the same reasoning and get yourself a cross. I’m not really religious either but I do love them . Thanks for your comment X

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