Goldentini by Temple Spa – a cocktail party for the Skin

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Today I bring you news of a new product that launches today –  April 1st.

Have you had the pleaure of being acquainted with Temple Sheffield pa before? They sell the most beautiful skincare products for both your face and body.

I personally think they excel with their range of body products , of which this is the newest edition…

Let me introduce you to Goldentini


Goldentini by Temple Spa – Bronzing Body Treatment Oil


I have been lucky enough to have been loaned a bottle to trail for myself.

So first things first what is it you ask?

Goldentini is a rich bronzing oil  that nourishes and moisturisers the skin as well as giving it a luxurious summery sheen. Photo reflecting agents bring life-giving radiance to the skin.

It smells absolutely delicious and has strong staying power. I applied a ‘coating’ last night and there’s still a faint trace of it this morning.

A blend of vetiver, mimosa, bitter orange, honey, green florals , sandalwood, oakmoss and sweet musks. The first time I applied it I couldn’t stop sniffing my skin. It leaves behind a beautifully light summer scent and brings your skin to life…

It can be used as an all over body moisturiser or to highlight smaller areas.

I have been  applying Goldentini after my bath to my  décolletage, shoulders and my arms; it literally sinks in to my skin while subtly highlighting these areas. It leaves a lovely sheen.

It comes in a  50ml bottle and at £25 a pop, I personally wouldn’t be slapping it all over. For one thing it wouldn’t last very long. Secondly it’s a tad on the expensive side to be using ‘willy nilly’.


Smells delicious…sinks into the skin, non greasy.

I can image Goldentini would look fabulous when applied to tanned skin.

I am currently lily white and I am very impressed. With some colour I can imagine it would enhance your bronzeness and look ‘wow’. Nothings beats tanned skin with a healthy looking sheen.

For that reason it’s a definite  must have for the summer months and ideal to take away with you on your holidays .

I have already placed an order for a bottle of my very own.

It would also make a fabulous gift. My mums a huge Temple Spa fan and I have already ear-marked a bottle for her, and her up and coming birthday. (I just hope she’s not reading this!)

To get your hands on a bottle and get ‘Goldentined’ for yourself please call Karen on 07737 641 271 or email on ….. and she’ll do the rest.

There’s a free gift with every order placed.

Until next time, Tracey x

*Playlist for reading this post. Gold Finger from the James Bond film of the same name. Stick this tune on, slather Goldentini all over and pretend like your a Bond Girl*

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