In my Home Town…#sheffield

I love my home town of Sheffield – The Steel City.

I suppose we are all a bit bias and have a BIG old soft spot for the place where we grew up, were our memories were made. I know my way around, I know where to go and I know where to avoid.

We have 2 football teams – Sheffield Wednesday (The Owls) and Sheffield United (the Blades) I’m an Owl in-case you were wondering. It’s also home to the oldest football club in the world – Sheffield Club.

Henderson’s Relish is made here (I have it on absolutely everything) The World Snooker Championships are held at the Crucible and we also have the wonderful Botanical Gardens with it’s original bear pit…

Arctic Monkeys, The Pulp, Joe Cocker, Human League, Sean Bean and Paul Carrick were all born and bred here.

Mary Queen of Scots was even imprisoned in Sheffield Castle in 1570 !!

Yes It is familiar…it is home.

So that kind of sets the scene…in a how Tracey’s mind works kinda way!


On Friday, along with my partner in crime,  Sue, I got to pay a visit into the city centre to the  Christmas Market and have a wander around town. This mainly involved trudging from one eating establishment to another!

We started off in Steam Yard Coffee Shop for coffee (surprise, surprise), food and a catch up. If you’ve never visited before I would highly recommend it.

Sue hadn’t been before and was keen to try it.

She got her wish and really liked it’s vibe… Just call me the Christmas Fairy.

An independent coffee house, it’s a hidden gem situated in Aberdeen Court, Division Street.

It was bloody freezing outside, but we soon warmed up.

Steam Yard Coffee Shop is  quaint, cosy, tastefully decorated and (whenever I’ve called) it’s always been busy. There’s a lovely homely atmosphere and free WiFi.

I had cappuccino. Sue had a black coffee.

We each had a bagel, which filled up two little holes.

I couldn’t read the menu (even when scrunching my eye’s up)  It wasn’t overly small, its just my eye-sight. Sue had to read the menu out to me. (Yep, I felt like a prize simpleton … complete with squinty eyes) I just heard the word beef and mindful that there was a queue, plumped for that. There were also gherkins . It was certainly tasty.

Coffee and a sarnie for just over £6.00 … that’s not bad.

The cakes looked absolutely delicious but we were being good and resisted temptation! Very unlike us both I might add, especially as I’ve heard the doughnuts are A- mazing !

Sue’s gorgeous new hat also made it’s debut.

A little beauty of a bobble hat (£25.00) with detachable pom-pom from Rio (independent ladies boutique) on Sharrowvale Road.

If your after something a-bit different I would definitely try here. They also do fabulous accessories, handbags and jewellery and the best bit …it’s not overly expensive.



Suitably fed and watered we had a wander down Division Street.

I love Division Street for it’s variety of bars, coffee shops, second hand/ vintage shops and clothing outlets. Defo worth taking a stroll down if your in the vicinity.

Moonko looks so pretty from the outside and is definitely worth popping in to, especially if you favour bespoke jewellery, t-shirts and funky prints. It’s one of those shops you could just meander around for ages, ‘oohhing and arrhhing’ at all the lovely goodies. Luckily for you , you can also shop online!

Next stop was the Sleigh Bar at the top of Fargate a pop up bar that’s here until January 2016.

Again it was full, if a bit rough around the edges… but that’s what adds to the atmosphere.

I love the mixture of people…young, old, students, serious shoppers weighed down with bags…

Every year the bar and market area grows and this year is the biggest yet. Though it’s still tiny in comparison to other major cities – Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. Come on Sheffield get your skates on and catch up!

We indulged in our first mulled wine of the season and boy had I forgotten how nice it tastes.

It’s not the cheapest at £3.50 for a small glass but it’s worth it. It is after all Christmas in a (plastic) glass!

It certainly warmed my cockles.



Sue having the obligatory photo with Mr Polar bear. It’s a must!

I’m sure if you search #polarbear over on instagram it will be bring up loads of images of people posing with him.



We finished our afternoon off in John Lewis.

I love it in there, its recently had a make-over and the beauty department is a joy to wander around…well if your a make-up junkie like me that is. If gardening’s your bag …maybe not so much?

Sue was after a pair of boots and I wanted to grab some stocking-fillers.

Two pairs of broken boots later, lots of giggling (why is breaking a zip twice so funny?) and cursing of her fat calves (her words not mine). Sue walked away with a pair of beautiful half-price black boots. Zips in tact.

We celebrated upstairs in the café with another coffee and a mince pie. This shopping malarky definitely works up a thirst!

A good day had by all…



A recent discovery and always keen to support local businesses, so definitely worth a mention is Boxed Brownies.

Yes, its food again…of the brownie type!

I had recently read a couple of blog posts (here) and  sensing they were delicious and not wishing to be left-out I ordered myself a box.

Well… I tell a lie I ordered them for my Mr. He has been working extra-specially hard and has a major sweet tooth. I just hoped he’d let me try some. He did.

The brownies aren’t cheap at £12 for 6. (Normally £15.00 but they were on offer) but they are beautifully packaged.

They arrive all singing and dancing in  a little brown cardboard box which is tied up in the middle with red string and with a ‘proudly made in Sheffield’ sticker stuck to the front .

Inside the 6 Classic Milk Chocolate brownies (you can swap and change – there are many, many flavours) were wrapped up in what looked like fancy baking paper, printed with names of famous Sheffield places and celebrities. The Crucible, Hendersons Relish, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp to name a few…It’s a lovely touch. I’m officially sad and I’ve actually kept the paper. I have no idea when I’ll use it or what  I’ll use it for but it’s sat in my kitchen drawer…waiting for it’s moment.

So … I could only manage the one brownie!

They are fairly small but chunky and don’t half pack a punch. They are very rich and very filling. I think my hips increased inches just by looking at them.

They would make an ideal Birthday / Christmas gift and can be posted anywhere in the UK, so they’re practical too.

They got the Boyfriends seal of approval…and mine. HERE





Sheffield has so much more to offer, I’ve only really touched the surface.

I’ll just leave you with some beautiful landscape shots I’ve recently taken. You knew Sheffield did steel, but who knew Sheffield was so green?

Well us Sheffielder’s of course….






I’ll share some more ‘treasures’ with you again soon,

But until next time,


Tracey x

2 thoughts on “In my Home Town…#sheffield

  1. iwontwearsludgebrown says:

    Doesn’t Sheffield have the badge for having the most green parks in the country? I’m an Owls fan too although support my local club, Macclesfield in Cheshire (Sheffield Wednesday will be forever in my heart lol). And as for Henderson’s Relish, my mum bought me some the other week to replace the Worcestershire sauce rubbish I’ve been using for years. Forgotten how much I love Hendersons.

    • lizandtracey says:

      I think your right it does. People associate Sheffield with the steel industry and are pleasantly surprised how lovely and green it is in places. I have Henderson’s on everything! Love it. Happy New Year and thanks for popping over x

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