My first appointment with Derma Roller

I’ve always longed for perfect skin. Super model like; flawless, radiant, spot –free. I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t have the odd pimple or two. Unless like myself, you’ve had rubbish skin all your life you’ll probably not understand where I’m coming from.Just how blinking depressing it can be. Over the years it’s slightly improved and I’ve got used to my less than average complexion but I really wish ‘they’ would go away. I wouldn’t miss them, I’d get the bloody flags out. They make me feel self-conscious, ugly, ‘meh’ – I’ve actually even cancelled appointments because of them. Yes really.

Squeezing the buggars leaves scars and discolouration/ pigmentation problems. I was advised this when I was younger. Did I listen? Nope I ignored every-single warning. Squeezing kind of becomes addictive; the quicker you burst them the quicker they go away – or that was my thinking? It actually can do the opposite and prolong the evil creatures. So as well as spots I also have some mild scarring. Gets better doesn’t it!
Enough is enough and I recently made an appointment at MediSpa10 for a Consultation to see what they could offer, if anything, to improve my skin. The ladies there are so lovely and helpful(with beautiful glowing skin) After a very informal but informative chat and a couple of cups of coffee we decided that Derma Roller was the way forward. The appointment was booked and Wednesday last week I had my first session. They have recommended that I have 5. Thanks to my ex-employer and some redundancy money I can afford to do this. The route to better skin does not come cheap.

So for the treatment itself…
I arrived early and luckily got parked bang outside. I had been fore-warned that I would be tender and bright red for several hours after treatment and the 10 minute walk to where I usually had to park my car could have been awfully embarrassing .
A numbing gel was applied to the area that was to be treated, mine being my full face. It takes up-to an hour for it to work and it’s the most bizarre but not unpleasant feeling. Several beverages and magazines later and I’m taken into the treatment room.

derma roller
In a nutshell Derma roller works by damaging your skin, producing thousands of microscopic needle holes in the dermis. This encourages the skin to produce new collagen, elastin and generate new cells  – pushing out scars and fine lines.

The roller – which looks like a little torture weapon – is moved over each area 6 times in every direction. It’s very scratchy and despite the numbing gel still makes your eyes water. It’s also quite shocking when you see yourself. I was advised that the more you bleed the better the results. It means you have healthy skin . Boy did I bleed. I’ve often been told it but yes I can confirm –I’m a little bleeder! It took about 30 minutes and I was pleased when it was over. The blood is wiped away and a calming lotion applied. I had a glass of water (for my nerves) and then I was on my way home.

derma direction
My face was becon red, like I had burnt it in the sun. When I went to bed that evening it was still far too bright for my liking and very tender to the touch! I went to sleep panicking that I would look like that forever.
Much to my relief in the morning it had calmed down tremendously, several patches were still reddish and tender, but nothing horrendous. Nothing that couldn’t be camouflaged by makeup.
I’m booked in again for my second session in 6 weeks as my skin needs time to recover. Results won’t happen overnight and it could take upto 3 months before I see any real difference . Having said that I can notice a slight change already and that’s after just 5 days. I’ve had some slight peeling and my skin has felt like sand-paper for a few days. Despite that it looks more uniform and dare I say it radiant. I’m really impressed and I’m actually looking forward to my next treatment. Maybe I like pain.
I hope you’ll follow me on my ‘Dermaroller journey’ and I promise more pics next time. Like a bad blogger I let my battery run flat. Believe me at one stage I looked like an extra from Evil dead so that might have been a blessing…
Tracey x



2 thoughts on “My first appointment with Derma Roller

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou 🙂 it was painful but I think the results will be worth it. My next appointments is on 18th June. Actually looking forward to it…. I’m excited to see the results. I will take pics next time. Have a lovely day x

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