Winter Sun Fun…

This year for all sorts of reasons , but mainly because non of us can face it without mum. We are going to leave on a jet plane and spend Christmas abroad somewhere hot.

Mum was our Christmas .

She was ‘Mrs Christmas’.

She adored it. She always had the best, most tastefully dressed tree [always red  and gold ], ensured the house was lit up like Blackpool, and her giddiness was infectious. Family was everything to mum and she ensured we always had the best time.

I tend to get my own way and have spent every single Christmas Day at Mum and Dads, bar one when I went to my ex-husbands house for Christmas lunch. I hated every single minute of it. Not because they did anything wrong, it just wasn’t the same without my mum around.

I’m positively dreading this year , the first year without her.

It’ll never be easy but I’m kinda guessing this year will be tough for us all. Firsts always are.

We [ dad, BF & brother] made a collective decision that this year we would take ourselves out of our usual surroundings and do something we’ve never done before. Hence a week abroad is on the cards. It’s new, there are no memories of mum there. [though I’m sure we will all be thinking about her.] It will still be absolutely gut wrenching her not being there with us …

I love Christmas but quite frankly this year I could take it or leave it.

So while I’d normally start looking for a warm, snug yet stylish outfit with an elasticated expanding waistband;  this year that will be substituted for a new bikini, sandals and a good false tan.  Continue reading

Marbella Diary Day 1 – the villa and first night out.


Somebody once said that “the best therapy is time spent laughing with great friends” I’ve just had 4 days ‘therapy’ and it’s done me the world of good.

By golly have we laughed…

and then some.

We’ve partied (a lot) and for want of a better word I’m back home and I’m bloody knackered. Rolling in at 6 in the morning was bad enough in my twenties,  at 45 it’s a killer but worth the tired, fuzzy head.

As my mum often says …”your a long time dead. Why sleep when you can dance?”

Why not indeed mum….

So what was the occasion?

We flew out to Spain  to join Leigh in celebrating her 50th . This was actually back in May (little details – long story)

We booked a plush villa in the hills above Marbella for the weekend so we could all be together.

Let me introduce you to our home for 4 luxurious days … Continue reading

Viva La Valencia Photo Diary Day 1 – A Sheffield Girls Guide

Last week I spent a greatly anticipated long weekend in Valencia. 

I joined 8 of my best friends –  who all travelled from Sheffield to met up with Leigh and Nicola, who are also from England but now reside in Spain.

I’ve been to Valencia once before, its a bloody fabulous place. It’s the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and it’s situated on the banks of the Turia. It’s also the place were the traditonal dish paella was concocted. You may thank me when that comes up in the local pub quiz!

Old meets new with beautiful architecture on every corner. It has a romantic feel to it. Little alleyways leading to hidden squares and more churches than you could throw your stick at.

It’s where I would choose to live if fate hadn’t plonked me in my beloved Sheffield. Valencia or St Tropez, I’m not fussy.

It’s the only holiday I was getting this year, so I intended to make the most of it. After-all 3 days is better than nothing.

photo 1-23

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Camping with Margo…#BurtonConstableHolidayPark

My dad once called down to mine on a balmy Sunday morning to find me gardening.

Nothing strange there you might say. Well as anybody who knows me  knows that me in the garden is a rare occurrence !

I was dressed in a lovely blue maxi dress, high heel sandals, head-scarf , complete with  a rather fetching pair of flowery gardening gloves. (The thought of anything at all slimey touching my skin horrifies me.) Dad smirked, I said ‘whhhhaattt’  and ‘Margo’ was christened. You remember the Good Life? Margo was the snobby neighbour who was nothing less than immaculate at all times!

Now I’m by no means immaculate and I’m definately not a  snob (well maybe just a bit) and I would’nt call myself high maintenance. I do however like to look my best. Even when I’m slobbing around.

I’d ideally like my scarf to coordinate with my top, etc etc. Oh and I love a nice long bubble bath. My lotion and potions to hand for a spot of pampering. If that makes me high maintenance . Then hell yeah – I am!

So you can imagine my face when camping was mentioned.


Not to be a party pooper and much to the surprise of my friends I said ‘Yes, I’d love too’.

Well something along those lines anyways. I don’t think love and camping ever figure in the same sentence do they! Continue reading

Mexican Memories – a photo diary

Ok…so I’ve been back from Mexico for 2 weeks now but what with jet lag (it lasts longer as you get older) and major renovations at home, I haven’t had to time to scratch my butt, let alone sit down and post a blog.

I have posted about Cancun before (this time last year on our old blog, Indulge In) and I will probably post about it again and again.  It’s my most favourite place….ever. I have now visited 7 times. I love the place, the culture, the people and of course the weather.

I must apologise now for including so many photos in this post, I am being very self indulgent but there were so many photos it was hard to choose wich ones to use.

So here are just a few memories (that are becoming more distant by the day). You’ll have to forgive the lack of any cultural shots – I didn’t visit anywhere. I stayed in the hotel (apart from a couple of obligatory shopping trips) for the whole 2 weeks.  Yes I was a very lazy beach bum for a whole fortnight and do I feel guilty….erm, let me think. NO!!! I managed a few strolls down the beautiful beach and I absolutely managed to party every night. I ate too much and drank even more. All in all, I had the perfect holiday. Continue reading