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It’s on days like today when [ I’m a little hungover] it’s cold and dark outside, I’ve got my candles lit and I’m snacking on mince pies. When I have a Christmas movie playing on repeat and I’m making present lists that my mind starts drifting towards holidays.

Planning and reminiscing.

Reminiscing and planning…

Thoughts of visiting and exploring far off places with the sun beating down on my back , sand between my toes and a cocktail to hand spring to mind. They excite and lift my spirits.

One place basking in glorious sunshine all year round and a place I’ve visited on a couple of occasions in the past is the wonderful island of Lanzarote.

Making up part of the Canary Islands, it is often said to resemble the surface of the moon [ not that I’ve even been to the moon! ] thanks to the fact it was once an active volcanic island. It is extremely scenic in places with beautiful views in each and every direction; a photographers dream.

Now I have to hold my hands up and admit that although it is breathtaking ; on my very first visit I was slightly unimpressed by the journey from the airport to our hotel . All I can say is please don’t be disheartened the resorts are beautiful !

Lanzarote holds such fond memories. I’ve just been looking through my photos and stumbled across some proper corkers.

Take this for one.

Meet Kevin !! Boy did we laugh …he goes on a lot of girls holidays with us. [ though it’s not always the same Kevin, we tend to puncture him a lot!]

In the past I’ve holidayed in both Costa Tequise and Playa Del Carmen.


Is a resort on the east coast of the Spanish island.

It is renowned for its glorious beaches, dramatic , rugged coastline and water sports , mainly wind surfing as it’s seemingly always quite blowy . In fact if I remember rightly I didn’t have a good hair day during that whole holiday thanks to the blustery wind.

We didn’t wind-surf [maybe next time] however its a great place for walking and taking in your surroundings ; there’s a rather beautiful promenade that takes you past all the sights including the beautiful ‘Love Heart Beach’

How wonderful is this beach ?

A place to leave your mark of love in stones on the sand … it made my heart melt. I could have stood there for ages reading the messages.

I’m a soppy, romantic old fool …

The sandy beaches are the town’s main attraction, but for a change of pace or if like me the beach soon bores you , take a visit to the Fundacion Cesar Manrique, where you can see Manrique’s artwork and learn about this world-renowned local artist.

Or head for the lively Pueblo Marinero where you will find restaurants and shops with something to occupy everybody.

As you can see from my photos [ and the fact I’m wearing a jumper above] it was quite dull when we stayed at Costa Tequise. Typically the week that we paid a visit also happened to be the week they experienced freak weather. It rained for the first time in months!

This didn’t dampen the mood, or spoil our fun we still had a fabulous week.

I think we may have actually explored the resort more than we might have done had it been glorious sunshine.

Glorious sunshine would no doubt have resulted in a week laid horizontal on a sun lounger. Not necessarily a bad thing!


Is Lanzarotes largest resort with something for everybody. Young or old, those that like to party hard and / or those that prefer a quiet civilised meal.

It started life as a small fishing village which has grown considerably over the past few years. The old harbour is a beautiful picturesque place to visit.

We flew out for a long weekend back in 2012 to celebrate my friends 60th birthday. We stayed not far from the harbour in the old town which is quieter than the area around the ‘strip’. Each morning we would take a leisurely stroll down there.

We would grab a coffee and pastry [mainly to soak up our hangovers] in one of the numerous cafes dotted around. We’d settle down into our chairs, slather on our sunscreen, supp and watch the world go by in the blazing sunshine.

Is there anything finer?

We would watch the boats sail in and out; its very laid back and tranquil.

One of my favourite things to do is people watch …

sometimes they even watch you back !

The main thing I will always remember from my visits to Lanzarote, along with the giggles – are the spectacular sunrise and sunsets I witnessed.

Seriously breathtaking, life is awesome, isn’t nature grand stuff.

Beautiful ‘gold’ moments.

I would love to go back to Lanzarote one day and explore the island some more.

I’d love to witness more of the wonderful sunsets. Go and explore a volcano. Go windsurfing. Make new memories with good friends. Eat good food, drink all the cocktails and dance until the early hours… the beauty of Lanzarote as our back drop.

Have you ever been or considered holidaying in Lanzarote yourself? I hope this post has left you feeling suitably inspired.

With all options covered, loads more information and some great deals// Lanzarote Holidays have everything covered

Lanzarote …

its always a good idea.

Until next time,

Tracey x

  • Please excuse the quality of some of the photos. They were taken pre-proper camera.
  • This post in written in-conjunction with Lanzarote Holidays but as always all thoughts and wording  are strictly my own

7 thoughts on “Travel | Lanzarote Holidays …

  1. Tracey Jackson says:

    We have a villa in Playa Blanca and visit every 6 weeks when the smallest is on school holidays, I can understand why people do not find it beautiful on their first visit as there is not a lot of greenery, but once you stop and look at those mountains and the shadows on them it is stunning.

  2. Nital says:

    Loved reading about this and seeing all these photos. I liked the stones on the beach, I would have been reading them all too! When we went to Copenhagen there was a wishing tree where you write your dreams and hang them up and I stood there for hours reading them. There was also an exhibition called 100% Foreign which was so remarkable there was not a dry eye in that room! I could do with some sun, I love Christmas but not the cold and dark days.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou lovely,
      The beach of hearts was really beautiful .., such a sweet idea.
      Copenhagen is on my to go to list. I’ve heard great reports. Mum always raves about it.
      I’ve not been away this year so I’m desperate to get some sun , especially as it’s just turned so cold! Xx

  3. This, tatt and the other says:

    I went to Lanzarote in March a couple of years back; so good to get winter sun when it’s still cold at home. We didn’t do any exploring as we were only there for a few days, but I’d definitely go back and explore more of the island.

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