L I F E | march 2020

It’s a strange place to be
March 2020
We know it’s out there Covid 19 – a silent , invisible and deadly threat yet until it effects us directly it’s almost as it if doesn’t exist. A case of “It happens to other people … not us ?” We wash our hands rigorously while singing happy birthday and watch as the death rate tots up. Surreal. It feels like the whole world has been zapped up and plonked on a film set ; one where nobody knows what will happen next or really understands the script? Improvising

Love Conquers all …

I went to see mum earlier.

My brave, beautiful, strong mum. The lady who doesn’t deserve what the past 5 years have thrown at her.

We looked at each other, hugged, then both burst out crying. I hung on to her frail little body like my life depended on it.

Most days I’m strong.  Strong for mum.

I put ‘it’ (mums ill-health) to the back of my mind. I carry on regardless. People think I’m happy go-lucky. Basically I’m coping the only way I know how.

Today however I’m feeling vulnerable.

It’s hard putting a brave face on things all the time.

It’s tiring.

I’m tired.

That said, I refuse this to be a ‘woe is me’ piece.  Continue reading