L I F E • Dear Instagram

Despite all the  constant emails – I won’t ever buy followers. NOT that it overly concerns you when people do ? Don’t you feel its like buying friends and popularity – which begs the question – why would you ? It’s a little bit sad really – I can forgive the kids but not the adults. If I need testament to what a good friend I am I have the same best friends I had at 4 years old that I have now at 50. I’m obviously doing something right. That said I have made some really special friends on here, ones that don’t require a’ like or they’ll leave ‘. How novel. 

I won’t EVER troll anybody .

Let’s be honest here I ain’t no bloody Saint but I feel I can share  this with you because we are friends right [ if only virtual ones ] I don’t always like what somebodies wearing, like their new plant pot, their new lipstick … etc. I might think to myself you look like a ‘dog’s dinner’ [ bit harsh Tracey]  , or your plant pots shit but I won’t feel the need to tell them. It’s in a safe place – between my thoughts and I. I am a nice person & nice people don’t troll others. Plus what people  wear or buy is non of my business;  as long as they are happy that’s all that matters. 

I won’t do everything you would like me too. I’M NOT A BLOODY PERFORMING SEAL – chuck me a fish and I’m all yours ?! Its like my ex boss who offered to pay me for sex [ true story] it’s ok to refuse. You might lose your job [ hello ] but I’ll leave the dancing around like a nut job to somebody else, or for my next night out. 

Until the facility is taken away I will continue to post photos, write long ass captions & bore people to death on stories with my arty farty landscape shots. I like trees ok. I like reels, I just don’t want all reels. First thing in a morning some of them are so full on they give me chuffing motion sickness !! 

You can make it as hard as you want for us ; thing is I will just up and leave if I get fed up, along with lots of others. You need us too remember

I’ll leave you with an analogy my mum used to say to me “Keep it simple, sometimes if you mess with something too much you just mess it up

She was talking about my makeup but i think it kinda sums things up around here just fine. x

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