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I firmly believe your skin is a great indicator of your current health and general well-being . I’ve made no secret of the fact I was feeling down as the first years anniversary of my mums death drew closer.

Which took me back to last year. About a month after we lost mum I had a horrendous breakout. Lots of lumpy, tender skin on my jawline accompanied by thousands of white heads. … and I mean thousands. I would get rid of them but they kept reappearing. The little blighters!

I’m not sure if it was coincidence but just like back then I broke out again. My mood and my skin felt sad. It was lack lustre, bumpy with angry spots brewing under its surface; you know I’ve looked better and at my age I was feeling very much “why me? I’m 47 and suffered all my life. Go bloody away” I came to the conclusion that my skin had gone into mourning and it needed some TLC …

As I often review Beauty products it’s not unusual for me to chop and swap my products around. I had not changed anything drastically so couldn’t even blame that

I decided the best thing to do was to pair my routine right back, look into supplements and go back to basics – drinking lots of water, good nights sleep etc.

My skin didn’t clear up over night. I had a few weeks of frustration as my skin seemingly got ALOT worse before it got better BUT I am happy to report that I am currently spot free. My skins looking ‘nice’ and while I’ll never be 100% happy I am pleased with my current routine.

I’ve decided to share the products I’ve been using starting with cleansers:

*Avon ANEW Transforming Cleansing Balm arrived totally out of the blue from the Avon PR team with 2 Muslim clothes. Thankyou! Just in the nick of time too as I had run out of my current cleanser, which I wasn’t particularly loving anyway.

It was maybe not the wisest thing to do … to try something new on ‘misbehaving’ skin but I had a good feeling about this one… for starters it smelt absolutely divine and I figured my skin couldn’t get much worse.

I massage a small amount between my fingertips until the formula melts into a silky oil. I then apply to my face, neck and eye area. Yes, it can be used on the eyes which I always find handy.

I add water and watch it transform into a creamy lotion. Before removing with one of the Muslim cloths supplied. It leaves my skin feeling wonderful.

I will 100% be repurchasing this and if you like the sound of it ; it’s currently on offer at £5 [usually £7.00]

Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser is an old reliable favourite … deep cleansing, non foaming , purifies oily skin … which makes me wonder why I ever stopped using it?

I tend to use the Dermal Clay in the morning to wake my skin up . It tingles when you apply and I love that feeling.

On an evening I double cleanse using the ANEW to remove all traces of makeup followed by the Dermal Clay cleanser. It kinda gives my skin a double whammy cleanse and it feels super clean!

Supplement wise I’m currently taking …everything !

Well not quite …

I regularly take vitamin D as due to my cataplexy [ and I’ve no idea why] my iron and vitamin D levels tend to be quite low. This is a once a day spray by Holland & Barrett. It was considerably cheaper than the rest [ surprise, surprise ] and I was skint. Sold.

I was sent some *Skin Shots to try from the guys at Beauty and Go. One shot a day which I take in the morning with my breakfast . I love  the gingery taste that hits the back of your throat, waking you up BUT it is fairly expensive at £118 for a months supply. It’s crammed packed full of goodies and collagen aimed at plumping out fine lines and making us look fresher.

Milk thistle is known to assist with liver health , which in turn effects your skin. They say a lot of time it’s what going on inside you that constitutes the external . Happy liver, happy skin and all that.

I’ve been reading up on it , information is knowledge . Knowledge is power ! This was music to my ears …

Milk thistle also has detoxifying properties. It is also known to help produce bile in the intestine to keep digestion and bowel movements normal. Both of them are important for good skin by getting rid of free radicals in the body.This ultimately helps get rid of pimple and related skin problems.

It’s also great for hangovers apparently.

I got these for half price about a month ago in Holland & Barrett. If I recall I paid about £5.

What price great skin eh?

Frezyderm ac-norm total control cream for acne prone skin. [ This is NOT a dildo ! I repeat not a dildo! ]

I grabbed this in sheer desperation out of my skincare box after spotting the words ‘for acne prone skin!’

It’s a lovely face cream which moisturises, soothes, treats the symptoms of mild, moderate and severe acne. It is enriched with natural extracts that mimic medical molecules and reduces acne and inflammation, without discolouration, photosensitivity or photoageing.

Again I’m not sure why I stopped using it as it sounds pretty perfect?

Another product I was sent to try is the Inner Senses  *Deep Blue C Facial Oil. It’s not released until October so I feel kinda special !

Seriously this stuff is THE dogs bullocks! As with most items I am sent I am under no obligation to mention them on here / my social media , BUT you have to know about this oil !

It has been specifically formulated for use by people who suffer with problematic skin – acne, breakouts and sensitivity/irritation issues. I love a facial oil they just don’t always love me. I was very wary to use this but just over a week ago I braved it and I did …

Its early days but I’ve used it every night since and I can honestly say I’ve not looked back !

I apply a couple of drops in an evening [ a little goes a long way ] to a clean face and neck and work it around my face using my copper wand from Marie Reynolds. I’m very much into self-care and this is my 5 minutes of indulgent pleasure every-night. Pure bliss.

It sinks in beautifully leaving my skin comfortable, well moisturized BUT not like a greasy chip. I   have been waking up with the most rested , calm looking skin I’ve had in ages. Not a blemish in sight [as yet *fingers crossed ]

All the products are blended by hand , containing only organic and ethically sourced [ beautiful sounding ] ingredients – Jojoba Oil, Black Cumin, Tomato leaf , Prickly Pear and chamomile to name a few

I know I’ve mentioned it a few times in previous posts but I don’t wear foundation. I hate to feel as though I’m wearing a mask; I find foundations tend to sit in my skin , clog my pores and cause further spots.

I just felt my skin needed ‘that’ something extra – I’d lost my glow . I had been hearing a lot of very good reports about the brand IT Cosmetics especially the CC cream.

Having recently opened in Boots, Meadowhall I had no excuse and popped across a few weeks ago to Investigate.

The assistants were very helpful and talked me through all the products I expressed an interested in . I came away with the CC+ Illumination 50+ and the BYE BYE pores Powder . I also got a free foundation brush for purchasing 2 items.

I apply a tiny amount of CC + onto clean skin when I feel I need a lift and buff it in with the brush . It’s so light you can hardly feel it and it sinks into the skin beautifully. I absolutely love it.

I finish off with the BYE BYE Pores powder compact which is a fabulous colourless powder to ‘set’ my makeup .

To add extra glow I then sweep * Fairy Godmother from The English Mineral Makeup all over my face.

It’s an amazing multi tasker but its  fantastic when used as a highlighter. It’s like an instant glow filter! Being clear [translucent] it’s suitable for all skin tones from the fairest to the deepest complexion.

Another Amazing product.

I have also been drinking lots of water … which has resulted in me spending  half my life on the bloody toilet.

I firmly believe that some, or all of these products have contributed in getting my skin back on track.

I am sure that some of them are going to become regular favourites in my Beauty regime that’s for sure . Along with my Lancôme khol eyeliner & Max Factor False Effects mascara they will become friends for life !

I’d just like to reiterate again – I gain nothing from you purchasing / expressing an interest in any of the products above . Non of the links are affiliated and I’m not working on commission. I am purely sharing and caring by recommending products that have worked for me.

Like Georgia from Love Island used to say … “I’m very loyal I am, very loyal


Until next time , Tracey x

Products marked * are PR samples

5 thoughts on “BEAUTY | Getting my Glow On …

  1. Shelley Heap says:

    Hi Tracy,
    Notice you mention you take Vitamin D for your cataplexy. Not heard of this before. Do you think it makes a difference?
    I only have a few incidents these days & dont medicate for cataplexy – only for narcolepsy. Coincidentally ( or not) my iron levels also tend to be low – worse at “that” time of the month & Occasionally suffer from mouth ulcers if run down & overdoing things.
    Shelley (@black_sheap on instagram)

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hi Shelley,
      Thankyou for popping across.
      It was something my neurologist said … he said it would help with tiredness, keep me more alert . He found a lot of his patients had low iron / vitamin D.
      I don’t medicate for cataplexy either I just live with it but try and take supplements to help me. I’m not sure if it’s helped or not but I don’t appear to have attacks so much … so maybe it does ….I figure it can’t hurt me
      Good luck finding something that helps
      Tracey x

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