BEAUTY | Eye of the Day – an introduction

“Makeup is about balance. When the eye makes a statement, the lips should be quiet” – Francois Nars

I started ‘Eye of the Day ‘ as a bit of fun over on Instagram stories – I guess I was taking the mickey out of myself. Something I’m pretty good at – I am no slick You Tube presenter! I get questioned about my eye makeup more than anything else ; I’m often asked if I’ll do a You Tube video showing how I do certain looks?! Could you imagine – car crash bloody TV. Insta-stories is quick … and fairly easy. The best thing is it only lasts 24 hours too [ unless you highlight it, that is ]

I start by cheerily singing …’Tracey’s eye of the dayyyy!’ then proceed to chat about the days eye makeup in 15 second segments which is short enough for me to not get tongue-tied!

Oh and despite it being Tracey’s eye of the day, it doesn’t actually happen every day. You know sometimes real life gets in the way , or I don’t particularly like what I’ve done with my eyes that day… I’m running late, or I simply can’t be arsed . It’s very much up in the air – a work in progress

When it comes to people eyes I’ve always been slightly obsessed . Its one of the first things I will notice about you; the colour, shape, how long or short your lashes are. If you crinkle up when you smile. The kindness or hate that shines out from them. I guess you can tell a lot about someone from their peepers.

I once dated a guy who had THE most amazing eyes. Thinking about it they where very similar to my dads. I call them Jesus eyes…. that beautiful pale-blue sparkly eye, so clear you can almost see your reflection. Anyway as always that’s nothing to do with anything. I’m digressing.

My eye makeup [daft as it may sound ] was at times while I was growing up also my safety blanket. I think in some ways it probably still is …

I can remember at around 14 studying photos of the beautiful Debbie Harry she had an amazing face – perfect in fact. I wanted to be her. I still bloody do.

Unfortunately the only thing I could recreate that looked anything remotely like hers were the dark smoky eyes .I went blonde once …loved it and hated it within  a few weeks of each other. I’m still looking for an orange boiler suit that I can rock like Debbie , one which doesn’t make me look like a removals bloke!

When I had my ‘eyes on’ I felt much more confident, more flirtatious, able to take on anything and everything the day threw at me. Without it on I felt a little shy and self-conscious , plain even…

When I had bad breakouts [which was quite often] I’d try to distract away from my spots by creating my boldest eye; something I still practise. It’s a look my mum loved. If I was going out on an evening she’d say “Tracey do your darkest smoky eye“. Followed by “fabulous, just fabulous”  when she saw me.

If you didn’t get this eye spot on however it could look like you’d done 10 rounds with Tyson!

So my idea is to do one post a month on here [the blog] which will coincide with a look I’ve created on one of my ‘eyes of the day‘ posts over on Instagram.

I’ve posted the products I use before on numerous occasions // HERE but I’ve never actually done a guide on how to achieve a look… eeekkkk


In eager anticipation of my new venture I bought a new palette earlier this week from TK Max. Isn’t she just beautiful? I paid £9.95 but I think the actual retail price is around the £40 mark.

It’s by Bella Pierre Pro Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Palette which contains 12 fabulous warm browns. 4 matte and 8 shimmer. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with the shades and seeing what kind of looks I can achieve.

I instantly loved a few of the shades but especially Cinnabar which used on my eyes  really makes the green pop. It’s actually brighter than it looks on the  swatches [below].

The pigmentation is generally very good but a couple  of the shades need to be built up slightly to achieve the desired density and shade.

  • Bronze – brassy neutral gold
  • Celebration – vibrant copper
  • Cinnabar – brick reddish pink
  • Noir – jet matte black
  • Snowflake – iridescent white
  • Champagne – beige gold
  • Earth – rose gold
  • Harmony – dusty brown
  • Java – reddish-brown with aqua duochrome
  • Buttercup – matte custard
  • Pudding – matte terracotta
  • Chocolate Tart – matte burnt orange

So there you have it, a brief explanation of what I’m intending to do.

I hope this will be of interest to you … but if not please tell me in the comments below what you would like to read about. I’m always open to suggestions

Tracey x

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